MIG-15/ 17 X-PLANE 12

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MIG-15/ 17 X-PLANE 12

MIG-15/ 17 X-PLANE 12



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    Designed by Artem Mikoyan and Mikhail Gurevich. First flight in 1947. Designed as one of the first fighter planes with swept wings and a jet engine. Ca. 18000 planes have been built and have been used mainly in countries of the Warsaw Pact. Some still flying.

    This X-Plane 10/ 11 version of the plane simulates the advanced Bis version of the MiG-15

    A basic MiG-17 is included in the package

    A basic Yak-3 is included starting with version 2004

    Performance of the real plane (X-Plane values may vary slightly)

    Length: 10,1 m/ 33 ft
    Wingspan: 10m1 m/ 33 ft
    Height: 3,7 m/ 12 ft
    empty Weight: 3580 kg/ 7900 lb
    Engine: 1 x Klimov VK-1 turbojet with 26,5 kn/ 5950 lbs
    Max. speed: 1076 km/h/ 580 kts
    Ceiling: 15500 m/ 50850 ft
    max. rate of climb: 50 m/s
    Thrust/ Weight ratio: 0.54

    The package contains a civil and a military version with several liveries.

    General features:

    • detailed 3D interactive cockpit
    • detailed outside model
    • instrumentation based on real counterparts
    • in flight refuel possible
    • JATO can be used for short fields

    Civil version features:

    • western instrumentation (altitude in feet, speed in knots)
    • equiped with western avionics: VOR/DME
    • removed military equipment
    • english labels available

    Military version features:

    • metrical instrumentation
    • gun sight available
    • can be loaded with drop tanks, bombs, guns

    Version 2004

    • Adding a basic Yak-3

    Version 2001

    • adapted flight model to XP11.40s experimental flight model (airfoils/ general)
    • changed compass slave model
    • changed manipulators to use X-Plane descriptions and newer manipulator types
    • removed X-Plane 10 versions
    • changed glass textures
    • new outside textures
    • added details to cockpit
    • hide stick possible
    • oxygen supply enabled
    • pressurized cockpit possible
    • basic autopilot added
    • added MiG-17 civil version

    New in Mig 15 version 2.3:

    • Corrected: civil version speed indication too high
    • Corrected: rudder animation reversed
    • Changed Cockpit textures
    • Changed fuselage, wing and stabilizer objects
    • Changed gun arm switch
    • Added brake sound
    • Set stabilizer to be trimmed for pitch up, trim cannot be changed in flight
    • New gun sight objects
    • Adapt ice to new stab
    • Added weapon rack weights


    X-Plane 12


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    It's really nice. The textures aren't the best, but the modelling is really nice. For the very low price you get a Mig15, a civilian Mig15, a Mig 17,a civilean Mig17 and a yak3. Very Amazing! If you're interested in those old soviet Guys I'd totally recommend this one


    I am used to the MiG15Bis in DCS and MLDADG's MiG 15/17 is the best available alternative for X-Plane. I am still on XP10 (yes, I know)) so as yet didn't test the new 2001 version of MLDADG. I am about to finally upgrade to XP11 in 2020 when time allows me :-)


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