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    The Grumman A2F (A-6) Intruder was the result of a February 1957 Navy request for proposals for a replacement for the Douglas AD Skyraider in both the Navy and the Marine Corps. The request was accompanied by Type Specification 149, which asked for a two-seat aircraft capable of performing in all-weather conditions. An ability to take off and land in short distances was required, as was a top speed of at least 500 knots and a mission radius of at least 300 nautical miles.

    Since supersonic performance was not called for, the aircraft was powered by a pair of non-afterburning Pratt & Whitney J52 turbojets mounted on the lower corners of the central part of the fuselage, fed by large intakes mounted on the lower sides of the forward fuselage. Since the aircraft was strictly subsonic, complex variable-geometry intakes were not required, and the intakes were simple D-shaped inlets with a small, fixed splitter plate to separate out the fuselage boundary layer air. The first example (BuNo 147864), powered by a pair of YJ52-P-6 engines, was rolled out at Bethpage on April 14, 1960. It carried no radar, and was equipped with only enough electronic equipment to allow for safe flight.

    The fourth aircraft (BuNo 147867) was the first airplane to be fitted with the full set of avionics. It began flying in December of 1960. As expected for such a complex system, the DIANE system had lots of teething troubles and was initially quite unreliable. Initial assignment to the fleet was delayed by almost a year while the problems with the DIANE system were identified and fixed.
    While the problems with the DIANE system were being worked on, carrier trials began aboard the USS Enterprise in December of 1962. Initial deliveries to the training squadron VA-42 at NAS Oceana in Virginia began in February of 1963.
    On September 18, 1962, the A2F-1 was redesignated A-6A.
    Most A-6As were fitted with a non-retractable refuelling probe, mounted immediately in front of the cockpit.
    A total of 488 A-6As (including the prototypes) were built before production switched over to the A-6E version in December of 1970. 19 A-6As were converted to A-6Bs, 12 were converted to A-6Cs, 90 became KA-6D tankers, and 13 were converted to EA-6As. About half of the A-6As (240 in all) were later upgraded to A-6E format.

    RAZBAM´s Grumman A-6 Intruder for Microsoft Flight Simulator series:

    Flight Simulator 2004: A Century of Flight:

    • 7 different models with 3 different schemes and loadouts
    • High detailed and fully functional & clickable Virtual Cockpit, model is designed to be used from the virtual cockpit, 2d cockpit is very basic.
    • Custom gauge set
    • Custom sound set by Sky Song Sound Works

    Flight Simulator X

    • 7 different models with 3 different schemes and loadouts
    • 6 different mission intended models, used specifically for missions.
    • High detailed and fully functional & clickable Virtual Cockpit, model is designed to be flown directly from the Virtual Cockpit, NO 2d cockpit is provided.
    • Custom gauge set
    • Custom sound set by Sky Song Sound Works
    • 6 Thrilling missions, using our special code that allows aircraft to “drop” ordnance , this means your aircraft takes off fully loaded, drop the ordnance over the target, and then land completely empty. You can actually see the ordnance leave the aircraft. No more “make believe”, your aircraft will land with the stores completely empty.

    Missions included (FSX only):

    A-6A Bombing practice
    Welcome to Edwards AFB!
    This is a Bombing Practice Mission. There are several static & moving targets. Use this mission to practice & then refine your bombing technique. 

    A-6A Intruder check ride
    You are a proud member of VA-52 that has recently been transfered to Widbey NAS to transition into the new A-6A Intruder. This is true check ride so all FAA regulations must be obeyed. Altitude tolerances are 100ft. You must overfly each assigned waypoint, navigate back to Whidbey & grease your landing with a touchdown speed of less than 300fpm.

    A-6B Intruder Air Refueling
    You are BINGO fuel. Thankfully there is a KA-6 tanker 10nm ahead of you. Randevous with the tanker and top off your tanks.You actually get fuel!

    A-6A Intruder Bombing Qual
    We have finally arived in Hawaii & now its time to see if you can do what the Intruder was designed for, make war.
    You will have 4 objectives.
    1) Make a level bomb run on a factory. 
    2) Make a dive bomb attack on a moving destroyer.
    3) Perform a loft bombing attack on a refinery.
    4) Return & land safely.

    A-6E TRAM Free Guns
    Our carrier group is steaming in the Persian Gulf. This is a free guns mission, perfect for practicing your bombing technique or just wreaking wanton destruction.

    A-6A Intruder Free Guns
    Welcome to Da Nang! This is a free guns mission. Perfect for practicing your bombing technique or just wreaking wanton destruction.


    FS2004 FSX


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    This plane is a perfect balance of high-fidelity without over complicating things. PROBLEM: When you keep lowering throttle beneath 0 percent, VC throttle appears static at zero but engines will rev up to full throttle. *Easily avoidable though. Otherwise, this is my favorite payware addon in FS9. The flight model is fun (very accurate?) when you figure it out, and this plane is simply gorgeous to fly from the VC with trackir 5 even on laptop it is FPS friendly. If you like the A-6 or EA-6, RAZBAM has the best of all. I named the Bengals A-6A model and grown to personally feel the same connection I have with my car with this plane, it will draw you into the flow and rush of a fighter/attacker without slamming an entire full fidelity module on your head. I absolutely recommend anything RAZBAM makes, but this is just art. And I cannot say that about any other company.


    It is a great plane. And the missions are also great fun. Handling the plane feels like a real plane. Virtual Cockpit and exterior are looking excellent. The sounds are also good, not like standard FSX sounds. Missions: I was flying bomruns on Edwards (there are also other places) and it was exiting. The plane is framerate friendly. I love this plane. Just one warning; make sure you give the install program the right FSX directionary (Program Files (x86)/Microsoft Games/Microsoft Flight Simulation) to intstall the plane in! I have a 3 GHz, 3 GB RAM computer with Windows 7 Professional and FSX Acceleration.


    Super gerät! Macht Spaß und funktioniert auch einwandfrei im FSX Accel.!

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