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    Oi4FS(Opencockpits interface for Microsoft/Asobo MSFS) is a rksoftware app that let you control MSFS airplanes with Opencockpits modules.

    Oi4FS comes with drivers for the MSFS default airplanes that use the Garmin 1000 Navigation System and the MS/ASOBO B747 and B787,  FlyByWire A32NX, LEONARDO MD82, AEROSOFT CRJ and MS/ASOBO CJ4 airplanes.

    Supported modules with the airplane listed above:
    MCP, EFIS, CDU, COMs, NAVs, ADF, and ATC.

    Oi4FS add-on driver for the PMDG 737 for MSFS and PMDG 737NGXu, B747 and B777 for Prepar3D can be purchased and added to Oi4FS.

    How to install

    Before you run the downloaded Oi4FS Setup file you must have SIOC v7 installed on your PC. SIOC v8 will not work with Oi4FS.

    SIOC v7 can be downloaded from https://www.opencockpits.com/catalog/info/information.php?info_id=45&language=en

    If you have SIOC already installed, uninstall it and delete all SIOC files before making a new fresh installation of the SIOC v7. You can not use SIOC v8,

    I recommend that you do not install SIOC to the C:Program Files(x86) directory, but rather to i.e., C:SIOC or another directory of your choice.

    The name of the folder that you install SIOC in MUST be called SIOC, nothing else.

    Run the downloaded Oi4FS Setup.exe and follow the instructions in the Setup file.

    Open Oi4FS from the desktop icon that was created and click CONFIGURE to make necessary airplane configurations.

    How to make airplane configurations can be viewed by setting the mouse cursor over the Help button in Oi4FS’s CONFIGURE window.

    Documentation for Oi4FS and included airplane drivers can be found by clicking the Documentation button in Oi4FS or in the Oi4FS folder.

    Verify that the rksoftware-Oi4FS_Bridge, rksoftware_ oi4fsfbwa320 and rksoftware_oi4fsp82 folders are installed to the MSFS Community folder after you installed Oi4FS.

    If the 3 folders are not in the MSFS Community folder, copy the rksoftware-Oi4FS_Bridge, rksoftware_oi4fsfbwa320 and rksoftware_oi4fsp82 folders in the Oi4FS folder to the MSFS Community folder.


    After the airplane configurations are made, you are ready to use Oi4FS and the airplane drivers with MSFS.

    Start MSFS and select airplane to fly.

    Oi4FS can be started before or after you start MSFS or Prepar3D.

    Oi4FS will automatically start the correct airplane driver when you are in the virtual cockpit of an airplane.



    If you have the Opencockpits CDU module you need to set up the screen for this module in Windows. This is described in the Opencockpits CDU documentation https://www.opencockpits.com/uploads/manuales/FMC_737_V3_Manual_2012_REV1.0_English.pdf

    The CDU screen setting uses MSFS's pop out function and is not a function of the driver. Right ALT plus a click in the virtual FMC screen will pop out the screen to the Opencockpits FMC screen.

    As the CDU module is a very special Boeing airplane unit it will only work as an CDU in the following airplanes:

    ASOBO B747, FWB A32NX, Leonardo MD82, Aerosoft CRJ and PMDG B737/747/777


    If you have any problems or questions regarding the installation of this software , send an email to roarkrsp@gmail.com

    If you have any problems or questions regarding other issues than those related the installation of this software, visit http://www.flightsim4fun.com/Forum/viewforum.php?f=29&sid=f2645cdef7cd0bc10d3f4c843abe136e

    You must register to the Forum before you are given write permission to the Forum.


    Visit http://www.flightsim4fun.com/Forum/ for the community forum for all rksoftware products.

    Send an email to roarkrsp@gmail.com if you have any issues or questions related to this software.



    Oi4FS requires MSFS or Prepar3Dv5 and also SIOC v7.


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