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    Over 2 years of modeling, extensive data research and consultations by real J41 pilots. PAOB - Precisionaerobus is pleased to announce the release of the most advanced Jetstream 41 in FS world.

    Special Attention was given for both modeling and flight dynamics on this aircraft. We try our best to include real data to the flight dynamic files. All flight dynamics are also beta tested by many real pilots, J31 pilots and a JS41 flight test engineer from UK. The flight model is developed by a highly standard aircraft model designer, so the exterior visual model is highly detailed and super smooth with sweet frame rates. Accurate wing root section and wing profiles are also included. Precision of fuselage, nose and cockpit windows also give you an excellent proportion of views from the virtual cockpit.

    If you feel the 747 is too stable or C172 too weak, Jetstream 41 is a great choice. It is a medium sized aircraft, includes specialized sounds from the turboprops. Power output is setup from the real engine data of Honellywell 11230kW (1650shp) TPE33114s turboprops. Approaching runway with poor weather is a real challenge, the Jetstream 41 gives you a instant respond to your handling. You could enjoy an hour VFR flight from one city to the other city in your country.

    PAOB is also proud of our gear compression system. It was setup according to the information from the BAe Jetstream 41 data sheet. We concentrated on measurement, and even stress on compression behavior. So you could enjoy the great moment of touch down now.

    The product is full of options to support our customers which included Real J41 pilot tips, Forums to share with other J41 simmers, Re-paint kits, Flight dynamic test reports, free livery downloads, and version update information.

    PAOB J41 Panel Project Development is included with animated Wind Screens Wipers, and v-speed auto call out. Our initial approach of panel simulation is easy to use for all FS Pilots. Our main goals to create an aircraft that it will make your flying experience even more challenging and realistic. PAOB J41 is one of the greatest masterpieces for Microsoft Flight Simulator and hopefully a great addition to your collection.

    PAOB provide full options technical support on their website: http://www.precisionaerobus.com/

    - J41 pilot forum
    - Pilot tips
    - Flight dynamic testing report
    - Screen shot sharing
    - Livery download
    - Free Beta J41 model download
    - Free panel download
    - Free sound effect download
    - Free repaint-kit for repaint developer
    - Making of J41
    - Version update information
    - Jetstream 41 videos
    - Recommendation

    Realistic Flight Model animated parts basic details included:

    • Accurate configuration on flaps, rudder, aileron, elevator, spoiler, propeller, gear compressed, steerable front gear and retractable gears.
    • Accurate and precise flight modeling tailor-make for FS with sweet fame rate.
    • Highly detailed gear and accurate moving parts.
    • Animated passenger door and cargo door.
    • Accurate wing root section and wing profile.
    • Reflective shinely texture.
    • Metallic object is really reflect with environment.
    • Reflective glass is really transparent and reflective.
    • Highly detailed windows.
    • The cockpit and fuselage windows are really cut.
    • Free download repainted liveries.
    • FS standard cockpit 2D panel.
    • Simple 3D Virtual Cockpit with FS basic function gauges.
    • Gear door open.
    • Additional 4 Wing Views
    • Right Engine Fire for single engine climb test.
    • Authentic sound effect created for real Jetstream 41.
    • Special model for Search & Rescue
    • Virtual Cabin

    Exclusive visual effects to make your flying experience even more enjoyable and realistic:

    • Engine fire
    • Automatically Co-pilot V1, Vr, V2 speed call out with the payload being changed.

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    FSX -- supports the FSX - SP2 / Acceleration via update (dowload in customer account


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    I have to admit to feeling let down by this aircraft on first impressions. I Suppose i had fallen into the trap of believing that a model couldn't be any good if it didn't have RealAir quality gauges...how wrong i was! This beauty flies a treat and i rate it on a par if not better than anything else i've purchased. Fortunately i have the ISG set and FDC which, together with the J41, makes for a very satisfying experience. Check out the website to see just how much passion went into this aircraft and the support and dedication of the PAOB team. Outstanding!


    Hi Simmers I love this plane and it has very big potential.the model is very accurate and looks very close to the "real thing". The overhead panel is still not fully operational,but with my contact with the developer,it is been taken care of. I myself had some problems flying in FSX,but thanks to quick respond from the development team,the issue was solved in matter of hours.! I will like to thank Gordon Lee,for his very well VIP care that I received. This is the first time I get a personal solution to my problem in the flight sim comunity,so fast. For all that is mentioned above,I give this product my full credit. Very well job done guys.

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