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    Get ready for a revolutionary Microsoft Flight Simulator experience with the Offroad pickup truck, the second vehicle in the Marine RM Service Car series, a player-controllable ground vehicle that adds a completely new dimension to your favorite flight simulator by allowing real-world interaction on the ground. Cop- Online Op Matches where you can guide your friends in aircraft for landings or takeoffs in heavy rain or fog using the Airport Follow Me version.

    With steering and control characteristics optimized for users who prefer to use a joystick, the Offroad Pickup offers a great driving experience. Feel the power and agility as you traverse varied terrain, from challenging trails to open roads, and explore the virtual world of MSFS.

    Customize your experience with over 5 versions and 19 designs currently available (more will be added in future updates), from real-world cores to security force and rescue team designs, complete with equipment and light signage. Be a Storm Chaser with animated broadcast antennas or lead air traffic with the Follow Me version of Airports.
    Choose from 10 different payload types via the payload menu during gameplay, adding an extra touch of realism to your experience. Whether transporting rescue equipment, emergency supplies or important materials, the Offroad Pickup is versatile and ready for any mission.

    Each version of the offroad truck features meticulously handcrafted designs for drivers and passengers, providing an immersive visual experience as you explore new terrain. The Offroad Pickup is an invitation to adventure. Feel the freedom to explore remote, unexplored locations while enjoying exceptional control. This is your opportunity to take your Microsoft Flight Simulator experience to a whole new level.

    Buy the Marine RM Offroad truck now and discover the pleasure of exploring the unknown. It's time to give wings to your imagination, first in the skies and now on land!

    Learn more : https://www.roprodaudiovisual.com/offroad-pickup-truck


    • Cold start with easy key
    • Improved physics
    • Stream antenna animations
    • Functional display with GPS
    • Interior detail
    • Start anywhere in the world on the floor
    • Night and emergency lights
    • Different paints in the paint menu
    • Add or remove people and cargo via the payload menu
    • Children
    • Friendly FPS


    Automatic Install and Automatic Update process with SIMMARKET app "Siminstaller" technology.


    The boost lever controls the accelerator pedal
    Wheel brakes to stop the vehicle * *attention here** Yoke to control the steering wheel left and right - not the rudder/so you need to make sure
    Settings > Assist Options > Auto Helm > On

    Flaps control the broadcast antenna animations. Use the central panel to activate or deactivate functions such as: front and rear hitch, logo, emergency lights, sunroof or luggage rack, among other things depending on the version chosen.

    IMPORTANT: the image captured on the notebook for the weather radar is static and figurative. This may change to an actual radar image in a future update, but it's not a promise.
    I'm working on improvements throughout the product - sounds, physical control, more visuals, better emergency lights, among other things.


    Этот продукт оснащен нашей технологией simInstaller и доступен только после покупки через APP


    Minimum system requirements for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

    Processor: Intel i5 9600K

    RAM: 16 GB

    OS: Windows 10 64 bits

    3D graphic Card minimum : NVIDIA GTX 1050Ti

    Pixel Shader: 5.1

    Vertex Shader: 5.1

    RAM memory dedicated for video minimum: 2 GB

    Storage: HDD


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