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    The Robinson R44 is a four-seat light helicopter produced by Robinson Helicopter Company since 1992. Based on the company's two-seat Robinson R22, the R44 features hydraulically assisted flight controls. It was first flown on 31 March 1990 and received FAA certification in December 1992, with the first delivery in February 1993.

    The R44 has been the world's best-selling general aviation (GA) helicopter every year since 1999. It is the most-produced GA aircraft of the 21st century, with 5,805 deliveries from 2000–2017


    Livery (10): D-HALY, F-HRAN, G-IAJJ, G-NESH, HB-ZLD, N747WD, OM-DCN, PP-HLI, RA-04145, YU-HTD

    Aerodynamic and System: Induced yaw, Transverse flow effect, Translating tendency, Vortex ring rtate, Settling with power, Retreating blade stall, Mast bumping, Clutching process, Cyclic and Collective friction, Hydraulic off/failure, Cockpit vibrations

    Sound: BVI-Blade vortex interaction, Mast bumping sound effect, Low rotor RPM, Clutching process sound effect

    Model: High polygons, Mast and engine cowls, Rotor coning, Removable passangers, Cyclic switch pilot/copilot, Removable wheels

    Equipment: GTX 330, Bendix King ADF, Garmin GNS430, Garmin GI106A

    Include: Control panel, Flight manal, Paint Kit


    FSX Acceleration Pack,
    Prepar3D v3
    Prepar3D v4
    ​Prepar3D v5


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    Daisappointed! I purchased this version of the R44 because I expected a better version than the Justflight version. The product looks nice but is missing a readeable checklist (displayed checklist has far too small texts) and has no 2D panel views. So you have to do everything through the virtual cockpit. More realistic of course but the cyclic is in the way. Also the clutch disengage switch is not modelled correctly. Apparently the switch guard is considered to function as the switch. You have to find this out yourself because there is no custom manual for the flightsim version. You get the full helicopter manual. Starting up was a struggle because there is no clear instruction for the sim. After struggling a lot I found that I had to use the mouse wheel at the top of the collective to increase throttle after using the start button. Flight characteristics I cannot review. I am used to the Dodosim Bell 206 which according to reviews has the most accurate helicopter flight characteristics in FSX; during my first fllghts with the R44 I experience a forward tilt while the cyclic is in neutral position. But maybe that is a characteristic of this specific helicopter. All in all not what I expected for this price. The Justflight version offers far more for less than half the price.


    Best Robinson you can get on FSX and P3D. At first glance it may look kind of bad but the second you take off it feels so much different compared to other helicopter on FSX and P3D. You must pay attention 24/7 which is why I love Robinsons so much. Defidently a five star from me. Only thing I would like to see is a fix on the garmin which has some broken buttons and maybe some more high quality sounds would be nice. Other then that, this is my favorite helicopter in FSX.


    Flying helicopters in the good old MSFS line of products - or Prepar3D for that matter - has so far not been my most cherished pastime for the one and only reason: it is said to be very far from realistic, lacking in too many ways. Therefore, most of my helicopter flight simming takes place in either DCS or X-Plane. However, I always wanted a Robinson R44, so badly that I couldn't resist the very temptation to get my hands on the beast to see how it performs in P3D. The R44 is an "everyone's favourite" four-seat light helicopter, very popular across the globe. Its smaller sibling, the 2-seat R22 is possibly the most widely used trainer. As for the subject of this review, the R44 itself, we are talking about the best selling general aviation helicopter ever produced. This representation of the R44 is modelled by the well-renowned helicopter simulation specialist MP Design Studio who have been delivering rotary-wing aircraft for quite a while. While I never had the chance to actually give any of them a try, I knew from reviews and countless videos that these guys are building top-notch virtual stuff, often going beyond the limits of what the simulation engine allows for. Although aware of these confines and rumours of the unrealistic nature of the flight simulator in question, I was very much looking forward to taking this one to the skies. Installation took no time, and moments later I was greeted by no less than 10 (ten!) incredible repaints, liveries from many countries so there is something for everyone to choose from. Loading up the bird, I found myself in a stunning 3D-cockpit that pretty much left me breathless! The gauges, the switches and knobs, they are all crafted with such utmost care, that the passion it took these guys to make them clearly shines through every little corner of it. From the seat cushion to the decals, the moving parts, everything looks and acts so real that one would immediately feel oneself right there in the middle of the action! Starting up the aircraft was straightforward, using the provided manual which in fact appears to be the real-world handbook of the helicopter. The sounds are fantastic, so full, so rich that I could almost feel the vibration as the torque increased. Talking about the rotor itself, the animation is smooth and very nicely done, not some cheap generic solution but a very complete sequence. It's a pleasure even just to look at, seeing the helicopter slowly coming to life, shaking, as it powers up. And the flying bit. Having never flown a real helicopter I can't compare it to any actual flying experience in one, but I can certainly compare it to how it feels against other, said-to-be realistic (helicopter) simulation platforms. Crucify me - but I have to say that MP Design Studio managed to give birth to something that will make you re-think your absence from helo flying in the FSX and Prepar3D line of products. Forget about the "flying on rails" experience! You will swing and sway and rock about like crazy if you don't pay attention to coordinated flight! Hovering the helicopter is so much fun, and feels perfectly fine and believable for me. I have all my settings adjusted for full realism and sensitivities set to maximum as well, I strongly recommend doing this at least when flying a helicopter in this simulator. Coming back to terra firma, you better watch your descent rate otherwise the dreaded vortex ring will eat you alive! Not if you have enough altitude though! I know about two "ways" of getting out of this dangerous state, one - the kind of popular way - is by moving the cyclic control followed by pitching the nose down slightly, then going back to forward flight. The other technique, known as the "Vuichard Recovery Technique" uses the tail rotor thrust as a means of support. Apply cyclic in the direction of tail rotor thrust, add collective and maintain heading with the pedals. Both of these escape-manoeuvres worked perfectly fine in the MP Design R44. To finish my series of test flights, I wanted to see how this little helicopter autorotates so I reduced power to idle at around 1000 feet above field elevation and down we go! The manual provides useful information regarding speeds and procedures for autorotation but without going into details, let me tell you, the fun is real! Couldn't precisely land on the very spot I wanted to but on all occasions, I successfully and safely "autorotated" the R44. On one particular occasion, I increased throttle shortly before reaching the ground and finished the procedure in a hover. The transition was smooth and reminded me of similar experiences in other simulation platforms. This helicopter is simply a pleasure to fly! It also wipes out the "taboo" for me, of touching a helicopter in a simulator that isn't too popular for rotary flying. MP Design Studio delivered a fantastic simulation of the Robinson R44 that not only can take you to places but can provide you so much fun by only circling around your local airport or going sightseeing or practising non-normal procedures. But the success of this helicopter is also a success of the platform itself as a helicopter flying environment, kind of opening my eyes, and a gate to a world I didn't know existed! MP Design Studio has a bunch of other helicopters in their lineup and I am sure each and every one of them will bring about the same level of realism, waiting for us to explore them! If you ever hesitated to buy a helicopter for FSX or Prepar3D, forget about what you've heard, leave your worries behind and grab this one, see and feel for yourself! This masterpiece will leave you speechless, both visually and system-wise! I highly recommend the MP Design R44 for every "rotorhead" around as well as to those seeking entry to the exciting world of helicopter simulation, which is second to none! Without a doubt, it's a five-star product and it still doesn't do justice to this awesomeness! Hats off!


    Very nice version of the R44, I was really hoping for more US & Canada registrations as well as maybe bear paws on rear of some skids & emergency pop up floats/Pontoons or something. Maybe even a news camera and you can't remove the left half of the joystick when flying solo like the JustFlight version - any chance for an update? I would even pay for an addon pack. I would also love to see it behave more realistic while flying around British Columbia Glaciers(I know there are sim limits- I use Steam & P3DV4.5) All in all, very good package I would recommend it, lots of fun James Henson


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