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    Flight Operation X (FOX) is a new series of Missions designed to be used exclusively with Microsoft Flight Simulator X.

    FOX - British Airways is the first title of this new product line that lets you fly using the British fleet. Seat-on in your favorite aircraft and enjoy the realistic flight's ambience, recreated by exclusive British Flight Manager, an improved software interface which has been part of many of Perfect Flight’s products in the past.

    There are 303 pre-saved flights that you can edit and compile into a single mission to use in Flight Simulator X. The Flight Manager allows you to make your choice of Flight, determine Weather condition, Season, Departure Date and Time. Also, you will have Navigation Charts and Maps available during the flight.

    FOX - British Airways includes:

    • British Airways Fleet
      • Boeing 737-800
      • Boeing 777-200
      • Boeing 747-400
      • Airbus A321
      • Bombardier CRJ-700
    • Also included in the package is the Perfect Flight Lockheed L-1011 500 Tristar in old British livery!
    • 303 Missions: You have 303 pre-saved flights ready to be compiled using our exclusive British Flight Manager. You can now chose your flight and select it from one of 128 Airport managed by the Flight Manager. Also you don't need Flight Simulator to set weather, time and season, Everything can be done from the Flight Manager and you will have available in your Flight Simulator X a set of missions that covers the entire British Airways Timetable
    • British Flight Manager - The Flight Manager allows you to edit Time, Season and Weather themes (real weather included) before running a Mission in FSX. So, you can re-fly any Mission at a different time or in a different season or with different weather conditions. Missions includes AI/ATC interaction, Speed restriction, complete Cabin announcement, Check Lists; Speed Calls, GPWS; Radar Altimeter and much more.
    • Custom made Engine Sounds. Each plane features reworked or custom made (B747, B777 and Lockheed L-1011) stereo sounds.
    • Flight Briefing and Charts Database. The Missions include a complete Flight Briefing for each flight edited and saved by you and you also have full access to more than 500 Charts and Maps during the flight. That makes your flights more realistic, as in real life!
    • Printable User Guide with useful information on how to use the Flight Manager

    System Requirements:

    • Flight Simulator X



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