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    Are you having difficulties with the performance of your simulator, or do you want to take the performance and visuals of your simulator to the next level? We have the solution for you!

    Our X-Plane Guide V2 is an 130-page (One of the most detailed and modern guides ever by RDPresets) Step by step guide to make sure that you get the most out of your simulator when it comes to performance and looking as real as it gets. With brand new chapters for experienced and beginners in the world of flight simulation!

    We have a vast amount of experience with X-Plane and all the settings and tricks that make the difference. We explain all of the differences between the simulators you have used before and what to do differently with X-Plane 11. Our team has put an unbelievable amount of work into this new guide to help everybody enjoy their time in the virtual skies.

    We give you the best possible visuals with excellent performance while flying. Because we looked at every setting and we now know what settings have a significant impact on performance and which settings add a lot to your visuals without having a substantial effect on the performance we can give you great recommendations for all different PC spec classes so you can enjoy the brand new and good looking X-Plane 11 without worrying about anything.

    If you are having problems with performance in X-Plane 11 or want to improve your X-Plane 11 even more in the areas of performance and visuals, this guide is made for you!

    Our goal: Spend more time flying and less time tweaking.
    This guide will help you understand how X-Plane 11 really works and get you back in the air, enjoying your simulator in no-time!


    X-Plane 11


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