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    Nemeth Designs Sikorsky CH-53E Super Stallion for MS Flight Simulator X

    The CH-53E Super Stallion is used by US Marine Corps for amphibious assault, carrying heavy equipment and armament, and recovering disabled aircraft; also used by US Navy for vertical onboard delivery and recovery of damaged aircraft from aircraft carriers. The development of the CH-53E is based on the CH-53D. Improvements include the addition of a third engine to give the aircraft the ability to lift the majority of the Fleet Marine Force's equipment, improved main rotor blades and composite tail rotor blades. A dual digital automatic flight control system and engine anti-ice system give the aircraft an all-weather capability. The helicopter seats 37 passengers in its normal configuration and has provisions to carry 55 passengers with centerline seats installed.


    • Accurate and detailed interior and exterior visual models and textures.
    • Custom exterior and interior animations such as foldable rotor and pylon, ramp door, EAPS, extendable refuel probe, gauges and switches.
    • Fully clickable dynamic virtual cockpit. Perfectly flyable from the VC.
    • Many implemented systems such as EAPS, de-ice system, firefighting system, automatic flight control system
    • Realistic flight dynamics
    • Two variants with different paint schemes
    • PDF manual




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    Very well done! The CH-53 is a great addition to my FSX system. I'm impressed with the accuracy taken to duplicate this neat bird. Semper Fi Mitch Collins
    Absolut überzeugend, zwar kleine Mängel, aber wer ein bisschen in der Aircraft.cfg programmieren kann, wird sich den CH53 schon zurechtbasteln. Auch die Panel.cfg läßt sich ein wenig aufrischen mit einem Hover und einem Autopiloten aus dem Freeware Bereich versehen geht das Fliegen leichter, gerade für Langstrecken. Die Texturen sind super sauber und echt real! Keine rumzickereien mit Registrierungen und umständlichen Downloads von Liveries und Paintkits, alles von Anfang an dabei....Super! Virtavia mein absoluter Favoriet im Free- bzw. Paywarebereich, daran sollten andere mal in die "Lehre" gehen!


    Als erstes alle Updates laden, als zweites nicht mit der Systemtiefe rummachen! Einfach den Autostartbutton drücken und Spass haben. Hat verdammt viel Zeit gekostet das heraus zu finden. Wenn das Ding endlich endlich in der Luft ist, habe ich noch nichts vergleichbares geflogen.Der Preis ist Stolz und der CH53 kann einen zur Verzweiflung treiben, doch ist er erstmal Oben ist das alles vergessen.


    Also das Modell und die Deteils haben mich wirklich beeindruckt und hätte ich gewusst das man sich auf der Homepage der beiden Nemeth Brüder ne Flight Manual und n Update herunterladen kann, wäre ich auch sofort losgeflogen, stattdessen mußte ich die fuel_selector_test und systems_op XML Dateien aus dem Gauges Ordner des Helis entfernen, dann konnte es aber losgehen und er fliegt sich wirklich gut:-)


    Finde keine Beschreibung (Bedinungsanleitung) wie soll man einen Komplexen Hubschrauber Fliegen ohne einer Einweisung ?? ode bin ich zu Blöd um sie zu Finden.


    I bought the NEMETH DESIGNS - SIKORSKY CH53-E SUPER STALLION and really did not know what to expect given the below reviews. Yes it did have several graphics issues, but those issues have been pretty much addressed. There are still several open issues regarding the Nav/BDHI that I need to escalate throuhgh the support forum but I got to say that I am extreamly pleased with the CH-53e after flying 22 hrs. Also given the issues discovered to date its really not that much different then some of the Add-ons out there today. Its an unfortunate fact that software is not perfect and thus service packs are provided. Also, I would think my expectations would be different if this was created by a large software shop and not for the most part created by two or three individuals who have lives to pursue. Lastly, I have no issues with the support forum. It provides me a venue to discuss issues with others flyers and get my Hotfixes --- which is pretty much all I need. However, I can see if you need a more personal touch then you may have some objections. Anyway, I really do believe that the Nemeth Designs have created something outstanding, and feel its very much worth the money. For me -- Its a Keeper!!!


    Looking at the so called "support forum" it appears now that us first customers are all beta testers and it is only thanks to a few hard core fans that this may eventually get all the bugs ironed out. Such as shame as Nemeth usually stands for good quality. Regards Gareth


    Quick follow up. As we speak the graphics problem has been fixed with a simple patch. After spending some time with the CH-53 I can now say its ONE OF THE BEST helicopters in my stable. Surprisingly good on fps and handles just like you would imagine it. Also the virtual cockpit is really incredible. Us helis guys are really passionate about our birds and when one we have been waiting on comes out, we get bent out of shape when there are problems. There is one guy in particular on Hovercontrol who has taken this heli under his arm and is seeing to it that problems get adressed and deatures added. Seeing the quick response to the graphics issue, I feel confident that other bugs will be look at and fixed. So 1 more star and I highly recommend if you are into complex helis to get this one.


    I support Nemeth and want to see others come out with quality helicopters. Thats said, I am also tired of being a paying beta tester. This heli is great to look at,very nice panels and a top notch virtual cockpit. Starting is easy once you figure out how to do it. Now the BAD. I have already had a few graphic problems. Once fooling with the gps, the screen garbled. Turning on the lights causes all kinds of wierdness.Blacked out screen,garbled graphics,exterior model is jumbled. I have not even experimented with the systems but I figure if you cannot even turn on lights with all he** breaking loose, there are bound to be problems. Once again, what coulda shoulda mighta been. Unless you enjoy frustration and like a good headache, I suggest holding off on this one until Nemeth steps up and fixes it.


    Hi Ive now had even more time to fly this. Typically with any Nemeth product it is not designed to just get in and go. You do have to go through the start proceedure. Now that would be easy if Nemith had bothered to put some preset VC cockpit views in like other producers do but they have not. They also lack a good number of external presets. The VC looks great but dont be fooled that every switch will do something. I have also had some amazing bugs when using the lighting controls which I hope get fixed. Regards Gareth

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