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    What is REX AccuSeason?

    AccuSeason is a modern, feature-rich application containing a large collection of seasonal presets and vegetation configuration options that display seasons globally. In addition, you can select tree height, deciduous tree canopy type and color tone! 

    In AUTOMATION MODE, REX automatically displays tree colors based on current date and flight location! Our dynamic automation tech displays foliage based on current date and automatically changes tree colors throughout the year with weekly tree color changes during autumn into winter in the northern hemisphere. 

    Dynamic Automation

    Automated Dynamic Seasons provides an accurate representation of foliage as it changes within each season throughout the year. Watch tree colors change as they progress through the season, such as weekly changes during the northern hemisphere's Autumn to Winter and bi-weekly or monthly changes during other times of the year. All automatic as the app applies foliage colors based on current date and requires no user interaction! You may also manually select any prior or future time periods. For example, if it is late Autumn and you want to fly in early Autumn, you can select that time period and fly in early Autumn foliage.

    Multiple Presets

    With REX AccuSeason, you get a large amount of realistic and visually pleasing presets to use in your simulator. Every season has multiple unique presets with more to be added in future updates.

    Global Seasons

    Seasons are represented globally, with the season in the northern hemisphere opposite of the season in the southern hemisphere. You can fly from New York in autumn and arrive in Buenos Aires with spring vegetation. Or fly out of Sydney in Australia’s winter and arrive in Seattle with summer vegetation.

    Updates to Regional Vegetation

    Many areas in the world have been updated to reflect vegetation more accurately. Conifer trees have been replaced in Iceland with more applicable vegetation. A large central part of the United States has been updated to display deciduous trees rather than a large conifer forest. Palm trees have been added to many cities where before there were none.

    New biomes have been created to depict steppe, tundra, Australian scrublands, New Zealand vegetation, and different conifer regions. Updating regional vegetation is a large and ongoing effort and many more improvements will be made in the future as we continue to develop further.

    Winter Deciduous Trees

    Microsoft Flight Simulator snow gives us attractive winter landscapes. To move to the next level, REX AccuSeason offers OUR rendition of deciduous winter trees for all areas where the simulator depicts deciduous trees, and the winter season applies. These trees show significantly less leaves and look great in winter landscapes with or without snow. 

    Adjust the Tree Height

    To further customize your experience, REX AccuSeason offers three options for tree height: short, medium, and tall. Additionally, some trees have been properly sized in the app to reflect more realistic proportions, such as the massively sized default trees that display in Sydney, Australia. 

    Select the Deciduous Tree Canopy

    An irregular-shaped canopy for deciduous trees is available in addition to the default shape (which is a rounded canopy). The irregular-shaped canopy makes a nice difference, as deciduous trees with irregular canopies look more varied in shape. The color within the tree often has more color variation, and colors in general appear deeper and richer.

    Select Your Choice of Vegetation’s Overall Color Tone

    REX AccuSeason lets you select the overall color tone that looks best to you with a choice of three-color tones: cool, warm, and neutral. 

    Manage Your Seasons and Customization with a Modern App!

    With all the vegetation options provided, the app allows you to choose your selections quickly and easily. No need to manually work within Windows folder structures to change files or edit text documents. Simply select preset and customization choices within the app and it will do all the work for you. As future enhancements are developed, updates will occur automatically, so no need for frequent downloading and manipulating files. 


    Minimum System Requirements

    Flight Simulator: 
    Microsoft Flight Simulator - v.

    Windows Operating System: 
    Windows 10, Windows 11

    RAM Memory: 
    16GB or higher 

    Hard Drive Space: 

    NVIDIA GTX 770 | AMD Radeon RX 570 

    Internet Connection: 
    Required for installation, registration and operation 


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    Best rex addon since Skyforce in P3D. Awesome looking trees in MSFS finally and the lowered saturation makes the sim look like a sim not a bizarre cartoon. Game changer


    Le rendu graphique est excellent, je ne me lasse pas de changer de saisons! Une petite vidéo démonstrative de l'automne et de l'hiver en France: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3e9XgV4e0DU


    This is a must have product. It makes your simulator SO much better. Only 4 stars you say? Well everybody can be better off course.
    Love the set it and forget approach that REX is using. As reported by other users as well, it does have a dynamic effect, but the trees still have a bit too much brown on them in Northern Hemisphere for winter in January. There is not enough of the barren effect. I have used this product since launch and have been able to see changes in the foliage over time, awesome. Again my only complaint being that the trees should be a bit more barren in Winter with dynamic set. Still worthy of 5 stars, and can't wait till they release their terrain masks.


    habe auf automtic eingestellt und bin begeistert. Bäume haben verfärbte und weniger Blätter und der Kontrast zwischen Felder und Wälder überwältigend.


    Really amazing. Much more easy to configure and WAY MORE flexible when compared to Bijan Habashi's mods! What I like the most is both the flexibility and the ease of use. Several different options for every season. You can even shrink or grow the trees if needed. I prefer to shrink them. Also, the overall color (cold [which is impressive in winter]/neutral/warm) can be changed. Thank you so much, this precisely was what I needed! I love it so much! Great job! Just as a reminder for other users: Keep in mind to configure everything BEFORE you START MSFS!


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