À PROPOS: Quality Simulations was founded by Ilan Papini, its goal is to create and promote realistic simulations for aviation, sailing and space.

Untill now, Ilan Papini has written the following simulations:

Hang Sim - realistic hang gliding flight simulator ( released in 1998 ) .
Virtual Sailor - immersive and realistic sailing simulation ( released 1999 ).
Micro-Flight - realistic light aviation flight simulator for ultralights, gliders and planes ( released 2000 ).
Vehicle Simulator - advanced multifunctional simulator for flight, naval and land applications (released 2008 ).

All of these simulations feature open data formats for creating scenery, boats and planes, and this allowed many users to create scenery and vehicles for them.

Many dedicated users helped these programs over the years, without their add-ons, comments and ideas, these programs would have not been as valuable as they are today.
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