Reviews (by Bradley)



This is a nice rendition of my home airport. I am very happy with the product although there are a few disappointing items, even at this price. My first disappointment was the jetway's are incorrect. KHSV has 12 gates with jetways, all clearly visible on Google Earth. This scenery only has 8. This is the only major issue I think the scenery has. The rest are smaller details mostly dealing with parking spaces and probably not an issue to others. None of the parking has airline codes. A Google search quickly can show you which airlines use which gates so I believe they should have added this. Nothing breaks the feeling of reality more than loading a flight and having a Atlas Air Cargo B747 parked in the next gate. The scenery has a lot of parking on the tarmac with the gates. I don't see any evidence of that parking markings from google earth. Just as importantly, after 8 years of flying in/out of KHSV many times a year, I have never seen an aircraft parked in those locations. In contrast to the above, the northeastern GA tarmac does not have any parking in the scenery. In real life this tarmac is always full of aircraft, from small GA props and biz jets, to private or charter 737s. I believe the Port of Huntsville cargo area should also have more and larger parking spaces. Atlas and Panalpina alone typically have 2 or 3 B747s, including the LCF variant parked there at time in real life. There are what I think a lot of extra .bak and .txt files left over from development residing in the scenery folder. They don't take up a lot of extra space, but I think they should have been cleaned up before release. Like I said, except for the jetways, these are minor issues and I "fixed" them all in about 30 minutes using ADE so I would recommend this product to anyone interested in this airport. It is a good value for the money.

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