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    Onet-valley presents the Mega Airport of Indonesia "Soekarno hatta international airport", the largest and very detailed airport in Indonesia, nicely located for flights from Sout East Asia finally available for FS2004.

    Soekarno–Hatta International Airport has 3 main terminal buildings and Freight Terminal

    Terminal 1 and 2 was designed to resemble a traditional Rumah Joglo Javanese house. The approach has been emphasised by the inclusion of well-maintained gardens located near all boarding areas. Terminal 3 and another new airport building designed use eco-friendly and modern design

    Terminal 1 (domestic flights only) This terminal has 3 sub-terminal Each sub-terminal has 7 gates The gates in Terminal 1 has alphabet prefix of A, B and C. The gates are A1-A7, B1-B7 and C1-C7..
    Terminal 2 (international flights and Garuda Airlines domestic flights). Terminal 2 has 3 sub-terminals. Each sub-terminal has 7 gates The gates in Terminal 2 has an alphabet prefix of D, E and F. The gates are D1-D7, E1-E7 and F1-F7.

    Terminal 3, has 3 gate .The terminal adopts a different design from terminals 1 and 2, using an eco-friendy and modern concept. It currently house of low cost carrier, Indonesia AirAsia for its domestic and international flights and also house of Air Asia for its international flights.

    Freight Terminal

    The freight terminal is located in the east-side of terminal 1. This terminal was used to handle cargo at the Soekarno–Hatta International Airport, both domestic and international cargo.
    High resolution images all the buildings and objects were placed just as they are on the real airport at this moment.


    • Main terminal and concourses are made in detail with 3d.
    • High resolution model and texture
    • Aircraft parkings, Cargo bay, Maintenance hangar, parking bay
    • Fully detail jetways and bridge to concourse.
    • Animated ground vehicles.
    • Taxiway signs, and other small details
    • Custom made lines, taxiway and taxi lights.
    • Custom Gmax ground texture from satellite photos will make you feel like being in the real airport.
    • All major airport buildings included Garuda head office , angkasa pura II building , masjid , cargo building etc..
    • Charts are not included

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    • Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 (Version 9.1)
    • Windows XP(SP2), Windows Vista
    • Core 2 quad (Pentium Core i7 Intel strongly advised)
    • 4 GB RAM DDR3 (8 GB DDR3 recommended)
    • 1GB graphic card DDR5 Nvidia GTX series 460 to 5XX , Radeon5000 series to 7000 series (2 GB DDR5 recommended)


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    This scenery is very hard to review. When a developer who charge 21 EUR leave the customer himself to do the mip mapping of all the textures I just dont think it is fair. Why didnt they do it. The textures are shimmering which I find totally unacceptable, specially when you can change it just by mip mapping the textures. It takes its time. Furthermore I find the quality of the runway, taxiway and gound parking textures strange and not very nice. I had to change the textures myself to something more interesting, but I did not find out how to change the overall look of the grund textures. The sorrounding photoreal scenery is not very detailed. There is a freeware photoreal scenery which is better, so I changed it for that one (unfortunately no night textures in the freeware). From the other reviews it seems like the support from Onet Valley is non excisting which I find unacceptable. Having said all that I like the scenery nevertheless. It is very detailed (at least when looking towards the airport) and on my system it has no impact on the FPS. I really hope the developer will do more exotic sceneries and that the will do a little more work before publishing - it does need that much more to make it really good. I give it four stars for the overall impression.


    Finally a scenery for my home airport, Onet Valley is doing a good job on the scenery. However, upon contacting for support it was not answered promptly and to date I still have not received a response. I hope it will get answered soon.

    christiaan frederik

    I have bought this product yesterday evening and I must say its a fantastic scenery and I didn't have any problems at all. The only negative aspect I find the platforms and aprons seem to look a little too green and are not realy looking as the platform and aprons of WIII. I had a free one with AES which was also very good, but this one is much more detailed and looks more real. I give it four stars !! I hope AES will be possible soon.


    I purchased this scenery and it looks pretty good. However, I sent the author an e-mail today because I use mesh terrain and the terrain is bleeding through the ramps and runways. Hopefully a flatten fix will be issued as he did for PHNOM PENH INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT CAMBODIA! I gave it three stars however will change my rating to four stars based upon if my e-mail is answered. If not, I would strongly urge not to do business with this scenery developer.


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