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    Average 16 days during a year with precipitaion, average temparatures between 20°C and 27°C. Exposed to the northeast trade winds with very low tops 600-700m that are too low to cause a significant increase in precipitation in the slopes exposed to the wind. That's Fuerteventura Island.

    The airport inself carry near 7 millons passengers per year with 45 000 operations.

    Now it's time to experience all of this in Prepar 3D V3 and V4! With newest technology used to develop this scenery we achieved stunning level of details keeping great performance and high FPS.

    Airport description:

    Fuerteventura Airport (IATA: FUE, ICAO: GCFV), also known as El Matorral Airport, is an airport serving the Spanish island of Fuerteventura. It is situated in El Matorral site, 5 km (3.1 mi) southwest of the capital city Puerto del Rosario.

    Early years

    The airport was opened officially on 14 September 1969. The first plane to touch down on the new runway was an Iberia Fokker F27, which flew the route Las Palmas-Fuerteventura-Lanzarote.
    In 1973, El Matorral Airport began to operate its first flights to European countries with the airline Condor, which linked the German city of Düsseldorf directly with Puerto del Rosario. In the following years, the airport experienced considerable growth in the number of operations, which resulted in a series of improvements, starting in 1978, to ensure that the working of the aerodrome continued to meet the needs of the passengers.

    Development since the 1990

    In 1994, construction started on a new terminal building, an aircraft apron, a taxiway parallel to the runway, a power plant and a new access road. The works were completed with the extension of the car park and a detour on the Puerto de Rosario-Matorral, road adding some two kilometres, of which 1.5 are double lane. With the new facilities it was possible to attend around five million passengers a year and manage around 3,100 passengers per hour during rush-hour periods.


    • Fully detailed rendition of Fuerteventura airport and island,
    • Many monuments and custom objects around the island,
    • High resolution ground textures (2048×2048 pixels),
    • Photo real terrain coverage with custom mesh and 3D night lightning,
    • Very realistic night lighting, based on real pilot’s point of view,
    • Dynamic Lightning (P3D V4),
    • Rendered night lighting with shadows,
    • Realistic shadow rendition on all 3D objects and on the ground,
    • Optimized to take advantages of new P3D V4 features,
    • Compatible to all major traffic add-ons,
    • SODE jetways and double jetways supported! 


    FSX, Lockheed Martin Prepar3D V3/V4
    Windows 7 / 8 / 10 x64
    Dual Core CPU with 3 GHz
    4 GB RAM (8 GB recommended)
    3D graphics card with 1 GB Video RAM


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    After buying Lisbon and Dublin, this scenery was an excellent gift to users in “Stay at home” situation worldwide. Thank you MK Studios for this excellent product!


    Kann man bedenkenlos kaufen, Top gestalteter Flughafen sowie Fotorealistische Insel mit passendem Höhenrelief (Mesh). Und natürlch noch Inselspezifische Gebäude und Sichtflugobjekte. Definitv Prepar3d V4 tauglich. Überragendes Preisleistungsverhältnis.


    I've been there, and it's a real joy to backtrack the places I went, nap of the earth, with a chopper the airport is short of perfection just to mention the love the devs put in this item, just check the incredible details: i.e. the car accident on the outskirts of Puerto El Rosario !


    Eine wunderschöne Szenerie. Der Airport ist schön gestaltet und hat schöne Details zu bieten. Die Landschaft der Insel ist schön gestaltet und ist sehr hochauflösend. Rundum ein sehr schön gelungener Airport.


    Outstanding scenery - I agree with the other reviewers. Great detail, night lighting is superb, easy on VAS and FPS. Excellent value, especially as I got it on sale


    great job, finally nice and fast scenery, no elevation and other issues on GCFV! island textures are nice but i would like to use more detailed land textures by FSSIMVFR - SPAIN VFR MESH - CANARY ISLANDS FSX, let's hope that MK will make that optionally possible


    I initially had major elevation problems with this airport not displaying properly in my FSX:SE. However, I discovered that legacy registry files associated with this airport had not been removed properly when I had uninstalled it and re-installed it and it was those files that caused the problems. I ran an payware system cleaner from IOBit and the freeware Revo Uninstaller to detect and then remove those legacy install files that caused the problem. Fuerte is now installed beautifully on my FSX:SE and looks stunning (including the surrounding scenery and terrain). Mateusz from MK Studios did offer to help but his help was not needed in the end as I managed to figure out the problem myself.


    Awesome...Well done MK Studios! We all want more sceneries of you guys! :)


    The airport and landscape are very realistic. Unfortunately the ADE file of the airport is missing the cargo definition of the respective stands and also for small ga aircraft, there are no stands defined 57-60, 54-57. I made my own ADE for this reason. A little dissapointment I feel about the autogen buildings. That's not the right look of canarian houses and the hotels are just big houses with gabled roofs. Maybe there should be some generic hotels instead. There are large areas of only hotels and/or holiday bungalows, which could be added with little effort instead of just oversized houses. Therefore only 4 stars from my side.


    Just purchased this scenery and I have to say I am very impressed. The night lighting is amazing. Both at airport and the full island street lighting is amazing. Runway texture is amazing also, along with the harbour scenery. Very happy with this purchase. Well done too MK-STUDIOS on a fantastic scenery. ;)


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