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    Climb aboard for some history of the dogfight. The term dogfight is based on just that -2 dogs fighting. For centuries man has called any kind of scrap fight between 2 men a dogfight so it took on a new famous tune in WW1 as pilots went at each other to keep each other from dropping their crude bombs and it ended up in (forget the war) and they went after each other instead in the skies. The mission is still the same today as modern fighter pilots are at the ready to take out an enemy that might launch a missile from 30 plus miles away that can hit a carrier. The term Top gun got its start in the 1800s which was who was the fastest on the draw in a duel or just picnic practice bottles and cans shooting. But it became famous during the Vietnam war as certain pilots returning stateside formed the (TOP GUN) training center based at Mirimar California. A cool hanger called (Fightertown) also set up the western gunfighter but in a jet...an F4 Phantom and later an F14 Tomcat which became famous in the movie TOP GUN. The 2 most cool on it military jet fighters bar none. This mission set puts you all out in F4 phantoms and F14 Tomcats against the best of AI migs and training instructors. This mission set includes all points in between. There are also WW1 sopwith pups fighting Germans and modern day TOP GUN A10 warthogs going head on into tanks and sam fire and gun plinking terrorist. A sideshow this time includes the USS Constitution going head on against pirate ships on the water..Top gun has always been happening for centuries whether from a musket to a drone missile fired from a military computer nerd in an air conditioned trailer in an undisclosed location... Hats off to all the TOP GUNS!!!

    Some of the many missions

      "Take on 3 mig 17s over north Vietnam. One more mig is trying to break through and bomb the base..you must take out the 3 migs in time to get him to bug out..good luck."
      "You are callsign Bingo 6 in topgun tomcat training phase 3 at Mirimar Fightertown. Today you are going after Chester and tally 2 in all out engagement using all your skills to get on their 6 and take the shot. When you get and hear (TONE) you can take the shot...press (Shift+D) by default to shoot simulated dumb rocket missile. If you engage while in tone you will get the needed kill. "
      "Its the dogfight of your life! . Test your skills as a top notch RFC pilot in a swarm of German pilots.You must get 5 kills to win!! You may even see Snoopy out there in the clouds but he cannot be hit."
      "FREEFLIGHT..Blow stuff up in Nam with missile nukes. To fire the nuclear missiles press Shift+D by default. Please re-map this command in settings,controls under (release droppable objects) to your joystick trigger or the keyboard spacebar for hands on flying and shooting. Do not shoot too many of them at one time as it can kill your framerates."
      "You are (Allycat ready man 5) in the Med... The Libyan dictator sends out his migs at the US carrier task force.. You are called in and you must take out 2 migs with (tone lock) sidewinders and one mig with your 2o mm guns. You must do this before a ceartain mig reaches carrier range and nukes the carrier..Do your part and Good luck"
      "Topgun (Sideshow) Sail the (Old ironsides) USS Constitution into battle off the Liybyan coast and battle pirate ships. To fire the ships cannons press Shift+D by default. Please re-map this command in settings,controls under (release droppable objects) to your joystick trigger or the keyboard spacebar for hands on flying and shooting.The cannons can shoot either starbord or port side simply by steering the ship a little to the left or right.As you steer the cannons will switch firing sides. (NOTE) The ship (must) be throttled forward some before the cannons will work. Tips- The cannons fire directly at a 90 degree angle off the ship. To hit a pirate ship requires some maneauvering to the left or right and firing to home in on a ship"


    FSX Acceleration or Gold


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