Photorico Scenery Project are a series of freeware and payware Flight Simulator Scenery add-ons and aircraft re-paints related to the Puerto Rico archipelago. All products are made using photographic references provided by local aircraft spotters, airport employees and actual pilots. Our sceneries feature photoreal ground polygons made from optimized satellite imagery adapted for sim use. The object textures featured on our sceneries are custom made to suit our needs. All airports feature realistic night lighting.

At Photorico our main goal is to provide our customers with flight simulator sceneries that can be used for both entertainment, as well as professional training. We take pride on the feedback we receive from local pilots and operators, to be able to bring you the best sim experience. Our sceneries feature VFR transition reporting points and visual navigation aids as can be found in real routes. We are also one of the few developers who focus not only on fixed wing aircraft, but also on rotary wing.....providing helicopter operator bases and landing platforms all across our sceneries.