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    The Boeing MD-80 Series (Mad Dog for the friends...!), is a quiet, fuel-efficient twinjet, certified by the Federal Aviation Administration in August 1980 and entered airline service in October 1980. Its Pratt & Whitney JT8D-200 engines, combined with its efficient aerodynamic design, allow the MD-80 to meet all current noise regulations while producing operating costs among the lowest in commercial aviation.

    "Fly the Mad Dog" is the new Game/Add-on for FS2002 edited by Perfect Flight 2000 and dedicated to this famous and lovely plane. This add-on includes new Md-83 in several liveries, new panel designed exclusively for this package and a large set of Adventures written, for the first time in the world, using the new Microsoft Adventure Basic Language.

    The ABL Language enables the complete FS2002 Artificial Intelligence interaction, exceeding the limits of the previous language (the APL). 

    Fly the Mad Dog Includes:

    • 25 New MD-83 in different liveries, included a special MD in House Color
    • A custom MD-83 Panel designed esclusively for this add-on by Massimo Grassi. The panel includes two version: Captain and First Officer, both interchangeable! Also, you will have a special Landing/VFR panel view to get during the final approach the same visual as in real life.
    • Unlimited Adventures! Design yourself all the adventures you want using the exclusive Adventure Compiler, the AI/ATC Adventure Generator that allows the complete interaction with the FS2002 ATC and Traffic generated by the Artificial Intelligence. You can create your custom flight plan using FS2002 or any other Flight Plan capable to export the plan in FS2002 format (as FSNavigator, Ultimate Airlines etc.). Also you can set-up many options before compile the adventure. For example, if you wnat to change the fuel on board the Compiler computes automatically the V1,Vr and V2 speeds but you can always modify all parameters
    • The Mad Dog Manager, a software interface written in MS Access to menage your fleet, the pilot logbook, staticstics, adventures and more.
    • About the New ABL Adventures

    ABL or “Adventure Basic Language,” is a scripting language used by several Microsoft games, including Flight Simulator 2002. It is a replacement for the Adventure Programming Language (APL) used in previous versions of Flight Simulator, but the goal is the same: to provide developers of adventures and lessons access to and control of aircraft and game parameters.

    The new adventures, written in ABL, finally enables the complete interaction with the FS2002 AI/ATC, the new and probably the most important FS2002 feature. Now you can use the ATC window and see the AI Traffic while the adventure is playng!!

    The new Adventures features:

    • Complete Ai/ATC interaction
    • Ai/Traffic available during the adventure
    • Speed restriction
    • Now the flight are rated and the score is spoken!
    • Complete Cabin Announcement; gear, flaps, parking brakes, warnings.
    • Check Lists composes exclusively for the MD-80 Procedures (pre-start, taxi, before t/o, after t/o, descend, landing, parking)
    • Speeds Call, 80 Knt,V1, Vr, V2, flaps, gear
    • GPWS
    • Radar Altimeter


    • Software Programming: Marco Martini
    • Aircraft: Luis Cerutti, Massimo Grassi, Gary Simpson, Ashley Flynn
    • Panels : Massimo Grassi

    System Requirements

    The same to run FS2002. Also needs 200 MB of free space on Hard Disk. The "Fly The Mad Dog Manager" requires MS Access 2000 or higher




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    I usually only stick with the big name addon developers so was a bit unsure whether to buy this plane or not,But I have to say I was not dissapointed it is really worth the money,It is NOT a jump in and fly,You really need to read the documentation a few times but once you get the hang of it, it is a joy,The only negative is the sound but I downloaded some sounds from avsim and now it's spot on.The systems all work as they should including the fms, and the load manager also loads the correct amount of fuel once you have added the route which you can do via the load manager options, This is an aircraft that you have to keep an eye on whilst flying it needs some attention while in the air as does the real thing.You will NOT be dissapointed.


    Man merkt diesem Modell an, dass schon ein wenig der Zahn der Zeit an ihm nagt... Gefallen hat mir die Anzahl der unterschiedlichen Bemalungsvarianten. Von Alitalia bis Quantas sind eine ganze Menge unterschiedlicher Livres vorhanden. Das Cockpit ist einfach, aber zweckmäßig und dürfte das Original gut wiedergeben. Die Bemalung im Cockpit-Inneren wirkt allerdings etwas grob. Ein virtuelles Cokpit sucht man vergeblich. Die Flugeigenschaften sind gut, aber beim FS 2004-Modell sind die landeeigenschaften doch etwas eigenwillig. Im Sinkflug baut sie sehr schnell Geschwindigkeit auf und man muß feinfühlig mit Klappen und Brakes agieren, um am Ende keine böse Überraschung zu erleben.

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