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Welcome to SavageSceneries,

We strive at making your sim just a little bit more realistic and lively. What we do currently is make GSX profiles for airports and we strive hard to make it 100% accurate. We also only work on airports that are handcrafted or payware, we are NOT working on airports that are default at this time as it can cause a major changes when a payware or handcraft comes out. We do hope you enjoy our mod for a small fee as this takes so many hours to do. We know you are paying already for the other add ons and that’s why we are making it available at a small charge. Each pack will vary in price as certain airports take less time than others so there may be some cheaper packs along the way but may also have some more expensive packs depending on the complexity of the airport. We hope to strive and make your sim just a little bit better and grow a relationship with you as we go down this journey.