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    TRIPLE SEVEN is an add-on designed to works with Microsoft Flight Simulator 2002.  This package includes thirty three new aircraft; 431 AI/ATC Adventures; 75 Perfect Flight 2000 Adventures, B777 sounds and  the Triple Seven Manager, a software that allows you the complete manage of yours flights! 

    The Triple Seven  package includes:

    • 28 new 777-300 Planes in different liveries:

    • All Nippon (new! in Ver. 2.0)

    • American Airlines

    • Royal Brunei Airlines

    • Air France

    • Korean Air (new! in Ver. 2.0)

    • Aer Lingus 

    • Air Portugal 

    • America West

    • Alitalia

    • Boeing House Colour (new! in Ver. 2.0)

    • British Airways

    • Cathay Pacific (new! in Ver. 2.0)

    • Continental

    • Delta Airlines

    • Eastern Airlines

    • Emirates (new! in Ver. 2.0)

    • Iran Air

    • Japan Airlines

    • Klm

    • Martinair

    • Midwest Express

    • Mexicana

    • Northwest

    • Pan Am

    • Qantas

    • Singapore Airlines

    • Southwest Airlines

    • Swissair, Thai

    • Turkish Airlines

    • TWA

    • United 


    • Unlimited Adventures!(new! in Ver. 2.0) Design yourself all the adventures you want using the exclusive Adventure Compiler, the AI/ATC Adventure Generator that allows the complete interaction with the FS2002 ATC and Traffic generated by the Artificial Intelligence. You can create an adventure for any departure/arrival air port pair you like using FS2002 or any other Flight Plan capable to export the plan in FS2002 format (as FSNavigator, Ultimate Airlines etc.). Also you can set-up many options before compile the adventure. For example, if you wnat to change the fuel on board the Compiler computes automatically the V1,Vr and V2 speeds but you can always modify all parameters. The compiler have a specific nodule for each aircraft type. So for each aircraft, there are different parameters according with different engine types, fuel tanks, speeds etc.

    • 431 AI/ATC Adventures. This flights uses the FS2002 AI/ATC engine. Each adventure has designed with start situation, accurate flight plan, custom settings and effects  

    • 75 Perfect Flight 2000 Adventures. You can fly this adventures with any plane of your choice and exploiting all the Perfect Flight Adventures features. The adventures are the most realistic today available for Flight Simulator 2002 and  covers all major Worldwide Airports You can request different flight levels during the flight, The Adventure generates all the background ATC conversations. You can select and set the V1 and VR speeds and the Decision Height

      Fully functioning, all clearance (start-up engines, taxi. line-up, take-off, climb, descend etc.), GPWS (Ground Proximity Warning System), check lists, auto take-off, SID and STAR, complete routing. Flights are rated and a score given. Automatic flight duration and fuel consumption reports

      Varied weather conditions are generated individually for each flight. These continually evolve as the flight proceeds and even change according to the season and geographical region in which you are flying. Also you can set off this feature and download real weather conditions.


















































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































      All adventures can be used with default scenery and don't need of any other add-on.

    • 777-300 stereo sounds recorded in the 777 cockpit! 

    •  The Triple Seven Manager, a software interface that allows you to manage all the TRIPLE SEVEN Flights. This software contains a fully Pilot LogBook where write all own flight information. Besides provide many statistics: flight duration, hours flown, amount of flights etc. Important Note: You must have Microsoft Access 2000 or higher installed in your Pc to use Triple Seven Manager!




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    in French and English Une horreur : 24 Euros ce produit, c'est tout simplement du vol ! Ne faites pas comme moi, ne vous faites pas avoir, ça ne les vaut vraiment pas. Keep away. There are better ways to loose your money. It's simply not worth it. This plane should never be sold. Not even offered.

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