SSG 747-8 SOUND PACK XP11/12


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SSG 747-8 SOUND PACK XP11/12


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    747-8 Soundpack Feature List
    A complete rework of the SSG 747-8i, 8F sounds that feature:
    Free X-Plane 12 Compatability Update included

    Custom sounds for tires on touchdown effects
    Custom sounds for hydraulic pump effect
    Custom sounds for fuel pump effects
    Custom exterior rain effects
    New, custom sounds for APU start/shutdown
    New, complete, and custom exterior sounds for the General Electric GEnx engines, which include:
        -New custom, exterior startup/shutdown sound effects
        -New custom, exterior spool-up/spool-down sound effects
        -New custom, exterior backblast, surround sound, and flyby sound effects
     custom EICAS button, switch, knob, rotary, and handle sound effects
    New custom FCU button, switch, and rotary sound effects
    New custom OVERHEAD button, button cover, knob, rotary, and switch sound effect
    New custom PEDESTAL button, button cover, handle, rotary, switch and throttle sound effect
    New custom cockpit system sound effects include:
        -Autopilot disengages and engages sound effects
        -Complete Cockpit electrical systems, avionics, battery, packs, and gyros
        -Ultra-realistic cockpit wiper system
        -Complete EGPWS warnings, which include retard callouts, callouts from 2500ft to 5ft, and all those in between.
        -Complete Cockpit warnings, including Autopilot disconnect warning, stick shaker, fireball, seatbelt chimes, no-smoking chimes, and flight attendant chimes.  
    New Custom, Complete, and ultra-realistic cockpit environment effects which include:
        -Cockpit landing gear effects such as gear extension, retraction, speed-brake retraction, touchdown, rolling, and drag sound effects
        -Other effects, such as Cockpit Rumble, Cockpit Rain, Cockpit Rotation, Cockpit Wind, Flap Drag, Spoiler Drag, sound effects
    New Cabin Effects include:
        -New Air conditioning effect
        -New Cabin wind effect
        -Reworked Fuel pump system effect
        -Reworked Hydraulic pump system effect
        -2 NEW FLAP SOUNDS, from start to finish taking off a real 747-8, now each wing has individual flap sounds which vary in pitch for each wing.
    New, complete, and custom interior sounds for the   General Electric GEnx engines, which include:
        -New custom, interior startup/shutdown sound effects
        -New custom, interior spool-up/spool-down sound effects
        -New custom, interior backblast, surround sound, and flyby sound effects  

    Brings an Optional folder, to get rid of the stock SSG sounds, replacing them with real sounds taken off real flights!
    Custom Mango Studios is, User-Friendly UI that helps you bring some more customization to your sound pack!

    Brings installation instructions to make your installation more manageable, and a manual to bring you up to speed on how to customize your volume in the volume menu.

    Any questions? 
    Our Discord: https://discord.gg/XAr7HC5KpG
    Our Email: simonssoundpacks@gmail.com


    SSG 747

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