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    Japan I - The original Sightseeing Tour

    It's been a long time since we got to see the beauty of Japan on the official sightseeing tour. This event is finally coming back and we can now enjoy it not only in stages, but also with a small, handy machine.

    We start the stages in the early morning hours. We get the most beautiful impressions when we fly under the mountain top along valleys, rivers, highways or railway lines towards our destination airports. There are numerous sights to marvel at, which are definitely worth a short stay.

    Have fun and an enjoyable flight!

    Japan II - The lost Tour

    For a long time, the second part of the Japan tour was believed to have been lost until it was rediscovered a short time ago. Unfortunately, almost all written records have disappeared and the tour could only be reconstructed on the basis of the existing yellowed image material.

    A partially wild landscape awaits us with many reservoirs and several extinct volcanoes.

    Let's enjoy the landscape in deep flight through valleys and gorges. It is advisable to orientate yourself on motorways, rivers or valleys in order to stay close to the ground. It is also helpful to orientate yourself on the topographical features that can be seen on the route pictures.



    • 2 independent handcrafted bush trips
    • 1,700 NM total length with a total of 24 sections
    • All gas stations at the airports are working
    • Refueling via the panel at the top of the game is possible
    • The weather can be set with all existing presets at any time during the flight - including "live weather"
    • Possibility to change aircraft (via .FLT file)
    • The time of the flight can be set during the flight using the slider (with easy workaround instructions).
    • ATC function with voice output
    • German or English is available depending on the game settings.
    • Detailed instructions in German and English
    • Multiplayer - flying in a group with friends
    • +
    • For Japan I, the route is guided using a classic text description.
    • For Japan II, the route guidance takes place exclusively via image material with directional signs and is therefore multilingual.
    • Links to free scenery addons - to make the trip even better!
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    Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

    450 MB Disk Space


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    I was allowed to take off as a test pilot - thank you for that ... because I was able to fly two handmade trips where the focus is on flying and not Wikipedia. You can feel the love and commitment with which they were designed every moment. The atmosphere in Tour I can only be described as WOW due to the timesetting, and in Tour II I was simply thrilled by the route guidance through pictures alone - something really new and a VFR according to new standards. The "trimmed to old" style of the pictures creates an exciting atmosphere. It was great fun to find the right route - another WOW! ... and finally fly over Fukushima without being contaminated ;-) I would especially like to mention the extensive possibilities for adjustments to the trips, all of which are excellently explained in the illustrated instructions provided, making this a useful "manual" for ALL bush trips. By the way, the links to suitable freeware add-ons for the Japan II Trip given in the instructions are a MUST in my opinion!


    Ich durfte als Testpilot starten - danke dafür ... denn ich konnte zwei handgemachte Trips fliegen bei denen das Fliegen und nicht Wikipedia im Vordergrund steht. Man spürt die Liebe und das Engagement mit der sie gestaltet wurden jeden Augenblick. Die Stimmung in der Tour I lässt durch das Time Setting nur ein WOW zu und in der Tour II hat mich die Routenführung alleine nur durch Bilder schlicht begeistert - mal echt was Neues und ein VFR nach neuen Maßstäben. Der "auf alt" getrimmte Style der Bilder lässt dabei eine spannende Atmosphäre aufkommen. Da hat es riesen Spaß gemacht, die richtige Route zu finden - also nochmal ein WOW! ... und endlich Fukushima überfliegen ohne verstrahlt zu werden ;-) Besonders möchte ich auch noch die umfangreichen Möglichkeiten für Anpassungen der Trips erwähnen, die allesamt in der mitgegebenen bebilderten Anleitung hervorragend erklärt werden und damit jedermann ein nützliches "Handbuch" für ALLE Bush-Trips sind. Im Übrigen sind die in der Anleitung angegebenen Links zu passenden Freeware Addons für den Japan II Trip nach meiner Meinung nach ein Muss!

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