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    T-2 Buckeye was a jet trainer aircraft for the U.S. Navy produced by North American (later Rockwell). T-2 trainers were used by the Naval Air Training Command to conduct advanced combat training for future Navy and Marine Corps aviators. The trainer established an outstanding record of safety and reliability while providing training for more than 11,000 students to pilot 18 different models of Navy jet aircraft.

    The Buckeye was used for teaching a wide range of skills, including high-altitude, high-speed formation and aerobatic flights; basic and radio instruments; night and day navigation; and gunnery, bombing, and carrier operations. It was capable of carrying a wide variety of training weapons packages (bombs, rockets and gun pods) on two wing mounts. An armament package was available that upgraded the T-2 to a six-mount status via an armament accessory kit that made the aircraft an effective light attack aircraft. The first version of the T-2 was designated T-2J-1-S, later redesignated the T-2A. It was a single engine aircraft powered by a Westinghouse J34-WE-48 with 3,400 pounds of thrust. The following versions (T-2B and T-2C) would use two engines.

    Two export versions of the T-2 were created that were purchased by Venezuela (T-2D) and Greece (T-2E). In these aircraft, the armament package was permanently mounted so they could be used dually as a trainer and as a light attack aircraft.



    • NATC (1960)
    • VT-7
    • VT-9
    • NTAF
    • T-2J-1 Prototype


    • US NAVY Pacific Missile Center
    • USMC HQ


    • CTW-6 YSMC
    • USN Test Pilot School
    • VT-4
    • VT-19
    • VF-43

    T-2D (Fuerza Aerea Venezolana)

    • Escuadrón de Entrenamiento Aéreo No. 142
    • Escuadrón de Escuela de Combate No. 35 EAM

    T-2E (Hellenic Air Force)

    • 362nd Air Training Squadron


    • Highly detailed exterior and interior models,
    • Accurate and highly detailed paint schemes.
    • Extensive documentation and Manual in PDF format

    Interior Features:

    • Detailed and comprehensive navigation instruments.
    • Fully working Instrument Panel.
    • Fully working Rear Cockpit.
    • Complete representation of the armament panel, with working armament stations, fuzing, selection.
    • Detailed representation of the aircraft's Gunsight.
    • Detailed electrical and hydraulic systems and panels.
    • Detailed fuel panel
    • Simulated Oxigen system.
    • Detailed cockpit and exterior lights.
    • Detailed Weapons Station Control Unit (WSCU).
    • Accurate weapons loadouts controlled by the WSCU including ordnance weight.

    Exterior features:

    Highly detailed exterior representation of T-2A, T-2B, T-2C, T-2D & T-2E which include:

    • Working carrier catapult shuttle.
    • Working Tail hook.
    • Accurate external loadouts controled by the WSCU.
    • Dropable "live" ordnance in free flight?s with multiple ordnance release options that fully interacts with the sim enviroment, no guided weapons on this release.
    • Functional gun pods.
    • Accurate aircraft lights.
    • Aircraft Engine Limitations. Abusing the engine will damage it.




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    I bought this direct from Razbam. Despite having not purchased from SimMarket I hope my review will be allowed anyway. First I think it’s important to note that it is FSX Steam compatible. I only needed to redirect the install path. Easy as pie. Once installed I eagerly loaded up these interesting planes and was pleasantly surprised by a very nice flight model. I place high importance on a good flight model and Razbam delivered. It really gives the impression of accuracy and feels realistic. The graphics model is a little dated, but still pretty good. My only issue is that despite the features on their site speaking to all of the systems that are simulated, some do not appear to be, Such as icing, and engine damage not ever occurring when in heavy icing conditions and excessively pushing the RPMs. Yes I have the realism and engine stress causes damage on and set. It’s not a deal breaker but was a little disappointed considering how much it’s written about in the manual and their features description on their website. At any rate these are quite fun to fly and look good doing it. The audio is also very well done. The engines roar when viewed externally and the internal cockpit audio is very nice adding to an immersive experience. All in all. I recommend these. Based on use with FSX Steam Win10 i7 3.3 ghz 16GB Ram Intel UHD 630 integrated GPU. Excellent frames!


    Très bon avion bien modélisé, cependant, il y a une erreur sur la version monoréacteur. La prise d'air était unique et de forme semi-elliptique. Seules les versions biréacteur avaient des prises d'air séparées.


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