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    Conclude your journey around the capital cities of Asia.

    Use real-world visual references and make the world your flight sim playground! Check out the video playlist at YouTube.

    Go to www.migman.com for:

    • Step by step visual for to each flight
    • Videos of each flight, in different aircraft
    • Videos of locations
    • Videos of airports
    • Interactive airport maps
    • Tutorials

    Features 25 simple and enjoyable flight plans in:

    Laos, capital: Vientiane
    "Vientiane, Airports and Reservoirs" Distance: 125 nm
    "Valley Run East of Vientiane" Distance: 116 nm

    Macau, China, capital: Macau
    "Las Vegas of Asia" Distance: 37 nm

    Malaysia, capital: Kuala Lumpur
    "Architecture of Kuala Lumpur" Distance: 119 nm

    Maldives, capital: Male
    "Maldives Resorts" Distance: 86 nm

    Mongolia, capital: Ulaanbaatar
    "Golfing in the Gobi" Distance: 42 nm

    Myanmar, capital: Naypyidaw
    "Nay Pyi Taw: Abode of the King" Distance: 44 nm

    Nepal, capital: Kathmandu
    "Kathmandu Local" Distance: 34 nm
    "Kathmandu Cross Country" Distance: 87 nm

    North Korea, capital: Pyongyang
    "Pyongyang Local" Distance: 64 nm

    Pakistan, capital: Islamabad
    "Faisla Mosque to Tarbela Dam" Distance: 79 nm

    Philippines, capital: Manila
    "Sentinels of Manila Bay" Distance: 110 nm
    "Air, Fire and Water" Distance: 83 nm

    Singapore, capital: Singapore
    "Room with a View" Distance: 64 nm

    South Korea, capital: Seoul
    "Seoul of Korea" Distance: 40 nm
    Incheon: "Incheon Local" Distance: 69 nm

    Sri Lanka, capital: Colombo
    "Columbo, Coastal Capital" Distance: 63 nm

    Taiwan China, capital: Taipei
    "Taipei Tour" Distance: 41 nm

    Tajikistan, capital: Dushanbe
    "Dushanbe and the Varzob River" Distance: 57 nm

    Thailand, capital: Bangkok
    "Chao Phraya River and the Grand Palace" Distance: 99 nm

    Tibet, capital: Lhasa
    "The Third Eye" Distance: 54 nm

    Timor-Leste, capital: Dili
    "Mount Tatamailau" Distance: 99 nm

    Turkmenistan, capital: Ashgabat
    "Horsemen of Central Asia" Distance: 47 nm

    Uzbekistan, capital: Tashkent
    "Bridge on the River Chirchiq" Distance: 59 nm

    Vietnam, capital: Ho Chi Minh City
    "Ho Chi Minh City East" Distance: 42 nm

    Fly the way you want to!

    • Take a leisurely flight to a few landmarks?
    • Start on the runway, engine running and ready for take-off
    • Do a complete startup and taxi by simply starting from a parking spot
    • Fly any aircraft in your sim hangar
    • Fly any time of day or night
    • Fly in any weather
    • Fly with your friends in multiplayer (all players require a copy of the product)
    • Fly 'Top Gun Maverick' style valley runs
    • Follow rivers, land on lakes and dams

    Package Contents

    • 25 .pln files
    • 271 page Briefing pdf | Step by step beautifully illustrated instructions for every flight
    • Installation Guide pdf
    • User Guide | Shows you how to load the flights, setup your weather and time, and tips on visual navigation
    Update Offer
    • If you previously purchased MIGMAN'S FLIGHT SIM MUSEUM - ASIA 1 MSFS at simMarket, you are entitled for a free upgrade. Simply purchase the product and you will not be charged. NOTE: The special upgrade price will be awarded automatically, therefore you must be logged into your same account used to purchase the previous version! If in doubt contact simMarket support first! NO REFUNDS GIVEN!


    Microsoft Flight Simulator

    Standard scenery.

    NOTE: The missions have been designed using the default scenery, but they also work extremely well with scenery addons.

    Note: A mobile phone, tablet or second computer is recommended so you can access the step by step briefing as you fly.


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