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    The Maule M-7-235 is a single-engine, high-wing, light utility monoplane by American aircraft producer Maule Air.
    The airplane is a STOL, or short take-off and landing craft, and has seating for up to five, including pilot.
    The M-7-235, nicknamed “Super Rocket,” is renowned for its versatility and ability to operate out of rugged, unimproved airfields, and for its power.
    The M-7-235 features a fuselage that is framed with chromoly (chrome molybdenum) steel tubing, a strut-braced, all-metal wing, and a traditional undercarriage.
    The aircraft measures 23 feet, 6 inches in length, stands 6 feet, 3 inches tall, and has a straight main wing with a span of 33 feet, 6 inches.
    The aircraft is powered by a 235-horsepower Lycoming IO-540-W 6-cylinder piston engine.
    It has a range of 550 miles, a stall speed of 49 miles per hour, and a cruising speed of 147 mph.
    Sturdily constructed, powerful, and a great STOL performer, the Maule M-7-235 is a machine ready for flight throughout the globe.
    This variant features floats, allowing operation from lakes, gently flowing rivers, and other calm bodies of water

    -Validated by real Maule Pilot_Instructor
    -Optimized FPS
    -Accurate hand made custom HD detailed design
    -HD PBR texturing
    -Accurate Maule M7-235 flight model
    -Custom accurate lighting system
    -Adapted realistic sounds
    -Included Lycoming IO-540-W motorisation
    -Every moving parts in real animated
    -Accurate Gear deformation
    -Custom accurate fuel system
    -Custom accurate electrical system
    -All buttons and systems working included breakers
    -Added Interactive cheklist
    -Included Garmin 530 and Garmin 430
    -Included radio KMA28
    -Included Optional GTNX750 / 650 by TSD sim for owners
    -Included Clipboard with interactive features
    -Inlcuded payload stations
    -Included liveries
    -Included Tundra / Floaters variations
    -Added documentation


    *MSFS requirements

    *Windows 10 /11 +

    *Active connection


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    All I can say is WOW, this is an amazing airplane! The PES Maule is a true gem and is worth more than the asking price in my opinon. There are very few airplanes for MSFS that have this kind of accurate peformance and such accurate feeling flight dynamics. These are the kinds of aircraft MSFS is really missing. This airplane is easily going to become one of my favorites as I fly it more. The 3D modeling and texture work is really good inside and out. You get 3 variants, standard, tundra tire and float plane versions, all come with nice liveries. Comes with a little EFB tablet that has checklists and other options. All systems are simulated and simulated well, even the circuit breakers, I mean everything. It also simulates engine management which is very exciting and also very rare among MSFS aircraft (you can enable/disable this feature). You can really fly this airplane by the book. The only issue I have (it's a small one) is the manuals seems to be a work in progress and is fairly lacking, on photo diagrams and it seems to be hastily written but they do have all the basic info you need to fly the aircraft. I'm sure this will be addressed in the future. Please, do yourself a huge favor and buy this airplane right now, I guarantee that you will not be disappointed. PES please keep making more aircraft like this!


    Avion très beau esthétiquement que ce soit extérieur ou intérieur. Par contre le GPS pour moi est inutilisable, le modèle de vol pas terrible. Un peu déçu de l'avoir acheté.
    One of my favorite go-to planes in the MSFS, giving me the most FPS and pleasure while exploring the world. Textures and realistic engine simulation are really good. I also liked the custom autopilot, never had any issues using it. The devs are constantly tweaking and improving the addon, and are very responsive. Totally recommend this plane to bush pilots who want both a good STOL plane and a cruiser. Would definitely get this one if I was a real pilot.


    Awesome plane and it keeps getting better and better. The Devs really care for this plane and it is in continues developement with the help of the community. Drop in on their discord to interract with them if you have feedback or complains. They are very interested in making the users happy. 5 stars and i would give an other 5 stars for the Team behind this plane
    I have been flying this plane since about a week before release, I was lucky enough to be one of two twitch streamers to showcase the plane early! All I can say is, it has been my FAVORITE plane since I opened the email to download it from Pilot Sim Experience. They are really great guys, I have talked to the teasm, they are open to suggestions on updates without being all weird about it. Very down to earth people. I would pay $35 USD for this plane if that were the cost. Luckily it's only $25.99 so this is a steal in my eyes!!! Thanks PESIM and great job on your first MSFS2020 plane! One of the best Bush Planes in the Sim!
    I have this aircraft and the flight model and 3D model is great.


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