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    The Mil Mi-2 (NATO code name is "Hoplite") was developed in the former Soviet Union by Mil Design Bureau in the early 60's as a turbine engine-powered successor of the Mi-1 hare. Its first flight was in 1961 and the serial manufacturing started in 1965 by the polish WSK-Swidnik (now PZL-Swidnick) plant and ended in 1985. Over 5200 Mi-2s have been built since 1965 mainly for the former Soviet Union and other former Warsaw Pact nations and many of them are still in use. The Mi-2 found widespread fields of activity both with military, state and commercial operators. Besides transport of freight and passengers, the Mi-2 has also found work as ambulance, police and Search-and-Rescue helicopter.

    This addon represent three variants:

    • Military transport (russian panel)
    • Simple passenger transport (english panel)
    • Ambulance (Budapest Aircraft Service's HA-BGH - hungarian panel)


    • Accurate and detailed interior and exterior models
    • Reflective textures
    • Interior and exterior lights
    • 2D panels and full clickable 3D virtual cockpit
    • Animated parts (doors, pilots, switches, attitude indicator in VC, etc.)
    • Custom animations (such as IFR curtain in virtual cockpit)
    • Realistic flight dynamics tested by real Mi-2 pilots
    • Many simulated system operations (firefighting, de-ice, improved trim, electrical, etc.)
    • English manual




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    This is becoming one of my favorite sim models. Clearly Nemeth Designs strives for exceptional realism in their products. As noted in other reviews, the switchology required to start the aircraft certainly adds a dimension of procedural realism but can be a little tedious if one is time-constrained and seeking just a quick flight. A CTRL E function would be appreciated so that the user can opt out of the procedures when desired. However, not surprisingly the switches and procedures for the Mi-2 are less cumbersome than those required for Nemeth Designs Mi-17. Only a subset of the switches listed in the start procedures appear to be attached to some sort of aircraft systems models, e.g. though there are switches and gauges for 2 engines there appears to be only 1 engine model. If I have to sift through nearly 2 pages of start checklist I would like working systems models to be attached to the switches. However, systems simulation may be constrained by FS2004, I don't know. The manual has good systems descriptions but the procedures can be confusing in some places. I have developed my own cockpit procedural flow which expedites the start process with particular emphasis on those panels and switches that are essential to successfully start the aircraft. Other reviews have offered varying opinions on the quality of Nemeth Designs visual aesthetics, I find them to be adequate at the very least if not actually quite good. I particularly like the bee texture. I'll have to see if I can do a VW Minibus texture for it given the strong visual resemblance! I fly exclusively from the VC so I appreciate the detail and functionality in this area. The Russian version has cockpit panels in Cyrillic alphabet which adds a feel of authenticity. However, it is recommended to master the cockpit panels in English first, unless Russian is your primary language. Little details such as the working IFR or blackout curtains (?) and fans are really neat. The flight characteristics are wonderful. I've never flown a real Mi-2 so I don't know how this product compares; however, the model certainly behaves as one would expect for an aircraft with the the design characteristics the Mi-2. I'm particularly delighted with the level of realism of the autorotations compared to the auto characteristics other helicopter models, such as glide ratio and rotor inertia. Managed to pull off a successful touchdown auto from a 200 ft. AGL hover! Don't know how realistic that is, but they say that Fate smiles on the brave and the stupid so maybe it's true. So, my recommendation is this is a gotta-have, possibly my most fun helicopter sim. I rank it a 4 only for possible improvements as noted above. If FS2004 allows no further improvements, I would give it a 5. When I get around to it I'll definitely be purchasing other Nemeth Designs products such as the Ka226.


    Réalisé par les frères Nemeth ce MI-2 est un gage de qualité et de plaisir comme son grand frère le MI-17 toujours de Nemeth designs d'ailleurs. Certainement ce qui ce fait de plus complet en terme d'hélicoptères pour Flight Simulator.


    This is my first payware helicopter purchase and I'm very impressed. The visual model, sounds and flight dynamics are excellent. The 2d panel and documentation are also very good, but in my opinion they could be improved. As mentioned in other reviews the engine startup sequence is complicated but realistic, as is the flight control set up. This is the first FS2004 helicopter I have seen which has seperate controls for the collective (rotor pitch) and throttle (engine rpm), this is a real leap forward in my view but I do feel it could have been better documented. The other issue I feel could be improved is the 2D panel. One of the sub panels has some issues with transparency which detracts from the otherwise professional feel, also some of the switches are missing from the 2d panel. This might seem like a minor issue, but it's frustrating to have to swapto the virtual cockpit view purely to throw one switch. However, all in all this is a superb product; it looks superb and is great fun to fly. It is also excellent value at this price !


    OK, now got it flying! Support forum is now online and I got answers to my problems stated in my previous review. So, I will now rise my overall rating to 4/5 stars. Very nice chopper indeed! Jonne


    Well for me this release is something special as this helicopter means a lot to me. I frequently travel in it for Photographic trips at my work. Sometimes I also sit next to the pilot (not flying). I can tell you that Nemeth have created a very accurate representation of the Mi2 cockpit, Mi2 sounds, Mi 2model, Mi2 interior and Mi2 flying characteristics. The chopper itself flies like it should and sounds like it should. Everything possible has been implemented. Users may find the start up sequence a bit complicated, but it is explained well in the manual. After all this is realism. The whole package is extremely well done and I believe Nemeth are coming of age as quality payware helicopter sim designers. My only critisism is that it needs some small aesthetic touches up on some of the various panels and sub panels, that would enhance the apperance. Still, this would receive my 5 stars. A joy to fly - Go fly it in some nice scenery add-on area and you'll love it.


    Very nice looking chopper! I have Nemeth's Mi-17 which is also very great piece of work. I am afraid, I am not able to fly Mi-2 at the moment because after starting the engines (which is quite complicated) I can not lift the chopper to the air. I am not able to figure out what is wrong from the manual and unfortunately I am not able to open the support forum pages. This is really a pity because I know they are able to produce very nice products. These are the reasons for the quite low ranking at the moment. Jonne

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