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    The Hong Kong City Times scenery shows the real environment of Hong Kong today. It shows the side of Hong Kong in the new era, therefore the old Kai Tak Airport is not included, instead it includes the modern new area of Kai Tak nowadays.

    It may require manually add into the scenery library.

    Scenery features
    * over 300 custom iconic buildings and apartments
    * many famous museums, buildings, apartments, hotels, banks, landmarks in Hong Kong island and Kowloon area
    * beautiful and detailed Victoria harbour area
    * Hong Kong major bridges
    * all buildings with PBR material
    * beautiful night effects
    * Hong Kong styled buildings and apartments in New Territory such as Tuen Mun, Yuen Long, Sha Tin and Tai Po, etc...

    This scenery is not compatible with Flytampa Kai Tak as many objects in the city would be duplicated, Flytampa Kai Tak represents Hong Kong in the time before 1997, while SamScene3D Hong Kong represents the time after 1997, and the days in the new era.

    Orbx FTX global, vector, buildings HD, WF VHHH, Taxi2gate VHHH
    It is compatible with P3Dv4.5 but it may have color correction and fps issue, so we do not recommend.


    Prepar3D v5, Processor with 2Ghz Dual/Quad core, 8GB RAM Video Card, 10GB available on your hard disk


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    Superb !!!! Just to let you know that ...it is running on P3DV4.5 and win 7 pro 64bits. Very smooth for me, better than everything i have seen on P3D. thanks you for this add-on !
    Very nice and colorful scenery! Brings life in the default scenery.


    nice detail and landmark. love it probably best Hong Kong scenery out there right now.


    Sightseeing Hong Kong - from at home! Well, I took the risk buying the scenery for use with P3d Version 4.5 - and it works! Real great! 1) Installation is easy if you're familiar with self-installation, as written in the description. You can choose your own directory, and after installation, you have to include it in P3D by use of the "Scenery Library". Although the City scenery ist ABOVE the airport scenery, there are no problems occuring. Seems as if Hong Kong City does not touch the airport's area (VHHH). 2) After successfull installation, you should start from VHHH and fly straight into the city. You pass by all the suspension bridges - perfectly modelled by SamScene! You enter the city of HK, have a look to all the details at the buildings! Next to to big ferry station on Hong Kong Island, watch out for the "SamScene Building" - the inscription is written along the roof. Watch out for all the other details: the Victoria Peak Cable Car Station atop of the mountain (the cable cars themselves are not included). Look out for the stadium area with the huge roof structure. If you watch carefully, you might even see the tunnel entrance that connects to Aberdeen. Kowloon, of course, is very realistic, too. Memories come up strolling at night through Nathan road .... 3) No compatibility problems with P3D4.5 at all. The frame rate with my equipment (NVIDIA GTX 1660 TI, 6GB video ram) lies closely below 10 fps, day and night (of course, that's a matter of the overall settings). Night simulation ... thousands of lights illuminate the city, it's a bit like standing there within the original location. Furthermore, all suspension brigdes are illuminated at night, even the suspension cables reflect the light. 4) Flying back to VHHH, take a short detour via the Big Buddha on Lantau Island. He's sitting there, calling for your visit. Overall ... a phantastic scenery, covering a big area, very realistic modelling. I think I can say this having been to HK many times in the past. At least 5 stars, worth the money :-)
    Actually a well made scenery for P3D to have the city centre in your flightsim. Highly recommended if you love flying VFR. But bear in mind that this is not compatible with Flytampa's old Hong Kong Kai-Tak Airport scenery.

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