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    Welcome to Saint Christopher Island, one-half of the beautiful twin island country of Saint Kitts and Nevis.
    Home to Robert L. Bradshaw International Airport, the island sits northwest of its little sister Nevis and the popular tourist destination of St. Maarten/St. Martin.
    This photoreal scenery accurately depicts the towering mountains, lush forests, and miles of beaches and reefs.

    - 261 square km of photoreal covereage
    - 0.5m/px to 30cm/px photoreal terrain resolution
    - Custom 19m mesh
    - Over 450,000 custom autogen shrubs, trees, buildings and lights
    - Advanced Night illumination: building windows and street lights
    - Surrounding reef textures
    - Road traffic
    - Scenery Configuration manager



    FSX-SP2, FSX-SE, P3Dv1/2/3


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    It took some time and a lot of effort by the developer but everything now works! Everybody should disregard my lousy 1 star review as it no longer applies at all. Although there is currently a known bug with the autogen (photo scenery is fine) included at this time, it should not worry anybody as even if it does pose new customers a possible issue with the autogen, rest assured it will be fixed even if you need to contact RS directly. He will NOT ignore you or throw up his hands and give up (looking at you WILCO!) on resolving any issue. I should add that the developer (Zev) is in a league of his own with regards to accepting responsibility for his work and giving the highest level of support. Sure I was frustrated and annoyed initially but that’s all been resolved and I’m happy with this purchase and developer support. Excellent scenery package! The light posts have actual lighting on them rather than the more common floating orbs of light. It’s a really nice effort to do something uncommon which lends to the overall realism. The trees and buildings are well placed and mostly sitting in their intended footprint. I realize that has a bit to do with scenery settings, but there is something a bit better here than what I’ve seen before with other add ons. Day and night flights are a joy! Frame rates are smooth even with high scenery display settings and “very dense” autogen. Based on use with FSX Steam Win 10 Intel i7 3.2ghz 16GB Ram, Intel UHD 630 integrated graphics.


    I didn’t hesitate to buy this and I’m really regretting it. The auto gen merger tool that this scenery relies on is “no longer supported”. The developer had responded rather quickly at first with what I hoped were fixes but both turned out to just be more bugs with a different auto gen merger application. After that it’s just been silence to my questions which is why I’m letting it be known as to what could be expected by others. All I get is the photo scenery, lights, and light posts. But every single structure footprint or outline where a building should be, is empty. If I suddenly hear back and get a real fix I’ll change my tune, but people should know what they are getting. Specifically FSX Steam Win 10 users.


    The combination of Photoscenery plus custom Autogen buildings and trees, etc is just amazing. One of the best and realisitic looking scenery add ons around. Plus, support is quick to answer questions if they arise. Highly recommended!


    St.Kitts is a nice little island and this scenery does it justice. It represents the island just as it really is and I am speaking from experience, as a Caribbean pilot (retired) who flew for the regional airline BWIA, St.Kitts being one of our destinations. This scenery is easy to install, and includes automatic updating with their scenery config manager tool. If you have any questions or problems their customer service is fantastic and timely; setting you straight quickly. Don't hesitate buy it you won't regret it, I didn't and I'm loving it; takes me back to my past experiences.

    Jose Luis

    Very responsive product support. Zev assisted me with compatibility issues with P3Dv4. If you're looking to enhance your flying experience in the Caribbean this scenery is a great buy! I'm looking forward to add more islands from this developer.


    If you love flying in the Caribbean, you will love St. Kitts by Richer Simulations. Works perfectly with T2G TKPK. Excellent support by Zev, make his sceneries a great value.


    Great customer service by the developer. I had a problem getting the scenery to work in P3Dv4 and the developer was immediately on it. He spent several hours with me diagnosing the problem. Very professional. As far as the scenery goes, you have to max out the autogen sliders to extremely dense to get the scenery to fully fill in. This is not a problem with FPS because it's a island. Islands don't have to load as much data in comparison to a place like Los Angeles. It blends well with Taxi2gate's TKPK airport and actually adds much needed night street lights to the terrain next to the airport as Taxi2gate's TKPK is not fully ready for P3Dv4 and is missing lights. Pros: Lights actually sit on lamp posts not just floating orbs. Photo scenery adds more realism to the mountain terrain. Custom Night lights are small and bloom/shimmer very well with bloom effect enabled. Price is right on. Cons: Not fully compatible with Orbx FTX Global in P3Dv4(Developer is investigating). My only suggestion to the developer is to push the clarity in the photo scenery a little further to stay competitive with P3Dv4 customers. We no longer have to worry about OOMs with 64-bit simulators. Good buy!


    For those who fly throughout the Caribbean Richer Simulations is a must to have. The color, detail, and all the “eye candy” features makes it so worthwhile. I can only hope they continue to focus on the islands of this region. Highly recommended. Greg Chapel Hill USA
    Fantastic coast line, very nice autogen placement, great photoreal that looks great at all times of day. Support for T2G bradshaw airport (which I highly recommend for the complete package). This is very well done and FPS friendly scenery. Don't forget to check their grenada scenery if you like the Caribbean. Looking towards next releases as long as they keep the same quality.


    CARIBSKY ST. KITTS 2017 from RS is a nice scenery which harmonizes wunderfull with the Taxi2Go Airport of St. Kitts. I can highly recommend this scenery. If you you love the Carribean you have to buy this addon. It is a great place to land by day and night and at the moment my favorite destination after a long flight from Europe.


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