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    Enhance Your Flight Simulator Experience with FS Realistic Audio Control! Control ATC, Cabin crew , Ground services and Cabin Annoucements addons audio volume with the cockpit volume knobs.

    Introducing the ultimate add-on for Microsoft Flight Simulator enthusiasts: Gain seamless control over your ATC, Cabin Crew and Ground Services addons audio directly from your virtual cockpit! Our innovative solution not only integrates perfectly with the modeled volume knobs in your aircraft for intuitive and realistic adjustments but also intelligently manages your audio environment. 

    Why compromise on realism? Real pilots don’t use scrollbars to adjust communication volumes—they use the knobs within easy reach. With our add-on, you can replicate this authentic experience in your virtual flights. Plus, our smart feature automatically lowers the volume of MSFS when it detects active communication with your ATC addons, mimicking the noise-cancelling effect of high-quality pilot headsets. This ensures you can focus on the communications critical to your flight without distractions.

    FSCAC comes preconfigured to work with most airliners for MSFS including Fenix 320, CaptainSim 777, Kuro 787 , LVFR A330, PMDG 737 (using HF sensvity knobs) etc..

    You can also add/edit aircrafts profiles (when supported) to select which knobs you would like to use to control :

    • ATC addons(Sayintentions, BeyondATC, Pilot2ATC,etc,,)
    • Cabin Crew addons  (FS2Crew,etc..) 
    • Ground Services ( GSX, Pushback ToolBar,etc) 
    • Cabin Annoucements (PACX, LukeAirtool, etc).
    • MSFS Simulator Audio 
    • and any other addon or Windows software you choose to control ( music, browser, etc..)


    Key Features:

    • True-to-Life Experience: Adjust audio without breaking immersion, especially crucial when flying in VR.
    • Automatic Volume Adjustment: Smart detection of BeyondATC communications automatically adjusts MSFS audio, enhancing focus and reducing ambient noise.
    • Flexible Control Options: Use modeled knobs, keyboard shortcuts, or joystick buttons to manage volume.

    With FSRAC, immerse yourself even more in the world of aviation as you take control of not just yourplane, but also the audio levels within your virtual cockpit. Enhancing realism and user control, FSRAC promises to elevate the flight simulation experience!


    Windows 10 or 11, 64 bit

    MSFS (2020) via Steam or Microsoft store, PC ONLY (X-Box not supported)

    FSUIPC (free version)

    Online activation requires online connection 

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