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L Aeroport Montpellier Méditerranee est un aeroport international Français situe  à environ 7 km du centre ville de Montpellier, dans le departement de l'Herault en region Occitanie. La zone couvre plus de 900 hectares. L aeroport bat son record de frequentation en 2017 avec 1,85 million de passagers accueillis et la tendance est a la hausse. En terme de frequentations, il est le onzieme aeroport de France metropolitaine. Un nouveau terminal est en travaux actuellement , le hall 2 qui sera termine courant 2019. Des centaines de destinations sont operees par de nombreuses compagnies. Parmis ces compagnies on trouve : AirFrance et Hop, KLM, EasyJet, Ryanair, Scandinavian, Norwegian  AirShuttle, Volotea, Eurowings, Air Arabia Maroc, Air Algérie, Aer Lingus, Chalair et d'autres A noter le retour apres quelques annees d'absense de British Airways a partir de Juin 2019. Les arrivees qu elles soient de jour ou de nuit sont magnifiques . Une arrivee  par la mer avec toute la ville et les etangs en vue ou une arrivee par les terres avec la mer en face , l arena et la zone de fret en vue. Les nuisances sonores sont contestees par les riverains touches. Par consequent, a partir d octobre 2008, les compagnies aériennes, les aeroclubs, l ESMA et la Direction generale de l Aviation civile s engagent a respecter une  trajectoire verte et a privilegier les atterrissages et les decollages par la mer. la zone etant privee ,il n y a aucun pesticides. Au printemps 2017, l’aeroport installait des ruches sur sa plateforme afin de controler et ameliorer sa biodiversite. A l automne 2018, il procede à sa premiere recolte de miel.


V1 :
* PESIM Central ( Mises à jour en ligne)

* LFMT Configurator

* Réglage passerelles PESIM LFMT GSX2

*  Zone d aeroport photo reelle LOD 16 avec integration autogen ORBX réaliste et optimisee et routes reliees.

* NouvelAFCAD 2018

* Textures HD realistes

* Objets de librairie PESIM  en PBR

* Modelisation personnalisee HD realiste de toutes les pistes , taxiways , terminaux et routes.

* Modelisation HD  realiste et a jour de tout les batiments dans la zone d aeroport  inclus la zone de fret et l arena

(= 900 ha)

* Terminal PBR incuant transparence et librairie interieur

* Lignes ,traces de pneus et autres PESIM HD personnalisees.

* Environnement de nuit HD (optimise pour les shaders clairs)

* Spots  dynamiques PESIM personnalises (optimise pour les shaders clairs)

* Lumieres de taxi  et piste dynamiques + ALS

* Effet de pluie  P3DV4 .

* Flaques personnalisees

* Flaques d eau PESIM PBR

* Windsocks SODE

* Vehicules animes

* Nouveau terminal modelise (Hall 2)

* PAPI modelisés et replacés.

* Nouvelle librairie d objets PESIM personnalises contenant des centaines d'objets.

* Positions des « taxisigns » corrigees

* Véhicules  par defaut liés aux reglages d'autogen.

* Elevation   corrigee

* Position de l aeroport et de la balise de la tour corrigee

* Ajout VOR/DME FJR ( Frejorgues)

* Correction angle ILS 12L à 3.7°

* Vegetation realiste liee aux reglages d autogen.

* Compatible ORBX FTX Global + Vectors + EU LC

* Compatible FS Global Ultimate (Next)

* Option  de zones d'herbe 3D

* Option d avions statiques

* Option Mercure 200  ESMA Statique

* Ajouts de places de parking non repertoriees dans la zone d aviation generale

(inclut  un hangar,Esma,Enac,Aeroclub,Securite civile)

* SDK  P3DV4 // P3DV5 compatible

* Nouvelle methode d'installation recommandee par LM

* FPS optimises



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*Utilisateur produit vérifié*
Well, it's an OK scenery. Good modelling, but textures look very clean and artifitial, especially the runway and the terminals. FPS are indeed good. So, an appropriate addition if you are an Air France or easyJet flyer, but by far nothing extraordinary. Hence 3 stars by me.
*Utilisateur produit vérifié*
A great scenery, fps very low, night view is beautyfull. P3dv4.5 user
*Utilisateur produit vérifié*
Très bonne scène, et excellente réactivité du développeur qui a corrigé en moins d'une journée un problème mineur de résistance au roulage sur un taxiway. Bravo Kem, et merci !
*Utilisateur produit vérifié*
A fabulous rendition of MPL. Great detailing and friendly frame rates! Ideal for P3D v.4.5
*Utilisateur produit vérifié*
Excellent products
superb scenes (LFBD LFMT LFTZ and LFBZ to come)
5 stars without hesitation !
*Utilisateur produit vérifié*
scène fluide et bien modélisée, développeur réactif en cas de difficulté.
*Utilisateur produit vérifié*
Oh, how lucky we are by having these passionate and daring talents around, artists who unearth long-forgotten marvels from often completely ignored corners of the world for us to behold! Where our cherished hobby would be without them if they haven't the courage, that innate drive to challenge themselves, pushing the limits further with every release! Proof to this digital evolution is Pilot Experience Sim's Montpellier-Mediterranée (LFMT), a medium-sized public aerodrome in the south of France, handling somewhat under 2 million passengers annually, a scenery one least expects yet greatly appreciates! This is exactly the kind of airport that makes our virtual world truly come to life. There is so much more to explore than the endless hustle and bustle of crowded megacities whose blinding lights seemingly cast a spell upon us and we utterly fail to notice the less-frequented sights in the shadow of the mainstream. If only we knew about these paths untrodden leading to areas uncharted, revealing points of interest that bring fresh air, variety, and in turn, a great deal of satisfaction to the life of us armchair pilots!

Whenever I get to add a new destination to my ever-expanding flight sim realm, a well-tried and tested means of getting to know it is picking a suitable aircraft, taking off from a nearby strip, and flying there. It's like unboxing a parcel that has just been delivered; removing the outer packaging first and then slowly digging deeper down into the contents, all while holding the breath with excitement as the piece gradually reveals its secrets. On this occasion, however, I took the "unorthodox" approach and spawned "in medias res" onto RWY 30R at Montpellier. Let the feast for the eyes begin!

Torrential rain greeted me - thanks to the historical weather provided by Active Sky - immediately causing my jaw to drop! All those cracks on the runway surface as well as the puddles - featuring PBR of course - can be mistaken to be real for the uninitiated eye! Panning around, vivid, life-like volumetric grass all around. What a relief for a vegetation-nerd like myself! Forget about cheap, plastic-looking meadows: even your cattle would approve these green pastures! Those who have read my past reviews know that I am picky when it comes to grass. As meaningless this decor may seem, it can catapult a product to dizzying heights but it can also easily ruin one. PESIM recognized that the question of grass is not to be overlooked as it often covers a large part of airports, therefore it is crucial to get it right. On the other hand, those who prefer not to take advantage of certain features can get rid of them by a click of a button in the excellent config tool.

Outstanding is the quality of textures as well. Even when getting up close or zooming in, they pass the test, showing no signs of blurriness, no ugly artefacts under any lighting conditions. This is unquestionably a tough part of scenery development and when done right, it's half a success already. To be able to examine them further, I asked the gods of rain to stop pouring down - by shutting down Active Sky - so that I can observe how Montpellier looks on a clear summer afternoon. It felt like suddenly teleporting to a whole new domain! As if the entire area moulted its grey, murky shell, replacing it with the festive clothing of bright, vibrant colours. These awe-inspiring moments are highlights of any flight sim enthusiast's career - especially of those who have been around for long enough - when one can't help but raise his glass recognizing how far our beloved hobby advanced.

The GSX Level 2 jetways worked like a charm and required no messing around, their decals crisp clear which is another telltale sign of attention to detail. But the same can be observed throughout the entire area, every logo, text, placard, every banner looks sharp and readable. No different is the vast array of static and dynamic vehicles. Rather than scattering them all over the place, they are logically positioned to where they "naturally" belong, each having a life of their own, even if immobile. Fuel trucks, fire trucks, helicopters, static aircraft, you name it; all nicely modelled and textured, they significantly contribute to the immersion, enhancing the environment with their sheer presence rather than cause distraction. The night lighting of the aprons and buildings is stunning, I especially love the taxiway edge lights: their blue well captures that unspeakable atmosphere of night airports, very inviting and inspiring indeed.

Those with one or more layers of ORBX products are not to worry either: Montpellier's LOD 16 photo scenery is perfectly compatible with FTX Global/Vector/OpenLC EU, seamlessly blending into the surrounding landscape in all four seasons, something that I am also sensitive about. Nothing is more annoying than a rough transition between the featured area and the outside world but PESIM went far beyond the call of duty to ensure it is smooth, without any misaligned roads or messed up geographic particulars. The new terminal building was not forgotten about either, thus making the airport future-proof. No effort was spared, everything is set to blow away the mind of the pilot who decides to pay a visit to this Mediterranean city.

I have long been waiting for a decent representation of MPL and now it is here in all its glory. No matter where you are coming from and where you are about to go, from time to time you will be appreciating its hidden treasures as it presents you with something yet unrevealed, visit after visit. Pilot Experience Sim has done a truly magnificent job from top to bottom, inside-outside, a work of art that will hardly ever cease to amaze you. For me, it was the prime example of love at first sight, considering the attention to detail and overall quality this scenery has to offer. It is also warmly welcome that slowly but steadily the once barren flight simulator map of France gets nicely populated. Whatever unique destination Kem and his team will deliver following their current flagship product, Bordeaux-Merignac (LFBD) - which, by the way, can also be found in Simmarket (https://secure.simmarket.com/pilot-experience-sim-pesim-lfbd-p3dv4.phtml) - will surely be worth checking out.

I wholeheartedly recommend Montpellier to anyone considering expanding their area of operations with an extremely charming European airport. Be it general aviation, domestic or international flying, it has a lot to offer, from short regional hops to even intercontinental routes across the Mediterranean Sea to North Africa. Everyone will find something motivating about it in a blink of an eye, from the novice student doing circuits to the seasoned airliner captain dumping the next bunch of holidaymakers. Sunny southern France is waiting for you and there is no reason not to heed its call!

This review is based on the P3DV4 version of the product.

Montpellier is five shining stars.
*Utilisateur produit vérifié*
Just tried it on P3Dv5 and the result is super great with about 80 FPS by day and 50 FPS by night. I have an i7 4790k + ASUS ROG GTX 970, I assume that the performances are even beter with a more recent setup.
*Utilisateur produit vérifié*
Very nice scenery of Montpellier. Lots of details and well optimized, very-FPS friendly.
The developer sends regular updates which is quite nice !
*Utilisateur produit vérifié*
Site extrêmement compétent dans le domaine de la simu aérienne et une disponibilité très agréable à la moindre difficulté ou demande.

Je recommande également LFBD tout récemment mis en ligne ici : scénario « fait maison »
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*P3DV4 HF3 / P3DV5  (ref Prepar3D requirements)

*Windows 7/10/11+  (64 bit)

*Active connection to activate,install and update


Pilot Experience Sim
Commentaires client
Très bonne scène, et excellente réactivité du développeur qui a corrigé en moins d'une journée un problème mineur de résistance au roulage sur un taxiway. Bravo Kem, et merci !
scène fluide et bien modélisée, développeur réactif en cas de difficulté.
Site extrêmement compétent dans le domaine de la simu aérienne et une disponibilité très agréable à la moindre difficulté ou demande. Je recommande également LFBD tout récemment mis en ligne ici : scénario « fait maison »
Très belle scène avec un certain soucis du détails. Manager un peu particulier mais 5 étoiles pour le support qui répond à la moindre question dans le quasi instant. Je recommande vivement cette scène.
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