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    New in ESGG version 3:

    The scenery shows the airport and surroundings as they were in July, 2017. There have been and will be changes at the real airport, but we had to decide on a scenery date.

    1. Added "Brudarmossens" 331 meter TV tower. A landmark/obstacle with hazard beacons shown on airport charts between ESGG and Gothenburg city.

    2. Added access stairs to gates 12-20.

    3. Added red obstacle lights to the corners of the business lounge wing, and a small roof on the left side.

    4. Gates 12, 13 and 14 design/type updated.

    5. Added 3D approach lights.  

    6. New 3D edge lights and 3D threshold lights.

    7. Added dynamic lighting to all apron lights and other lights on or close to the apron. P3D only. User option to revert to standard type light.

    8. Updated taxiway and apron reflector pins.

    9. Updated green/yellow/white taxi lights and red hold short light systems.

    10. Custom made airport vehicles updated. Orange beacons and dynamic head light effects added. P3D only.  More moving AI ground vehicles added.  

    11. Corrected problem with ATC frequencies.

    12. Runway and taxiway surfaces update. Includes integrated lettering/symbols and specular effects (sun/moon) and wet surfaces (during rain). P3D only.

    13. AFCAD updated for ATC to lead user aircraft to a designated parking spot.

    14. Added dynamic airport radar on the hill opposite the runway.

    15. Added more fences (with gates) between air side and parking/road side.

    16. Added custom wind socks at 4 locations.

    17. Updated the north and south aprons of the airport to include the new stands 1, 2, 3, 41 and 41A. Added the new DHL terminal, EFS hangar, utility buildings, perimeter fences and SAS tent. Apron markings and lighting adjusted accordingly.

    18. Modified design and upgraded textures on parts of the terminal.

    19. Airport unique road signs and other items/objects added (snow plows, blast fences, etc.)

    20. Adjusted the grass color tone of the airport photo real summer textures.

    21. Visibility of apron, runway and taxiway lighting in foggy conditions optimized.

    22. Even more FPS friendly and therefore with active dynamic lighting at dawn, dusk and night, framerates are still acceptable.

    24. Updated vehicle hangar/fuel depot.

    25. Added 3D Runway Visual Range (RVR) transmissometers next to the runway.

    26. The airport files have been compiled in such a way that you can add, delete, and change everything you want if you know how to use ADE. For instance if you want to change the parking codes, then just open the "ESGG_P3Dv4.bgl", change the codes in there and then make sure you 'split' compile and only compile the airport itself without ground polys (xxx._gp.bgl), without the cvx.bgl and without the obj.bgl and save it under another name but back up the original ones.

    27. The same goes for the AI ground vehicles. If you do not want them, delete the "2SGG_traffic_air.bgl" and the "3SGG_traffic_land.bgl". You can also delete the "Traffic_Landvetter_vehicles_II_FSX.bgl" and you will not have any ground vehicles anymore either. If you want to keep them but only in some cases then you can open the Traffic Toolbox and delete them there for that particular session. The file "Traffic_Landvetter.bgl" is for the 3 AI aircraft (SAS, TNT and DHL) that come with the scenery.

    ESGG is a large scenery where all buildings are included down to the smallest ones. To make this scenery useful also for a professional flyer – that is the main objective in this project - we have stressed the importance of having a very detailed runway, apron and taxiway environment, with all details included – surfaces, lights, signs, taxi lines, grass islands and so on. All the details were placed with highest precision in the scenery at their true places. All taxi signs are present as well on their real locations.

    When Landvetter was constructed the authorities took a decision to not use blue taxiway edge lights, the taxiway centerline lights are enhanced with white 3-light bars at the intersections and one white light at the center of the intersection.


    Prepar3d 4.2 or higher
    WIndows 7 or higher


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    Another very nice airport spoilt by the fact you can't animate any of the jetways in P3D.


    scenery is beautiful...but jetway not working...it said no jetway available...tried to find any gsx jetways files outthere but one has that


    Good scenery!!! I like this scenery. thanks!!! It was installed without problems. Recommend!!!


    An sich ein gutes Addon, allerdings finde ich es schade das die Standard Runway nur mit neuen Markierungen überarbeitet wurde.


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