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    MSFS2020 - Game of the Year Edition v1.5.1 - (Sim Update VII v1.21.13.0) - 08/12/2021

    The Dorand AR.1 was a World War I French two-seat reconnaissance bi-plane used by the French Air Force, the American Expeditionary Force, Kingdom of Greece and Kingdom of Serbia.

    Designed by Captain Lepére of the STAé (Section Technique de l'Aéronautique). Dorand AR-series were named after the STAé director, Lt. Col. Dorand. They were characterized by backward-staggered two-bay wings and angular all-moving tail surfaces.

    Production began in a state-owned S.T.Aé. factory at Chalais-Meudon near Paris after flight testing had been completed in the autumn 1916.

    The first of the thirteen squadrons which flew Dorands on the Western Front received their aircraft in the spring 1917. Five other French squadrons used the type on the Italian Front.

    In 1917 the American Expeditionary Force ordered the Renault-engine varieties of the Dorand, the first of 22 AR.1s being delivered in December 1917 and the first of 120 AR.2s in following February.

    The presented AR.1 A2 200 was a mid-production version powered by a 150 kW (200 hp) @1600rpm Renault 8Gdy V8 naturally aspirated liquid-cooled 900in3 (14.7L) engine with a wet sump oil system and twin-choke updraught carburettor.

    Specifications: Span: 43ft8in 13.29m, Length: 30ft 9.14m, Empty weight 1962lb 890kg, Two-bladed wooden fixed pitch (15) 9.383ft 2.86m diameter propeller, Max.speed: 80kn 92mph 148km/h, Endurance: 3 hours, Stall: 36knots, max AoA 12, Vne 130kns

    This particular unit was found in a barn close to the Serbian - Hungarian border in a very bad shape. The plane was disassembled shipped to Australia and thoughtfully restored in its original glory presenting you a unique vintage experience of the 1910s era with some upgrades to be able to operate in the present.


    - highly detailed, fully animated and functional cockpit and airframe

    - 4k UHD PBR materials

    - authentic high fidelity flight-, engine and propeller model

    - hideable modern avionics

    - original, recorded engine sound

    - environment effects

    - six different liveries

    - tested by realworld pilots

    Update v1.5.1 - MSFS2020 Game of the Year – Sim Update VII Edition (v1.21.13.0) - 08/12/2021
    reduced windshield reflection
    fine tuned propeller model
    reversed ruder-trim animation
    updated camera angles
    revised airframe geometry, flight envelopes and inertia
    updated engine-sound model
    code tweaks


    Original base 3D Model: Lucien Lilippe
    Contains assets from ambientCG.com, licensed under CC0 1.0 Universal
    Parts of the 3D model, textures and animations has been made with Blender

    SDK: Asobo/Microsoft


    Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 Standard/Deluxe/Premium edition
    Processor: Intel Core i5 (i7 recommended) or AMD Ryzen 5 (7 recommended)
    RAM: 8GB (16GB or more recommended)
    Graphics card: 4GB dedicated memory (6GB or more recommended)
    1.2GB available hard disk space

    Please make sure you set the Flight Model option to Modern in the Options menu.

    - Delete older versions if any
    - Extract the package to your MSFS 2020 Community Folder
    - for Steam, it should be located in C:Users [Computer Name] AppData Local Packages Microsoft.FlightDashboard_8wekyb3d8bbwe LocalCache Packages Community
    - for Windows Store C:Users[Computer Name] AppData Local Packages Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe LocalCache Packages Community
    - Drag the folder named 'realphysics-aircraft-dorand' directly into the Community folder
    - Restart the sim

    You'll find your Dorand AR1 in your hangar next to the default Diamond DV20.


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    Je suis très content de voler avec cet avion de la GRANDE GUERRE . Tout est bien fait on est vraiment en immersion dans le temps! Un grand merci .


    I can't really say this plane is great, but for 15.00 CAD it could be worse. I bought it mainly because there are currently no WW1 planes available for the sim (going on 1 year and no luck just yet). Besides the poor textures of the wood and fabric, this thing flies true to life! I feel that it delivers major bang for the buck!


    Finally, a product that satisfies my need for a vintage aircraft. She sounds, feels and looks real. First, I was a bit skeptical reading a couple of negative reviews. However, for only 12Euros I took the risk. What a wonderful plane I've discovered! Being a pilot, airplane manufacturer and of course aviation enthusiast, I can tell you that you can rarely find such a product. The cockpit and the textures are almost photorealistic. The engine sound in particular must have been recorded from the original or a very similar powerplant, based on my personal experience as a frequent visitor of the British air shows and museums mainly in Duxford where you can hear quite similar sounds. Some say the cockpit sound muffled. That is true because you have to have at least a headphone on your ears. Otherwise, you would be deaf pretty soon by the unmuffled exhaust pipes less than a meter away. Moreover, you must have to wear it for the sake of radio communication as well. You can hear the sounds of the structure, the clicks of the switches and knobs, the wind noise as well when the big 900in3 engine is off. The pictures and the description clearly state that the plane is restored with more recent avionics and other up to date materials whilst continuing to maintain the vintage feeling. For me it is quite obvious in 2021 you couldn’t get into the blue with a single compass or other over 100 years old gear from 1916. Those upgrades are extending the usability of the aircraft. I really hope that realPhysics will create other excellent aircrafts such as this from the same era. I wholeheartedly recommend.


    Is that plane worth to buy? Yes absolute. It has this magic, this athmosphere a WWI plane should have if it is restaurated. Yes there are some modern instruments in the cockpit. Yeah why not. That is handsome when flying. A good option would be if we are able to click this off. Of course the plane is slow and heavy on controls. It should be because it gives me the imagination to fly an very old plane. The sounds are medium. I would not say that they are worse, but the aren´t good. They should be improved by the developer.


    I really look forward to improvements because I want to love this thing. Here are the main issues: The good: - It handles alright, maybe too good but the flight model overall feels pretty good. - The model realPhysics used is pretty solid overall and does resemble the real world counterparts in most ways. The bad: - There is no sound in the cockpit. It's an open cockpit, so you should be able to hear everything, but it's dead silent. No ambient noise, no other aircraft, no wind, just the engine. Not hearing the wind is the biggest problem, but not hearing anything at all at the airport also isn't great. - No sound for anything other than the engine and some minor standard structural noise. - The engine sound is good but it's not directional and it sounds very mono. It lacks immersion. - The aircraft is insanely clean. No sign of age anywhere. This aircraft is supposed to be over 100 years old. Shiny chrome metal, clean fabric... no discoloration or aging anywhere. - The panel feels like it's entirely fictional. I don't think there are any photos of this aircraft's panel to be fair, but this model has a lot of modern stuff. That isn't necessarily bad, but it's overkill in this one. Com radio, transponder, landing lights, instrument lights, beacon, nav lights, etc. I'd rather see a totally vintage cockpit with the option of having the GPS tablet. I look forward to updates and hope realPhysics keeps at it as I'd love to see more WWI flyers in the future!


    She's a low and slow sightseeing machine for sure. Detailed and pretty textures on the plane. All switches and dials in the cockpit works. Power management is a mixture and throttle, so throttle is a basic single setup. There is a modern tablet with a map included in the cockpit, quite practical. The sound is unique and quite cool imo, it has a rustique feel to it. Very short take-off distance, you're airborne after 50-100m, she rotates at 36knt. A slight pull to the left on take-off but managable. Cruise speed at 80knt. Very easy and relaxed plane to control in the air. Easy to land. Only issue I've found is that it sounds louder when going to an external view compared to the soundlevel while in the cockpit. I think she's worth the money at 12 euros, IMO It's an honest effort by the developer RealPhysics.


    Magnificent work, detailing is fabulous and it flies really nicely... I recommend it...


    This is a simulation that is not sure where it belongs: 1917 or 2021. I've flown this plane off and on for about four hours now and I have to say, I enjoy flying it. It is realistically low and slow, the flight model "feels" about right and it's easy to take off and land. The textures need so very much work...the fabric and wood are really sad. The thoroughly modern instrument panel completely detracts from the plane's era and the sunglasses and modern headset/microphone don't belong on this plane. The sound package is just OK but I can live with it. I bought it because I like biplanes. I fly it because it flies like I would expect a WWI biplane to fly. I would hope that the developers would revisit the textures and the instrument modelling but regardless, I'll keep flying it. For the money, you could do worse.


    Looked nice on the tin, but the textures don't feel right, and the sound design feels wrong. It is very muffled on the interior. Wanted to like it.


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