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    El Dorado International Airport (IATA: BOG, ICAO: SKBO) is an international airport serving Bogotá, Colombia and its surrounding areas. The airport is located mostly in the Fontibón district of Bogotá, although it partially extends into the Engativá district and the municipality of Funza in the Western Savanna Province of the Cundinamarca Department.

    In 2017, it served almost 31,000,000 passengers, 770,000 metric tons of cargo, and 304,330 aircraft movements. This makes El Dorado the third busiest airport in Latin America in terms of passenger traffic, the second busiest in terms of aircraft movements, and the busiest in terms of cargo. El Dorado is also by far the busiest and most important airport in Colombia, accounting for just under half (49%) of the country's air traffic.

    El Dorado is a hub for the Colombian flag-carrier Avianca, LATAM Colombia, Satena, Wingo, and a number of cargo companies.

    The biggest and complex PKSIM airport!

    -SODE Jeyways.
    -SODE working windsocks.
    -Regional Terminal working clock.
    -Custom ground textures with reflections and speculars.
    -Custom high resolution textures.
    -Dynamic Lighting (P3Dv4).
    -Airport configurator.
    -GSX ready.
    -Static traffic planes of Colombian airlines.


    -Prepar3D V4/V5
    -SODE required (freeware).
    -Internet connection to activate.


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    Too bad. Invisible objects, taxi outside taxiways, traffic control does not direct to the gates, a mess in the terminals. Aircraft passing through buildings and colliding with each other. The look is good, well done, but impossible to simulate. These developers should test scenarios before selling. I regret buying.


    Very nice visuals, however the parking aligns with the default Prepar3d scenery. AI aircraft are parked inside buildings and away from the terminal. I tried to open the bgl file and correct it myself using ADE but got the message "cannot decompile bgl file". I contacted support and was told it was probably the GSX ini file for the airport. That's not the case because I had 2 GSX ini files and they weren't for this airport, plus taxi paths are also affected. I literally have dozens of airport sceneries from several designers and have never had this problem before. I tried to re-contact support 3 different ways but get nothing but errors.


    100 points for finally making this much needed airport in P3d! It's done pretty well. And it has become one of my favourite airports in the sim - also thanks to a very good coverage of other airports in Colombia to fly to. OK, here and there, there are things that could have been improved, for example the aerial image that is not too sharp and looks a bit "flattend" from the approach view. Also, I wouldn't have complained about a little more surrounding scenery or a few things that create some more atmosphere, as the direct neighbourhood of the airport looks a bit "generic" even from the taxiways. On the other hand, performance is suffering enough even without additional eye candy. The terminals look great, SODE integration and night lighting work flawless, and I haven't found any bugs that would prevent you from enjoying this place. All in all, a pretty good rendition that everybody will love who wants to have a real hub in Colombia or in general in South America.


    Some of PKSIM's products can be a little blocky and outdated for today's quality against companies such as Orbx, Flightbeam, FlyTampa. And there's a small amount of this on the peripheries such as vehicles on the surrounding highways and some outer objects, And it's a little clean looking compared to a real airport that other designers will spend time on to give users a more immersive atmosphere. But ... the size of this airport, the amount of overall detail, this is just mind-blowing and a credit to the designers. And the shortcomings are soon lost in this massive and highly detailed airport, the FPS was average throughout the experience.


    Was für ein wunderbar gelungener und umgesetzter Airport. Packsim landet in letzter Zeit einen Volltreffer nach dem anderen. Nur die Frames ziehen bei mir bisschen. Ansonsten gibt es keinen Grund zur Beanstandung.


    Was für ein wunderbar gelungener und umgesetzter Airport. Packsim landet in letzter Zeit einen Volltreffer nach dem anderen. Nur die Frames ziehen bei mir bisschen. Ansonsten gibt es keinen Grund zur Beanstandung.

    Trino jose

    Buen trabajo en general, pero el groundoly podría ser mejor, mal rematado y con acabados muy mejorables, texturas de hormigón que en la distancia hacen mucho mosaico y afea el conjunto. Consume muchos recursos, no es un aeropuerto que uno pueda usar con una densidad muy alta, por que no conseguirás mas de 12/15 fps, cosa que no me pasa con aeropuertos de categoría superior de otros grandes desarolladores. la verdad que es una pena, no creo que lo llegue a volar por que no soy de estar restando calidad a mi paisaje en general para poder hacer uso de un aeropuerto.


    City scenery would be great aswell! The airport is brilliant.


    Nice Work PKSIM i liked too much this new destinatio. worfth all 24 euros


    Another nice scenery from PKSIM. Good on FPS and plenty of destinations to fly to. I just wish they would use the XML method of adding scenery to P3D. Still give it 5 stars because it has the essentials for an airport without clogging up performance for interior modelling


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