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    This is a package of 72 handcrafted bridge models replacing the defaults for the Mid Atlantic region and includes the bridges on the Delaware coast, the bridges around the Chesapeake Bay, Baltimore, Annapolis, the Susquehanna River bridges, and other bridges over rivers entering the Chesapeake Bay. The area covered is shown in one of the photos and starts in the north at the Delaware canal just south of Wilmington.

    The Delaware canal crosses the Delmarva Peninsula and connects the Delaware River to the Chesapeake Bay allowing shipping a short route from Philadelphia to Baltimore and Annapolis. The covered area ends in the south at Hampton Roads and Norfolk.

    The iconic Francis Scott Key Bridge, Baltimore which was the third longest span of continuous truss in the world and unfortunately recently destroyed is one of the bridges modeled.

    The MSFS2020 scenery is a vast improvement over previous flight sims. However bridges over large waterways, rivers or other bodies of water are very noticeable and are an eyesore destroying realism. Rkbridger packages solve that issue with bridge packages which show the bridges in their true magnificence and also improves the entire landscape along the stretch of water modeled.

    All the bridges are accurately modeled in the correct architectural style, with appropriate night lighting and traffic flows on the bridges. Many water fixes including marinas and are also included.

    POIs have been placed at the bridges which are listed below with the number of bridges at those locations. Typically when there are more than one bridge at a location the bridges were built at different times with different styles or sizes.

    Photogrammetry must be ON to ensure bridges integrate correctly with the sim.

    Bridges modeled are:

    • Reddy Point Bridge, Delaware Canal
    • St Georges Bridge, Delaware Canal
    • Roth Bridge, Delaware Canal
    • Canal Lift Bridge, Delaware Canal
    • Summit Bridge, Delaware Canal
    • Chesapeake City Bridge, Delaware Canal
    • Kent Narrows Bridge,
    • Clayton Mitchell Bridge, Kent Narrows
    • Tom Hatem Bridges (2), Susquehanna River mouth
    • Garrett Island Rail Bridges (2), Susquehanna River mouth
    • Millard Tydings Rail Bridge, Susquehanna River mouth
    • Amtrak Bush River Rail Bridge
    • Amtrak Gunpowder River Rail Bridge
    • Francis Scott Key Bridge, Baltimore; third longest span of continuous truss in the world
    • I-695 Bridge, Approach to FSK Bridge
    • Ridgleys Cove Rail Line
    • I-95 I-395 Interchange, Baltimore
    • Spring Garden Swing Bridge, Baltimore
    • Hanover St Bridge, Baltimore
    • Curtis Creek Bascule Bridges (4)
    • Curtis Creek Swing Bridge
    • Stoney Creek Drawbridge
    • Naval Academy Bridge, Annapolis
    • Severn River Bridge, Annapolis
    • Weems Creek Swing Bridge, Annapolis
    • Rowe Blvd Bridges, Annapolis (2)
    • King George St Bridge, Annapolis
    • King George St Pipe Bridge, Annapolis
    • Decatur Ave Bridge, Annapolis
    • College Creek Pedestrian Bridge, Annapolis
    • Spa Creek Drawbridge, Annapolis
    • Solomons Island Rd Bridge, Edgewater
    • Riva Bridge, Edgewater
    • Thomas Johnson Bridge, Patuxent River
    • Nice Middleton Bridge, Potomac River at Dahlgren
    • Coleman Bridge, Yorktown, Virginia
    • Downing Bridge; Tappahanock, Rappahannock River
    • Norris Bridge; Whitestone, Rappahannock River
    • Twiggs Ferry Bridge; Piankatank River
    • Burton Fishing Pier, Choptank River
    • Choptank River Bridge
    • Assawoman Bay Bridge
    • Isle of Wight Bay Bridge
    • Kelley Memorial Bridge
    • Verrazano Bridge Maryland
    • Verrazano Pedestrian Bridge Maryland
    • Chincoteague Bascule Bridge
    • Queens Sound Bridge, Wallops Flight Facility
    • Beach Rd Bridge, Chincoteague
    • Fishermans Inlet Bridges (2); Approach to Chesapeake Bay (Tunnel) Bridges
    • Chesapeake Bay (Tunnel) Bridges (6); Delmarva to Norfolk, Virginia
    • HRBT South Island Bridges (2); Hampton Roads, Virginia
    • HRBT North Island Bridges (2); Hampton Roads, Virginia
    • E Mercury Blvd Bridge; Hampton, Virginia
    • James River Drawbridge; Virginia
    • Hampton Roads Beltway (2); Hampton Roads, Virginia


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    rkbridger is doing a great job to provide us detailled bridges without the nasty radar shadows, meltings or even drownings that most of the standard bridges as showing. This rating counts for all of his packages. For all virtual pilots loving to fly low & slow should consider to buy them for their respective regions...


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