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Hello, My name is Kem Bergès, I am the founder of Pilot Experience Sim. I have always been an aviation enthusiast. After years of advanced realistic simulation and approximately 8000 hours of virtual flying on networks like IVAO and Vatsim and on all types of aircraft (PMDG, FSLabs, Majestic Software, etc.) I decided back in 2012 to start the making of an A320 home cockpit. Numerous years of work have been required for research and development, tests and indexing and realization. Multiple users demands contributed to a lot of growing projects that I am going to describe here. The first one being a PDF “advising pack” about tips, configurations and performances first in FSX and now in P3Dv3 and v4. After thousands of downloads over years, it has become a software including new automation features additionally to the tips, configurations and performance explanations. I’ve realized and referenced numerous tests during those years. Pilot Experience Sim is being encouraged by a volunteering team of enthusiasts, pilots, aircraft technicians, developers, graphists, photographs and other people from other domains. All those people contributed to amazing advancements. It has been decided in 2018 to create an enterprise to be able to only work on projects and products from Pilot Experience Sim to answer the demand. Pilot Experience Sim acquired its excellent reputation thanks to its implications since years in the worldwide flight simming community by sharing knowledge and providing help to thousands of simmers. But also, thanks to its availability and will to constantly evolve towards better technologies and techniques while always looking for seriousness and quality in its work.
“We are constantly evolving and the optimization of the products we create is the basis of our quality approach”
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Zsolt Monostori
For some reason, I am always extremely happy when smaller regional airports find their ways into the vast world of flight simulation. Airports that do not generate massive traffic yet represent significant transportation hubs for a given area. These kind of airports are often overlooked by the "great" scenery developers, who most of the time tend to focus on the larger, more mainstream ones. This leaves us with a world packed with busy superhubs but without sufficient regional destinations. But hey, not everything is lost! Machine Washing to the rescue! Such a destination is the capital of the young Pan-European country of Montenegro, the town of Podgorica (LYPG). Podgorica generated a passenger traffic of just over 1.2 million last year (2018) which is a significant increase compared to the previous years. No surprise it's been finally put on our virtual maps, thanks to the funny named Machine Washing Design. When it comes to new designers, I am always very keen to check out their work because new developers bring new hope for airports, areas not yet taken care of by the existing, well established ones. But there is also a bunch of skepticism in me, because there are many failed attempts as well. But not in the case of MWD's Podgorica! S-
ure, MWD are not exactly newcomers having already released another smaller airport last year; but I am sure this particular product will make them well known amongst us, simmers. They have now delivered something out of the ordinary, a product that easily matches the quality of your favourite, similarly sized products done by the big workshops! No signs of any rookie bugs or mistakes, this is a very well thought out and executed project that will place a stunning airport on your map. MWD's LYPG comes packed with pro stuff, everything is there that you can expect from a P3DV4 scenery. I would like to highlight and congratulate for the fantastic modelling and texturing of the buildings, they are so crisp, so sharp, so realistic, it's obvious we are not dealing with beginners here! The placement of 3D grass is smart, not overdone like in case of some projects, it's exactly there where it has to be and it's just the right amount. Should you wish to land at night you will immediately be carried away by the stunning night lighting, which is very realistic, and cool! In P3DV4, the subject of my review, the aprons come with dynamic lights of course. You've got some static aircraft sitting on the military and GA aprons, they all look nice even when going close. And not at least, the airport seamlessly blends into ORBX's FTX Global and OpenLandClass Europe. Appr-
oaching the airport of Podgorica is a leage of its own anyways, due to the gorgeous surrounding landscape, the mountains around the airport and the wonderful Lake Skadar to the south of LYPG. I can easily consider Podgorica one of the most spectacular approaches in Europe! This airport, mastered to perfection by Machine Washing Design is not only beautiful, performance friendly but it is very, very inspiring. It inspires you to take your favourite aircraft and head to Montenegro, no matter where you depart from. It also inspires you to consider paying a visit to the real Montenegro, this small yet wonderful country full of natural beauties. If there's something I would like to see added, is animated airside vehicles, and perhaps transparent terminal windows with modelled interior, at least to some degree. Never know, perhaps these will be added in the future. Fingers crossed. Not too many new(ish) developers managed to fully convince me but MWD easily did with this release. Five stars and kudos for a fantastic value for money. Be sure to check out their very first release, Donetsk Sergey Prokofiev International Airport, a nowadays non-existing airport in Ukraine, as well. I am hoping for more regional airports "coming out of the Washing Machine" in the future, I'd love to see Skopje and it's also time for new Belgrade and I am sure this developer will not fail to meet or exceed our expectations! Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Podgorica!
Zsolt Monostori
I am very pleasantly surprised by the quality of this little scenery and I find it actually pretty decent and absolutely enjoyable! A-
n excellent destination for general aviation flying, Augsburg makes for great sightseeing trips over the Bavarian and Austrian Alps, take a quick trip to over Munich or beyond. The scenery is packed with all the goodies such as stunning night lighting, superb textures and it does not tax your FPS at all. It is well populated with clutter, all the fine details and not just some rushed ugly objects but spot on modelling! And it's just the right amount to make the airport feel like a living, breathing place, not too sparse but not over the top either. The atmosphere is real, totally immersive! It's awesome that FSPS decided to deliver us this great little airport which no one else did so far and I am looking forward to future stuff from this developer. I'd love to see my favourite small airport made by FSPS one day, which is Zell am See in Austria. The product is well worth the money, I can strongly recommend it, and I totally disagree with the previous, German review. I am very critical when it comes to quality but I am fully convinced by this representation of EDMA and trust me, you won't regret buying it either. Five stars, period.
Tim Faithfull
This scenery is nicely detailed and looks good, with crisp runway textures etc. However, I'm having a problem with it at the moment which is causing my aircraft to slam into the ground on short final to Runway 7. I can't work out what's going on here, and would like to get it fixed as the scenery is otherwise a great product. I've emailed RWY26, but have not had a response. For that reason, it's 3 stars for the moment. I will review my rating if the developer comes back to me on the issue.
zouhair gouffi
nice one thank you, taxi and runways light need some tuning,waiting for casablanca city
Hello everybody, APL from SIMBITWORLD is an excellent program to follow your career as a virtual pilot. You'll find a lot of possibilities with different airlines compagnies and flying real flights in the world. I highly recommend this program because it gives you a great addon with your flight simulator (FSX, P3D and X-Plane compatible). B-
uy this program and you'll not be disapppointed. The support on DISCORD program is excellent and the developer reacts immediatly if you encounter a problem with the software. This program is constantly in evolution with great future features.
Ricardo Correa Arias
This is probably the best trainer for real airline pilots, this program really gives the realism to another level, making the pilot to respect the limits and safety margins. We do really are eagerly waiting for the fsapassengers update or new program for 64bits Prepar3D V4.
David Williams
A real good virtual carrier for this hobby lovers. Lots of scary moments and good practice for medium flying simmers. You need some knowledge in simulation to place all the puzzle together. Have fun
ismail El Moussati
Not 100% realistic but the best available scenery. Deser-
ve the price.
Zsolt Monostori
This scenery is pure awesomeness! Man, how was it at all possible to squeeze so much detail in this small airport? Incredible, really, and not only content but quality wise just as much. You are looking at sheer perfection at virtually no performance cost. Beyond that, the area is simply wonderful, a feast for the eye to pan around. As you may already know, by purchasing a Paulo Ricardo scenery, not only do you get the airport but also the surroundings and SBJV is no exception. Joinville - or as it's often called, The City of Flowers - makes for a great short haul flight from either Sao Paulo or Rio de Janeiro, just to name a few. It's also an ideal general aviation hub. In real life, it's one of the safest cities in Brazil, situated in the State of Santa Catarina, about 100 km southwest from Curitiba. Th-
is is without the smallest doubt a five star release, and a wonderful addition to your South American destinations! You simply can't go wrong with any Paulo Ricardo product and it's definitely worth keeping an eye out for future projects from the developer. B-
razil is slowly but steadily getting the attention it deserves thanks to - among others - Paulo Ricardo! Looking forward to airports such as Manaus, Brasilia, Belo Horizonte, Porto Alegre. Maybe one day!
Максим Арбузов
simulator transformed beyond recognition) thank you very much
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