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    After hard work and some sleepless nights, NextGen Simulations is proud to present you the Citation CJ4 for Flight Simulator X and Prepar3D.

    Citation CJ4X consists of a simulated replica of the Citation Model 525C and developed for use with Microsoft® Flight Simulator® X, Microsoft® Flight Simulator® X: Steam Edition, Lockheed Martin® PREPAR3D® v1, v2 and v3 (all of them are 32-bit) and Lockheed Martin® PREPAR3D® v4 (dedicated 64-bit version). This product features a Mid-Level systems programming, and it has been simplified as well, to allow you enjoy the simming experience while bringing you a good look-and-feel of this marvelous aircraft.

    This package includes:

    • Two accurate models of the Citation CJ4, differing in its vertical stabilizer shape
    • Frame-rate friendly models while keeping good look-and-feel
    • Ground service
    • 12 different liveries
    • Paint Kit
    • Different Cameras outside and inside the aircraft
    • 2D Cockpit (Main Panel of Pilot and Copilot, plus 8 subpanels including zoomed displays popups, for a total of 13 subpanels), a Mini Panel and a Semi-functional 3D Virtual Cockpit, with 3D Virtual Cabin
    • Custom-coded animations, especially for 3D cockpit
    • Easy-to-use Flight Management System developed and licensed by Eric Marciano, with extensive use of MSFS GPS database
    • Original replica of Collins ProLine 21 avionics
    • Easy-to-use Autopilot
    • Realistic & Authentic Williams FJ44-4A Engine Soundset, plus cockpit sounds (Environment, CAS Aural Warnings, V-speeds Callouts and GPWS Callouts)
    • Extensive usage of FSX SDK, and Prepar3D SDKs for better performance
    • All models are P3Dv4 SDK-compliant
    • Anker 


    Any computer capable to run Flight Simulator X (with Service Pack 2 or Acceleration Pack), Flight Simulator X: Steam Edition, Prepar3D v1, v2, v3 and v4.


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    This CJ4X is a good addon for FSX/P3D if you like/love small business jets and not looking for a study level jet. The textures inside and outside are not the best but good enough, sometimes there is a problem with the flight controls at the beginnig but once you use it more than twice the problem will disappear and lastly the FMC is not as the real one (ProLine 21) so there is no ability to insert a flight plan with SIDs and STARs or insert differnt RNAV approaches or departures. Overall it is fun to fly and isnt that expensive for what the aircraft package has offers (ramp objects manager, good depiction of most systems,12 liveries, nice immersive cockpit and engines sounds) and more.I recommend to buy it if you really want to fly a little jet just like the CJ4X just for fun.


    This is actually a really nice package. Sure the liveries are a bit plain jane but the aircraft is really well represented. Fun to fly and worth the money for sure. Nicely done NextGen!


    Very nice addon ! One important point must be outlined : the reading of the manual is very important to figure out how the knob/switches operate in the panel. Second point : the roll rate is too slow for a fast little jet like this and should be tuned for a better response around the longitudinal axis.


    Das ist ein netter kleiner Feierabend-Flieger :-). Bei weitem nicht die System-Tiefe wie PMDG, aber wer ein Freund der einfachen Simulation ist, so wie ich, kann mit diesem Add-On durchaus Spaß haben. Einziges Manko ist der relativ hohe Preis, deshalb nur 4 Sterne. Aber ansonsten ein schönes Produkt :-).


    Nice device with realistic, some sharp sound. Large PFD and MFD windows and extensive control options at an attractive price. It would have been helpful if the push-buttons, like many other jets, would be lit when they are active. I may be the only one, but it is annoying that the front wheel steering (twist joystick) falls away as soon as the Citation CJ4X has landed at an airport other than that of departure. This makes taxiing from the runway to the gate impossible. Control by commands from the keyboard does not work (with me) either. However, control will be possible again if the aircraft, still on the runway, is replaced by another aircraft, even if immediately afterwards it is returned to the original aircraft. We are waiting for an update that hopefully corrects these points. Hans.


    No ability to fly SIDs or STARs, so not a "replica" of a ProLine 21. This makes it very overpriced in my view.


    I am a sucker for small businessjets. So, I just had to get this CJ4X. And though it's not comparable to Carenado, it looks good. Textures could have been better, but hey... for this price it sure is acceptable. It handles smooth. Has a nice cabin and sounds natural. And for those guys out there that are sometimes troubled by the framerate while flying the full HD Carenado jets (lie myself): this is your little bird.


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