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    Most of the sounds recorded in real aircraft cockpit!
    Optimized for buttkickers and body shakers!

    Speed dependent ...                                               

    • Roll sound
    • Wind sound
    • Gear wind sound
    • Rain sound
    • Bump sound

    Vertical speed dependent ...

    • Touch down sounds

    Additional sounds ...

    • Engines
    • Reverser
    • Turbulence (requires Active Sky)
    • Spoilers (volume depends on spoiler position) 
    • Tailstrike
    • Parking brake
    • Gear up and down                                                

    Cabin announcements consider ...

    • Local time of day
    • Name of airports

    Cabin announcements ...

    • Included: Karen Shaw - English (female)
    • Optional crew package: Dee Powell - English (female)
    • Optional crew package: Kristen Birtch - English Canada (female) *** NEW ***
    • Optional crew package: Michael Stein - German / English (male)
    • Optional crew package: Claudia Lange - German / English (female)
    • Optional crew package: Ulrike Seuthe - German / English (female)
    • Optional crew package: Neeltje Harmsen - Dutch / Englisch (female)
    • Optional crew package: Sabine Baroux - French / English (female)
    • Optional crew package: Mar Muñoz - Spanish / English (female)
    • Optional crew package: Ana Oliveira - Portuguese / English (female)

    Cabin announcements for ...    

    • Boarding
    • Engine start
    • Taxi
    • After takeoff
    • Cruise
    • Seatbelt signs
    • Descent
    • After landing
    • Parking position

    Flightdeck intercom calls

    Boarding with music and entire flight with passenger noise. 

    Additional cabin sounds ...

    • Opening and closing the front door
    • Seatbelt signs
    • No Smoking signs
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    Microsoft Windows 7 or higher
    Microsoft DirectSound with compatible sound card
    Microsoft Flight Simulator, P3D, FSX
    FSUIPC or WideFS
    Active internet connection


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    I have been using SIMSOUNDS since it came out and find it a real immersive addition to the cockpit. The support from Thomas is almost instant and friendly. Good stuff.


    So ein Tool hatte ich lange gesucht. Verleiht dem ganzen Flug vom Boarding bis zur Ankunft mehr Realisismus und macht einfach nur Spaß. Bei einem auftretenden Problem war der Support sofort da und mein Problem war gelöst. Tolles Produkt - toller Support.


    Für mich als Prosim A320 Benutzer ist Simsounds das beste und sinnvollste Addon, was ich auf meinem Rechner habe. Nach nur 2 Tagen Nutzung der 30 tägigen Probezeit des Programms musste ich es kaufen und mein eigen nennen. Für mich ein klares MUST HAVE.  Heute hatte ich eine Frage zum neuen Update an den Support geschickt. Nach nur 3!! Minuten hatte ich eine sehr freundliche und zielführende Antwort. Mein Fazit:  super Addon                     super einfach zu bedienen                     super Support                     MUST HAVE Olaf


    Problem mit Update 4.1 wurde sehr schnell und kompetent behandelt. Perfekter Support! Andere Developer könnten lernen wie man Kunden behandelt! Bruno


    Erweckt den Airliner zum Leben, ist bei mir schon viele Monate im Einsatz zusammen mit den Deutschen Sprachpaketen und den verschiedenen Einstellungmöglichkeiten vom Cabinsound bis Wetter und Flugzeugsounds wertet es den Simulator richtig auf. Obendrauf gibt es einen Super Support sollte es mal zu Problemen kommen.


    Using Simsounds since a few months now. Excellent product, which significantly enhances the cockpit experience with it's additional sound effects. Most appreciated is the option to control and customize the bass shaker effects for the different events, lilke engine start, touchdown, gear up/down etc. Last but not least I received great support from the owner for a hardware issue, I've had.


    Habe technische Probleme beim Update von der Version 4.0 zur Version 4.1. gehabt. Kurze Mail an den Support geschickt und diese wurde superschnell und kompetent beantwortet. Sowas habe ich woanders noch nicht erlebt. Da bekommt man eine Ticket-Nr und dann passiert erstmal gar nichts oder man darf sich standardisierte Antworten durchlesen. Ok,das Addon ist nicht gerade billig, aber für ein gutes Produkt ist der Preis ok. Aber das muss ja jeder für sich selbst entscheiden.


    One of the immediate drawbacks of SIMSOUNDS 4.0 is the price tag attached to both the main app and additional voice packs. The asking price for these seems disproportionately high. While quality sound design is undoubtedly important, the cost factor may deter potential buyers, especially when there are better alternatives on the market, even included in certain payware aircraft. I bought it in 2020, in that time it has not received a single update, nor any promise of one, from the author. I only use the cabin announcements for specific aircraft like Salty's 747, Headwind's A330. In an evolving simulator environment, regular updates are vital to keeping the experience fresh and reflective of technological advancements. When weighed against the stagnation of SIMSOUNDS, other options offer both enhanced features and regular updates. I already own FS Realistic, FSFO Next, and FS2Crew products and they offer better value for money, features and consistent updates making them appealing choices for users seeking to enhance their simulation experience. Conclusion: SIMSOUNDS 4.0 enters the scene with a promise to elevate the auditory dimension of MSFS 2020. However, its value proposition is hindered by its overpriced nature, lack of updates, and competition from more versatile and regularly updated alternatives. While it might find a niche utility for cabin announcements and specific aircraft scenarios, its limitations and stagnant state fail to justify the investment for a majority of flight simulation enthusiasts. Rating: 2/5


    My experience with SimSound allows me to say that it is a very easy to use sound software, which in the blink of an eye will make you enjoy a realism that seemed to be possible only in real aviation. It is a work of the highest quality!


    Simsounds 4.0 offers a good number of voice-packs that does a decent job of reproducing the various sounds of the aircraft, flightdeck, cabin, passengers and even plays boarding music that you can easily change. However, the downside of this app is that it is expensive, and the value for money proposition is not as attractive as other alternatives available in the market. Additionally, it has not seen an update in over a year, which can be a significant drawback for regular users. Personally, I use this app only for cabin announcements. I have Karen Sharp, which is of good quality. However, the high price of additional voice packs has deterred me from purchasing more. In my opinion, FS Realistic is a better option, which offers more value for money even without cabin crew announcements. I also use FS2crew & FSFO Next, both of which have this feature and much more at a lower price point than this product.


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