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    It is widely used as a sport aerobatic airplane both inside and outside the former USSR. It is powered by a 268-298 kW (360-400 hp) Vedeneyev M14P radial engine. Compared with other four-seat light aircraft the Yak-18T is only a little wider and longer but it is much heavier and is equipped with a considerably more powerful engine. The Yak-18T has strong construction, aerobatic capability and responsive handling characteristics and its performance and handling capabilities far exceed its western counterparts. When performing aerobatics, the solid airframe is rated to withstand G-loads from +6G down to -3G.

    The Yak-18T was designed with versatility in mind so it can land on paved and unpaved surfaces, take off from noticeably short fields and it’s landing capability allows easy access to shorter runways. Its rate of climb is between 1000 and 2000 feet per minute. It is a big, aerobatic capable, four-seater with retractable landing gears that can be found throughout the Eastern Bloc countries working as trainer, transport, air-ambulance aircraft, aerial photography platform, pipeline patroller and more.

    • High Definition textures
    • Full Physics-Based Rendering material implementation
    • Authentic flight characteristics
    • Authentic flight system configuration
    • Classic avionics design but fully IFR capable
    • Implemented rain and icing effect both in the cockpit and the airframe
    • 13 liveries
    • PDF manual


    This product features our simInstaller technology and is available after purchase via our APP only.


    Microsoft Flight Simulator


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    I really like it .. very fun and classic style .. not for everyone but if you like classic style.. it's great .I am happy to have it.. nice textures and cockpit !
    Good looking model. Sound package is awful, and taxi sensitivity is ridiculous. Was expecting a lot more from Nemeth!


    had issues updating this when purchased from the dev site, got a refund, and repurchased here. Fun quirky different little plane. I dig it.
    Just tried it and have mixed feelings. The model looks nice, but there are some not so good things: 1. The yoke movement is almost nonexistent, when I deflect the ailerons quite a lot, the virtual yoke hardly moves at all. I think the animation could be better. Or is it the same in the real plane? 2. Tried aerobatics, starting with a simple aileron roll and loops, but neither felt right. The roll is way to sluggish, with full ailerons it rolled very slowly. In both of my loop attempts I managed to overstress the airplane, according to MSFS. I think I did everything right (I'm a real aerobatic pilot, know how to properly do a loop), even constantly checked the airspeed and G values on the downside of the loop, still got an overstress failure. Not sure if this flight model is properly adjusted to match the real one, to be honest.
    The previous statements say it all. This plane has a lot of potential, but after months since its release it still suffers from many defects.


    I waited for a plane with a russian panel (and gauges) for MSFS and with the NEMETH DESGINS YAK18 I got it. It has a good looking 3D model but with the panel my problems started. There is no proper handbook, only a PDF file explaning the instruments by name,but not by function. The "Accelerometer" looks like a g-meter but I can´t find out what it displays. Same is the "Inclinometer" wich looks like a bank and turn indicator but stucks in the left corner all the time, even in straight and level flight. No answer from Nemeth Support didn´t make it better. As an aerobatic aircraft it should be more agile, it flies like a C172. There are no sounds for the pneumatic system and there are no opening doors. So if you only look for a nice looking russian small aircraft you may be happy with it.


    This is a unique aircraft for MSFS. There are labels to translate some of the Russian. Panel layout is nonstandard. Flaps are a single panel across the bottom of the plane. It has a checklist, which is a plus. Textures could use some improvement, so it's a solid four stars.
    I bought this direct through Nemeth when it released. Glad to see it here! This addon is absolutely worth the money. There are some small issues that Nemeth may want to address that I'll cover, but the short story is that this Yak-18T is a very nice model that is wonderful to fly. I only give this 4/5 because of the lack of opening windows/doors and the occasional sound looping on the engine which can get annoying. Otherwise it's an easy 5/5. The good: The 3D model is very nice inside and out The night lighting is simple but very visually pleasing The aircraft is ILS capable In game checklists are very robust and helpful Engine sounds are unique and good, though they do have a loop at times (see "the not so good") Flight modeling feels superb, I have no complaints about the FM at all The not so good: Engine sounds do have an audible loop at some settings despite being good sounds. The in game checklists do not feature focus, so you will have to hunt for some switches the first time around. Windows and doors cannot be opened The aircraft always starts with all non-essential switches ON which is annoying as the checklist has you turn them OFF at the end of each flight.


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