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    Climb aboard for a wild ride in Iraq and Afganistan in this action packed set of addon missions for Microsoft flight simulator x acceleration in an apache attack helicopter. This time this mission incorporates smart (air to ground) hellfire missiles. Ground troops paint targets such as tanks and scuds with lasers. When you get code lock (tone) you fire a hellfire and the missile tracks the target moving or non moving. Other weapons are included such as rockets and guns that are used in some missions. A mission ready greatly detailed DX10 with VC apache helicopter is included with flares with sound effect for realism in combat and a LOT of power!!. Information is included on how to add in your own favorite helicopter either upon mission load or how to permanatly replace it. Weapons are now delay loaded to give you time to load in your favorite helo so the weapons will work with yours. Multiplayer presents an incredible simulated combat experience for up to 12 in game (Mission) players over Bagdad Iraq taking out targets.There is some humorus stuff and some pull what you have left of your hair out stuff missions also.

    The missions take you into accurate historic locations in Iraq and Afganistan and is based from Desert storm to operation Iraqi freedom to the war on terror

    Some of the missions

    Description="The war is on...You are with red men team apache as (Red man 5). Fly out to formation..You will recieve 2 laser painted tank targets to take out via hellfire missiles. Watch out for SAM (surface to air missiles) and Flak "

    Description="The war is coming to a close..but not for the enemy..they launch operation scorched Earth as a last measure.. Your job is to take out enemy boats that are trying to seize an oil rig . If sucsessfull you will be directed to bomb some of the open burning oil spickets they set on fire..your hellfire missiles will put them out..good luck"

    Description="You are called to several locations to give air support for troops..watch out for the flak"

    Description="(NIGHT VISION RECOMENDED) The war has taken a turn and the enemy is fleeing the captured city with loot in civilian vehicles.. your orders are to take them out"

    Description="FREE FLIGHT (FIGHT) over Bagdad IRAQ (Non Mission) But you have endless supply of rockets to shoot up stuff-- You can also select any World airport and go there and shoot things up"

    2 Multiplayer missions are included...both are the same...one in the daytime and one at night. Up to 12 helicopter players can experience a mass firefight over Bagdad in a very real war simulation experience--espesially in the night version with night vision.. The failures for each player are several (FLAK) areas..You will see them so try to avoid them as you take out targets. There are 12 tanker truck targets all marked with tripple A fire. As each target is taken out the tripple A will also cease thus making that target gone so other players will not try to shoot rockets at it.. A mission message will appear for all players when all 12 targets are taken out.  This mission can also be played as single player if you wish in private or in LAN mode connection. Just go to multiplayer and sign in the LAN mode..it is all private on your own PC... Have an Apache of a time!!..Good luck.

    System requirements  FSX and  Acceleration expansion pack must be installed.for the missions



    FSX Acceleration or Gold

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