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    This scenery covers 180 km2 of the province of Noord-Brabant in the Netherlands. Original aerial photos are used for the groundtextures. All the roads ,canals ,lakes and railways are visible in 2D and buildings in 3D. All textures are original and photorealistic. Eindhoven is known as the"City of Light" from the Netherlands, so every building has nighttextures.

    Animations: trains, buses, cars, watermills.

    The scenery is first created in 2001 and more then 50.000 people visited the former website. Within 2 years 5 versions were released. The name FsEindhoven has changed now in: Eindhoven Scenery. This scenery is no more free, because the aerial photos are rather expensive.

    The City
    Eindhoven is an important city in the south of the Netherlands near the Belgium frontier. More then 200.000 inhabitants enjoy the pleasure of a green city with clean hightech industry and important offices. Modern infrastructure disserves the traffic from Antwerp to Germany and from Amsterdam to Maastricht. From the growing international airport EHEH start many flights with big planes to continental destinations. 2003: 500.000 passengers and within some years: 1.000.000.

    From the Middle Ages until the 19th century, Eindhoven was a small sleepy city in the province of Noord-Brabant. From the moment that Mr. Anton Philips started manufacturing lightbulbs, contracting thousands of employees from all over the Netherlands, Eindhoven increased explosively in population and outer borders, annexing five surrounding villages in just a few years.

    Later on, apart from the lightbulbs, radios, televisions, Philishaves, compact cassette players and compact disc players were added to the production (the latter 3 are Philips’ inventions). With increasing competition from Asia with its low wages, the production disappeared from Eindhoven while managers and developers stayed. So the city of Eindhoven has people now with a high salary level.

    During recent years, the region changed into a little ‘Sillicon Valley’ and designers too started coming to Eindhoven to profit from the presence of developers and inventors from Philips and the Technical University. The city buildings architecture was very modest and when the Evoluon (shaped as a flying saucer) had been built and many tourists discovered this city, some architects made their choice: no more provincial town image, but get it into a modern metropole with sky-scrapers and futuristic buildings with beautiful lighting


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    Great add on scenery Eindhoven The Neterlands. I’m living in the city of Eindhoven in The Netherlands. One of my hobby’s is to fly with flight simulators. I’m running this scenery on a Pentium 4 2,53 GHz computer with 512 Mb memory and a ATI Radion 9000 Pro Graphics card, (128Mb mem). Paul Maartense did a great job to develop this scenery. This scenery is included with great ground textures and moving object’s, e.g. trains, cars, buses and watermills. A scenery with realistic copy’s of houses, shopping centres and so on. The Airport of Eindhoven is also a copy of the real Airport of Eindhoven, (Civilian part). I like at most the night textures when flying over the city of Eindhoven. This scenery is so detailed that it can easily compete with other add on scenery’s. The PSV stadium, Philips factory and the Evoluon is also included in this scenery. The developer put also a lot of effort especially of the centre of Eindhoven. Buildings, shopping centre’s and café’s are like in real live. Also the restaurant of the Airport Eindhoven is included in this scenery and detailed. So I will certainly spend a lot of hours to fly with this scenery. Best regards from Eindhoven, Paul Ernst.

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