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    Welcome to the fixed wing air rescue unit of the Green Memorial Hospital on Simville Island! Your job as pilot for us will be to collect injured people from all over the island for transportation to the hospital. The inhabitants of this island are extremely accident phorone and you will have your hands full keeping them out of trouble! A word to the wise: expect the unexpected!

    You will be required to land on roads, in-between buildings, abandoned runways, military installations, grass strips, quarries and many more places. You will also need to do your job in all kinds of weather situations; from pouring rain to flying at night as well as landing in dense fog. As we have said before: expect the unexpected!

    Once you have collected your casevac, return to the hospital airport and land. An ambulance of the hospital will be waiting for you on the apron. Once your patient is safe, the mission will end. Please try not to crash… it will really look bad on our record and cause a lot of paper work to be done. Let’s try to avoid that, shall we?

    Rewards will be issued for every mission completed. You can show your accomplishments to your friends!


    • Highly detailed fictional island with airports, buildings, harbour and a complete road network with vehicles on the road.
    • Package consists of 10 rescue missions with pre-recorded voices.
    • Fully configurable installer - No computer experience needed to install!


    Microsoft Flight Simulator X (SP2/Acceleration/Gold Required) / Microsoft Flight Simulator X (Steam Edition)
    Windows VISTA or better
    Pentium 3 GHz (2GHz Duo2Core Intel or better)
    2 GB System RAM
    256 Mb DirectX 9 graphics card
    1.1 GB Disk Space


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    Rescue Air 911 is good value for money - 11 missions for €17.50. The missions are in all categories from Beginner to Expert. All of them consist of flying from the hospital where you are based, to an accident site on the fictional Simville Island (which appears to be very accident-prone...), pick up casualties, and then take them to hospital. Therefore the missions are a bit monotonous, but when you go the Advanced and Expert missions, you will have to hone your flying skills some. All missions are flown in the trusty Cessna Grand Caravan, a special repaint of which is included. The mission makers (Zambian based NMG Simulations) have made a fantastic job of creating an entire island in the Indian Ocean, about 30 by 30 miles, highly detailed and complete with cities, buildings, industries, ports, terrain, and several airports! (The island does not show up on the GPS map, although the airports and navaids are there.) There are vehicles on the roads (left hand traffic!), and a lot of radio traffic. AI traffic is seen on the international airport, and static aircraft on the aprons of other airports. All missions will give you a reward on completion. A minor comment: all the missions take place on the same date, most even at the same time... This pack comes with an automatic installer, which deprives you of all control as to what is installed, and where. I prefer to install missions manually, but you may like it this way. As for rating this mission pack, the scenery would make it worth 5 stars. However, because of the way the story repeats itself, and because of the automatic installer, I will settle for 4 stars.


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