Our history, our projects,
Hello, My name is Kem Bergès, I am the founder of Pilot Experience Sim. I have always been an aviation enthusiast. After years of advanced realistic simulation and approximately 8000 hours of virtual flying on networks like IVAO and Vatsim and on all types of aircraft (PMDG, FSLabs, Majestic Software, etc.) I decided back in 2012 to start the making of an A320 home cockpit. Numerous years of work have been required for research and development, tests and indexing and realization. Multiple users demands contributed to a lot of growing projects that I am going to describe here. The first one being a PDF “advising pack” about tips, configurations and performances first in FSX and now in P3Dv3 and v4. After thousands of downloads over years, it has become a software including new automation features additionally to the tips, configurations and performance explanations. I’ve realized and referenced numerous tests during those years. Pilot Experience Sim is being encouraged by a volunteering team of enthusiasts, pilots, aircraft technicians, developers, graphists, photographs and other people from other domains. All those people contributed to amazing advancements. It has been decided in 2018 to create an enterprise to be able to only work on projects and products from Pilot Experience Sim to answer the demand. Pilot Experience Sim acquired its excellent reputation thanks to its implications since years in the worldwide flight simming community by sharing knowledge and providing help to thousands of simmers. But also, thanks to its availability and will to constantly evolve towards better technologies and techniques while always looking for seriousness and quality in its work.
“We are constantly evolving and the optimization of the products we create is the basis of our quality approach”