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    Our second Australian state enables you to fly Australia's island state, Tasmania, in photoreal detail. 

    Shore to Shore
    Fly the entire state - SHORE to SHORE - of Tasmania in photoreal detail in 1 meter per pixel resolution throughout.

    As well as the main state, this title also features all satellite islands of Tasmania enabling Island hopping adventure from the Australian mainland. 

    Tasmania is 26,410 square miles and has 11 public airports

    As well as Island hopping adventure, you get to fly over a variety of gorgeous Tasmanian terrain from the mountains in the west of the state to the farmland in the east. On top of that you have 1,200 miles of coastline. dozens of islands, rivers, estuaries and bays. This title also includes King Island and Flinder's Island in Bass Strait in between Victoria and Tasmania.

    You'll see everything that you see in Tasmania in real life in the scenery. The clarity of the imagery is stunning.

    If you're training to be a pilot, are an actual licensed pilot or just a flight simmer with big dreams of flying, this scenery for the entire state of Tasmania is just what you need to enjoy a part of Australia in photoreal detail, as a training aid or to simply experience flying over a real Tasmania on your PC Sim - FSX, FSX:STEAM or Prepar3D.

    Fly Tasmania Both Day and Night
    Tasmania  blends seamlessly with FSX and Prepar3D night scenery so that dawn and  dusk feature a blend of aerial imagery and night lighting while the  scenery transitions to full day or full night where all default FSX night scenery displays.

    Selected Tasmania Hydrography
    Tasmania also features Flight Simulator animated water effects and highly accurate hand etched shorelines all lakes, ponds and  reservoirs greater than 1 sq km. Wide rivers also have hand etched shorelines and banks. The raw photographic water body  is left untouched with the result being an authentic variety of  different water colors that highlight specific properties e.g. mineral  lakes whose color is maintained. Where possible water surface artifact is removed from the image. For users who like to see the water bodies as  they are, then simply turn off the simulator water effects and you will  see the native aerial images of the water bodies as you fly. Specific characteristics of narrower rivers require that we do not apply water effect to narrow rivers and creeks for a better scenery result.

    PhotoScenery Optimized and Realigned Airports
    Photoscenery tends to make misaligned airports and runways stand out. We've gone through the entire list of primary airports in the state and realigned any misaligned runways and removed all other airport infrastructure so that the airports are optimized for display over the photoreal scenery. We've also reclassified any misclassified runway surfaces, e.g. paved vs gravel, dirt, grass, etc. These photoreal optimized airports do not preclude you from using any 3rd party airports which, when created accurately, will properly overlay over the photoscenery. 

    Some of the cities and landmarks you'll get to enjoy as you explore Tasmania include:

    Cities and Towns: Hobart, Launceston, Devonport, Burnie, Somerset, Blackman's Bay

    Lakes & Water Bodies: Great Lake, Arthur's Lake, Lake Pedder, Lake Gordon,  Lake Sorell, Lake Crescent

    Mountains & Hills: Mt Ossa (5,305 ft), Legges Tor, Mount Field West, Franchman's Cap, Mount Anne, Hartz Peak and a total of 20 peaks above 1,200 feet.

    State Parks & National Forests: Franklin-Gordon, Cradle Mountain National Park, Walls of Jerusalem National Park, Southwest National Park.

    Major Rivers: South Esk, Derwent, North Esk, Rubicon, Tamar, Mersey, Franklin, Gordon

    Other Areas of Interest: Flinder's and King Islands, beautiful Hobart on its bay, Mewstone, Bruny Island, Tasmanian Devils! So much more!

    Discover the rest of it all for yourself! There's a LOT to see!


    FSX, FSX:SE, P3D V1, P3D V2, P3D V3, P3D V4


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