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    Heidi-Express TS20XX

    The “Rhätische Bahn” (Rhaetian Railway) route takes you through the magnificent Prättigau to Davos and on to Filisur. During the two-hour ride you pass 23 photo realistic train stations. Thrilling activities challenge your train driver skills!


    Allegra railcar train ABe 8/12
    Allegra railcar train ABe 4/16 (Allegra 4 parts)
    Regional train with Ge 4/4 II
    All trains with 1st/2nd class wagons as well as baggage cars
    3 different freight wagons
    Static SBB rolling stock in Landquart train station
    Highly detailed locos and wagons
    Illuminated passenger wagons during the night with furnishing
    Passenger wagons with visible seats and lots of other details like shelves, extinguishers, etc.
    Passenger views in the passenger wagons
    Highly detailed, photo realistic and fully functional driver’s cab based on the exact real world model
    New weather generator: during one scenario, the wheather constantly changes from sunshine to snow
    RHB signals and plates
    Completely new signage complying with the Rhaetian Railway
    Oncoming traffic as is typical for this route
    Original route terrain
    Detailed mountainous landscapes
    23 photo realistic train stations
    Lots of new objects like railway crossings, tunnels, bridges, cars, and lorries
    PDF timetables for each scenario
    PDF track plans for the stations
    PDF RhB signal sheet with explanations
    Manual in English, German and French
    21 scenarios

    Rolling stock:

    Ge 4/4 II  618 "Edelweiss"
    Ge 4/4 II 613 red "Domat/Ems"
    Ge 4/4 II 623 "100 Years RhB"
    Allegra railcar ABe 8/12
    Allegra railcar ABe 4/16
    Passenger wagon 1st class  EW IV A 1282
    Passenger wagon 2nd class EW II B 2378
    Baggage car D 4211
    Freight wagon Uce  8084 Mohrenkopf
    Freight wagon sliding-wall wagon Haik-v5101 Valser
    Freight wagon sliding-wall wagon Haik-v5102 Valser
    Freight wagon sliding-wall wagon Haik-v5112 RhB brown
    Freight wagon Gb 5011 biaxial brown covered freight wagon


    Train Simulator 2012-20XX
    Windows 7 / 8 / 10 (64 bit)
    3.0 GHz CPU or other dual core processor
    8.0 GB RAM
    DirectX 9.0c compatible graphics card with 1024 MB video RAM
    3.5 GB free hard disk space
    Download-Size: 1.5 GB


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