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    Start your journey to all the capital cities of Africa with this volume, 1 out of 4.

    Use real-world visual references and make the world your flight sim playground!


    25 simple and enjoyable flights in:

    Algeria, capital: Algiers
    "Bouroumi Dam" Distances: 44 nm
    "Palm Beach " Distances: 35 nm
    "Algiers Heights " Distances: 31 nm
    "Bay Watch" Distances: 60 nm
    "Algiers, SW hinterlands" Distances: 55 nm
    "Ferry flight Algiers to Blida" Distances: 20 nm

    Angola, capital:  Luanda
    "Luanda North Coast " Distances: 42 nm
    "The African Connection" Distances: 54 nm
    "Luanda South Coast" Distances: 44 nm

    Benin, capital: Porto-Novo
    "Cotonou to Port-Novo" Distances: 45 nm
    "West of Cotonou" Distances: 64 nm

    Botswana, capital: Gaborone
    "Gaborone East" Distances: 33 nm
    "Gaborone West" Distances: 33 nm
    "Hidden Valley" Distances: 51 nm

    Burkina Faso, capital: Ouagadougou
    "Ougadougou Local" Distances: 25 nm
    "Ziniare Zoo to Nakambe Dam" Distances: 69 nm

    Burundi, capital: Bujumbura
    "Bujumbura local " Distances: 34 nm
    "Cross country" Distances: 79 nm

    Cameroon, capital: Yaounde
    "City of Seven Hills" Distances: 30 nm
    "Ferry Flight" Distances: 7 nm
    "NW Hills District" Distances: 35 nm

    Cape Verde, capital: Praia
    "Secret City" Distances: 47 nm
    "Monte Graciosa " Distances: 63 nm
    "Fogo Volcano " Distances: 34 nm

    Central African Republic, capital: Bangui
    "Bimbo Patrol" Distances: 43 nm

    Fly the way you want to!

    • Take a leisurely flight to a few landmarks?
    • Start on the runway, engine running and ready for take-off
    • Do a complete startup and taxi by simply starting from a parking spot
    • Fly any aircraft in your sim hangar
    • Fly any time of day or night
    • Fly in any weather
    • Fly with your friends in multiplayer (all players require a copy of the product)
    • Fly 'Top Gun Maverick' style valley runs
    • Follow rivers, land on lakes and dams

    Package Contents

    1. 25 .pln files
    2. 232 page Briefing pdf | Step by step beautifully illustrated instructions for every flight
    3. Installation Guide pdf
    4. User Guide | Shows you how to load the flights, setup your weather and time, and tips on visual navigation        

    Supporting material
    The material listed here is accessible with any internet-connected device. I recommend using your mobile phone or a tablet in your home cockpit for even more immersion.

    • Step by step visual aids to each flight provided in a mobile friendly format
    • Videos of each flight, in different aircraft
    • Videos of locations
    • Videos of airports
    • Interactive airport maps   


    Microsoft Flight Simulator

    Standard scenery. NOTE: The missions have been designed using the default scenery, but they also work with scenery addons.

    Note: A mobile phone, tablet or second computer is recommended so you can access the step by step briefing as you fly.


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    Although I've done some travel over the years, I've never been to Africa, and I am curious about it. I have read a bit and I know it's a huge continent with enormously diverse cultures and geography. Beyond National Geographic and YouTube, and short of taking some real trips, Microsoft Flight Sim is a way to explore some aspects of this part of the world, but where to begin? This "world tour" series seems like a good starting point based on a few flights so far from Africa Visual Vol. 1 and Vol. 2. I like that fact that I can fly any aircraft, with runways chosen to support even jets. This allows me to quickly survey the route, and if I find some cool features, I can come back in a bush plane or in something with floats to have a closer look. Although Africa has not received any world updates, the terrain, vegetation, and the autogen buildings are beautiful in many areas, and you can quickly start to get a feel for the geography. I like that each flight plan is independent so I can explore where I like, using the illustrated briefings book as a guide. I've explored many other areas of the world in MSFS, but Africa is all new to me, and I really like it. One thing I suggest is using one or more weather preset packs from flightsim.to or the great SoFly Weather Preset Pro to really mix up the weather (or use Live Weather if it's VFR-ish). And don't forget to take pictures.


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