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    Development of the Lockheed L-1011 Tristar began in 1966 when American Airlines announced a need for a short to medium-range, large-capacity transport. In March of 1968, production began when Lockheed received orders for their design from TWA and Eastern Airlines. Although Production was slowed when Rolls- Royce, the developer of the L1011's engines, was forced to declare bankruptcy, Lockheed managed to deliver the Tristar for operation with Eastern and TWA in 1972. The longer-range L1011-200 came in 1977 and the L1011-250, which featured larger fuel-capacity, started operations with Delta Airlines in 1986. The original version of inter-continental L1011-500 was delivered to British Airways in 1979 and the next year Pan Am put the extended wing version into service.

    Fly The Tristar includes:

    • Gmax model of Lockheed L-1011 500 Tristar fully animated with superb interior view
    • 60(!) Liveries: Airlanka; Caledonian; Air Afrique; Hawaiian Air; Air Atlanta; Lockheed Colours; American Trans Air; Delta; Orbital;Aero Peru; Air Scandic; Luz Air; Pan Am; Cathay Pasific; Euro Atlantic Airways; Royal Jordanian Airlines; Peach Air;Air Canada; Star Air; SkyGate-International; British Airways; Gulf Air; Atlanta Airways; Air Zarco; International Airways; Air Madeira; Ýstanbul Airlines; The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan; Five Star; Trans World Airlines; UK - Air Force; Hewa Bora Airways; United Airlines; Kitty Hawk; Northeast Airlines; Tunisair; Nordic; Kampuchea Airlines; Trade Winds Airlines; Air Luxor; Nordic East; Royal Airlines; Faucett; Sky Eyes Airways; British Airtours; Air Universal; Air Express Liberia; TBG Airways; APA; Iberia; Holiday Airlines; Air Algerie; PSA; Air India; Air Transat; Nordic European; Orient Thai Airlines; Air Portugal; Arrow Air; Air Sweden;
    • 2d Panels
    • Virtual Cockpit (3d)
    • Stereo Sounds
    • Reflective textures mapping
    • Interactive Checklist and Kneeboard (You have direct access to all Documentation directly inside the Kneeboard)
    • ABL Adventure Manager - This exclusive feature allows you to design all Adventures you want. We are the first worldwide Company that has implemented the new Adventure Basic Language


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    Decent model of the TriStar considering the low pice. But many freeware models are way better. Am a bit disappointed.


    Très bel avion. Très réaliste. Bravo aux créateurs.
    I have never wanted to go down the road of PFs aircraft. The screenshots speak for themselves and cockpits bring back memories of FS98! There are certainly better freeware products out there.


    Having read other reviews and comments I decided initially not to buy this product. But since the pilots tristar project is still not complete and I really like the tristar I have decided to purchase the PF Tristar, at least to have something to play with till the pilots tristar is ready. If the default FS aircraft included a tristar, this would be it. The quality level of this aircraft is about the same as the default 747 or 737. The only good thing is a really impressive collection of liveries, although critics may point errors in a few of them too. The panel is very similar to default panels and there are no procedural complexities at all. The sound is average. The flight model is probably okay but I am not an expert. The vc is on par with the 2d. The exterior model suffers a bit around the tail, it sure needs some improvement in the no 2 engine surfaces and of course the fan blades must not be visible(but this has been since fixed in a patch) Overall I would say that this offering is below standard for 2005 given the available airliner add-ons one can buy. Buy it only if are a tristar freak, and then also maybe you had better wait for the pilots tristar. A costly mistake from my side....This should have been priced 10 Euro not 24 Euro.


    I really like this package and think it captures the spirit of the Tristar very well. It's not perfect, the engine 2 fan was a glaring mistake but there is a patch that fixes it (currently it seems not to be posted on the support page but a quick email got me the link almost immediately). I think I have tried most of the freeware L1011's but much prefer this for its detail, animations and internal views. I consider it fairly priced - there is a free download of additional airline liveries, making an impressive 97 in all! Perhaps not all of these actually flew the -500 variant but it's good to have such a wide choice. There are plenty of screenshots posted to make your own mind up.
    Immediately, on first sight, something looks wrong. The tyres and wheels are wrong, but that's not it. Take a look at No2 engine. The intake on the "S" bend is too long and, I believe fractionally too high, but wait. What ever is that fan doing there? What an absolute faux pas! Have these people never seen a Tristar? The only fans on the Tristar No2 engine are on the RB2-11 itself which lies right at the back, in the fuselage at the oher end of the "S" unless this is the special bug catching version! I believe the designers were told of this error a year ago but still put it out with a hefty price tag. I have seen much better freeware versions (Mike Stone). The whole package is a huge disappointment. Many people are waiting for a very long time for a Tristar with a good panel (not even the panel warrants praise), sounds etc. Wait on..... but I hear there may be a new freeware model soon....
    I would really like to purchase this product but I already own Jumbo 2005, and Airbus A380 and I am dissapointed in them so I dont see that this product would be any better? And that is my honest opinion
    Ok. For $24 you can go to Dreamfleet and buy a wonderful Beech A36 with cutting edge GPS, weather radar and spectacular gauge rendering and performance. Or.... You could buy this with it's FS98 era panel (no wonder there is no pic of the panel in the marketing section - it's a joke!) and its really lousy graphics. Or, better yet, drop another $10 and buy the Dreamfleet 727 and get a nearly perfect three-engine airliner. How do these guys stay in business when their offerings fall far below even what is available in freeware.

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