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    Fáilte go hAerfort Bhaile Átha Cliath (or “Welcome To Dublin Airport”, as they say in Irish!) – The largest and busiest gateway to the Emerald Isle.

    Dublin International Airport is Ireland’s primary gateway for international flights. It serves over 50 airlines and, in peak season 1,400 flights each week to the USA, Europe and the Middle East amongst others. The airport is a major connections hub for USA flights with a TSA Preclearance facility located at Terminal 2.

    Being significant hubs for it’s home airlines Aer Lingus and Ryanair, there is more than 250 destinations for you to choose from to travel to and from with two airlines alone.

    Dublin is an excellent choice for any flight simmer looking to do a variety of routes to many major (and not-so major) destinations around the virtual globe.


    • High-fidelity rendition of Dublin Airport built from the ground up.
    • Optimised yet crisp texturing throughout all buildings and structures.
    • Detailed yet frame-friendly Pier 1, 4 and Tower Interiors.
    • Recently captured hand-corrected and colour-rectified orthoimagery.
    • Detailed, true-to-life aprons, surfaces, lines and paint markings including the brand-new runway 28R/10L.
    • Realistic fully-operational A-VDGS implementation like in the real world.
    • Landside buildings and significant POIs near the airport.
    • Compatible with most aircraft AI plug-ins.
    • Optimized to MSFS performance guidelines for PC.
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    Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020


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    Its very good...looks nice and performance is excellent. Recommended. Sure it has a few texture quirks here and there but they are very easily overlooked.


    Awesome quality and insane performance, even with traffic and rainy weather


    Absolut sein Geld wert! Der Flughafen ist sehr detailliert und auf dem neuesten Stand. Sieht sehr gut aus und ist absolut rahmenfreundlich. !!! VOLLE KAUFEMPFEHLUNG !!!


    Good Scenery, love it! The performance could be a little better though but all round decent scenery. Thanks for the hard work.
    I was overly excited once V2 was announced and solidly pleased after being released and installed; however, I would be remiss if I did not share what I expected a bit more. But in all seriousness, great scenery. And I don't share the same issues with Performance. Mines is pretty slid using GTX380Ti, Ultra settings, FSLTL, and Vatsim Traffic +GSX. EIDW has always been a favorite of mine, and it will continue to be with the MK version.


    This new version is a decent effort by MK to bring us a modern-day MSFS airport add-on for Dublin. I see some very good modelling in many places, the amount of details seems just fine for the most part. Price is good and it's great to get VDGS included. What drags the rating down for me are 2 issues: 1. In too many places there's low-res ground textures visible next to runways or taxiways. These blurry parts then show service roads, small structures or other clutter. These areas take away from the crisp and detailed areas in most other places. Blurry stuff on the aerial imagery should have either been taken out manually (they do advertise a hand-corrected photo texture) or 3D models should have been placed on top. Some parts are so low-res you can see individual pixels of whatever blurred object being depicted all flat, especially around the new runway. 2. Dublin Airport is surrounded by a stupendous amount of car parkings to the south and east. The problem is that MK have treated these with very different levels of quality. Some car parks are covered with a half-transparent texture with 3D cars placed on top, others have no such texture on top but still some 3D cars are placed on top the blurred flat ones, and other parts only have the half-transparent texture overlaid but with no 3D car at all. So in the end you overfly blurry flat cars or empty half-transparent flat cars on final, or you see some 3D stuff placed on blurred flat cars. It just looks very artificial on all of them and very inconsistent in quality. So with car parks being such an integral part of the scene, why didn't MK just make decent car park textures themselves, remove the flat cars, weather the texture, apply markings, and then place a few of their 3D cars on top of it all? That would have looked much more elegant than the inconsistent low-res flat mess in place right now. Still, it's quite a bit better than MK's Cork scenery. so If you want to fly to Ireland, this is the airport to get.


    Honestly, I'm not super impressed with v2 of this scenery. The only really noticable improvement is the addition of the new runway. APart from that I'm getting flickering textures on some buildings and catastrophically bad performance. I have an RTX 4090 and this scenery is the first one that causes significant stutters with the Fenix 320. Even Heathrow has a better performance. MK Studios, I paid good money, twice, for Dublin. Please fix the performance!


    Schöne Szenerie, allerdings flackern doch teilweise die Teturen von Gebäuden. Zustzlich ist die Bildwiederholrate deutlich gerringer als bei der Vorgängerversion. Hier sollte nachgearbeitet werden.


    There are buildings with flickering. This was an issue on V1 and was updated. Now with V2 it's back again, need to fix on the next series of versions.

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