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    New York City Bridges

    This package will make a stunning difference to your flights around New York City. Version 3 includes 31 New York City bridges on the Hudson River, the East River, the Harlem River and Jamaica Bay beside JFK airport. They are listed at the end of this description.


    There are 2 files available (use only 1 at a time):

    Main File: rkbridger-newyork-bridges-sm-v3.zip

    Alternate File: rkbridger-newyork-bridges-sm-v3-samsc.zip only for users of SamScene3D “New York City Times” to avoid conflicts on Williamsburg and Queensboro bridges.


    Each bridge is individually modeled with accurate dimensions and realistic night lighting, and provides a very realistic representation of its style and architecture. Many of the bridges were built in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s and have an ornate and complex iron girder structure as opposed to more modern bridges which are built in a much more minimalist fashion. Both styles have their beauty and many of the these bridges are architectural masterpieces. This makes the rendering of the bridges in all their glory so important for flight simulation. You get a much more immersive and realistic flight as well as the joy of the beauty of the bridges. If you are reading this you already know how the majority of the bridges in MSFS 2020 look, like dams across the river during the day and blocks of apartment buildings at night. This package changes all that, and you will be able to fly under any bridge. Also many water fixes to marinas, harbors, shorelines, Liberty Island, and non modeled minor bridges have been done for the area from The Tappan Zee Bridge to Jamaica Bay (KJFK).

    Asobo has modeled the Brooklyn Bridge and the Manhattan Bridge near the Statue of Liberty and these are not included in this package. You should not use any other add-on which includes New York bridges with this package except Samscene.


    The bridges on each river or bay from South to North are as follows:

    Hudson River:

    Verrazzano Narrows Bridge POI

    George Washington Bridge POI

    Tappan Zee Bridge POI

    Harlem River:

    Wards Island Bridge POI

    RFK Lift Bridge

    Willis Ave

    Third Ave Bridge

    Harlem Lift Bridge

    Madison Ave Bridge

    145st Bridge

    Macombs Dam Bridge

    High Bridge

    Alexander Hamilton Bridge

    Washington Bridge

    University Heights Bridge

    Broadway Bridge

    Henry Hudson Bridge POI

    Spuyten Duyvil Rail Bridge

    A POI has been placed at Yankee Stadium which is about the mid point of the Harlem River.

    East River

    Williamsburg Bridge POI

    Ed Koch Queensboro Bridge

    Roosevelt Island Bridge

    Robert F Kennedy Bridge

    Hells Gate Bridge

    Rikers Island Bridge

    Whitestone Bridge POI

    Throgs Neck Bridge POI

    Jamaica Bay

    Marine Parkway Bridge POI

    Cross Bay North Bridge

    Cross Bay South Bridge POI

    Jamaica Bay Rail Bridge (North)

    Jamaica Bay Rail Bridge (Hammels) POI


    This package is for personal use with a single copy of MSFS2020 and not for resale, redistributing or copying.


    Ce produit est doté de notre technologie simInstaller et n'est disponible qu'après achat via notre APP


    MSFS2020 version

    Windows 10 or greater

    Hard Disk Space: 1.5 GB


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    I love flying round NYC, and have visited. Will be going back soon, if I can get my UK passport in time. Love all the bridges, seen some for real. Superb detail.


    Almost perfect! There are three bridges left out that makes me only give 4 stars. 3 of the 4 Staten Island bridges were left out. I fly around Staten Island often as I live here, and it always bothers me to see that these are the only NY bridges left out. As for the Verrazano, I would like to see it updated as well. I've seen a better looking freeware version. I hope it could be updated to look just as good. Otherwise all the other bridges look great!


    My first bridge add on and it makes flying around Long Island so much more fulfilling.


    Adds much more immersion when flying around NYC, the draw distance on the lighting is especially well done. No huge FPS impact with the stock photogrammetry, definitely recommend this pack!


    Spectacular from the air and from the water, all are great, and some are masterpieces. Highly recommended. Goes great with the Sam's Scene NYC pack.


    Really like this package. Combined with the Samscene 3D New York City Times package, Manhattan is truly a magical place to fly in MSFS. I would rate it 5 stars but the impact on FPS cannot be ignored for those with lower-end systems. Although I have an i7 11th gen CPU and 3070, there is still about a 5-7 fps impact with this installed as compared to the Samscene package alone. So although this performance impact does not really reduce my personal enjoyment, it is something that must be considered if someone is running the sim on marginal hardware and waiting/hoping for GPU prices to return to some semblance of "normal" again.


    The icing on the cake for my favorite place to fly. Bridges are well-integrated into the photogrammetry scenery and the lighting at night is subtle but effective. All this with a very minimal frame hit (VR). Worth every penny and highly recommended. Off to buy the set for Newark next.


    I accidentally deleted my community folder 2 days after you pulled them from .to so I was so glad that they were over here & not gone forever. New York would never be whole without these once you know they exist. Your work is really good I only wish the sim made seamless placement possible like ortho roads on water & such but still it's amazing how good flying is in 2021 & I have to remind myself. I have zero frame difference with these bridges on my rig but not expecting frame hits in NYC is naive. Again, no difference here. I'm from Boston originally so guess what else I'm getting ? Thanks !!


    Very nice looking bridges, but framerate took a heavy hit around New York City. I had to uninstall.


    Very nice looking bridges, but framerate took a heavy hit around New York City. I had to uninstall.

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