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    This scenery features an in-depth reconstruction of Hong Kong, the most energetic and innovative city in Asia. Discover Hong Kong to its true glamour!

    Developed by Scenery OnDemand (SODHK), a group of local aviation enthusiasts, we are pledged to provide realistic environment for flight simmers to enjoy the true moments of visual flying in the region. SOD provides excellent framerates wherever you are flying - over the city, new towns and country parks. Our latest photogenic ground and detailed terrain can definitely give you extra realism during your journey to Hong Kong.

    What makes Dragoneye Hong Kong so special comparing to other photogenic sceneries is that it is fully compatible with the famous Flytampa Kai Tak airport scenery and the Hong Kong International Airport sceneries.

    Now you may be able to use both to increase your realism of flying in the region without concerning about the compatibility issue. If you are on the way to flying Hong Kong, no matter what kind of flights you are aiming for - flying to Hong Kong from elsewhere, a local sightseeing trip to explore the magic of Victoria Harbour or the Outlying Islands at dusk, or even a rescue mission for the Government Flying Services, Dragoneye Hong Kong is the scenery you cannot fly without.

    Look at the special features of the scenery:

    Contains the full landscape of Hong Kong region with 263 islands, over 50 lakes and reservoirs;
    - High resolution of ground textures, with buildings all around New Territories;
    - Spectacular view over the night;
    -  Exquisitely reconstructed Tsing Ma Bridge, Kap Shui Mun Bridge,Ting Kau Bridge, and Stonecutters Bridge;
    - Detailed Mesh, Shoreline, Expressway traffic and Power lines;
    - Additional upgraded Shek Kong Airfield with detailed runwayenvironment;
    - Fully compatible with Flytampa Kai Tak and any VHHH scenery.

    Version 2.0
    - Added over 3000 residential and industrial buildings
    - Added Castle Peak Power Station, Radar Stations and Light Rail Platforms
    - Updated Hong Kong Zhahai Macao Bridge - HK Boundary Crossing Facitiliy
    - Updated numerous flattening and coastline issues
    - Enhanced populated areas with 3D objects and vegetation
    - Added compatibility support to Taxi2Gate Hong Kong Intl scenery
    - Added compatibility support to Lockheed Martin Prepar 3D


    Update Offer
    • If you previously purchased SCENERY ON DEMAND - DRAGONEYE HONG KONG FSX at simMarket, you are entitled for a free upgrade. Simply purchase the product and you will not be charged. NOTE: The special upgrade price will be awarded automatically, therefore you must be logged into your same account used to purchase the previous version! If in doubt contact simMarket support first! NO REFUNDS GIVEN!


    Windows XP 32-bit
    Microsoft Flight Simulator X or
    Lockheed Martin Prepar 3D
    1.4 GB Disk Space


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    Disappointed. I find the quality of the underlying photo imagery poor - the greenery is just about ok but any built environment is uniformly pale and indistinct. The main airport (VHHH) has not been blended into the photo scenery at all well, and I don't feel is particularly impressive as an airport model. If this has been available as a demo version I certainly wouldn't have gone on to buy it.


    Such a great product, makes HongKong more realistic also can run very smooth.

    Wai Chung

    Already having test flight a few days on this scenery, Great in day time. But I think three things need to improve. 1. Building light at night time is too low.....When i flying at night, just can't see any light in the building. 2. Need to improve the Main road lighting...When i fly over HK at night time, which coverd in this scenery . Just like flying in a deadly city....Pls improve it..... 3. Stonecutter bridge have overlap bridge with ORBX vector data even i put this scenery in the top layer. At last, i still recommend for anyone which using T2G VHHH and Flytampa VHHX. This scenery is a great enhance for whole Hong Kong which VHHX+VHHH uncover. Make the Hong Kong more realistic.


    If one likes to fly in Asia, this scenery is a definite must have, especially when combined with Flytampa Kai Tak, the former Hong Kong airport.


    I reviewed version 1 of this scenery when it came out about a year ago, at which time I was impressed. With no decent Hong Kong scenery on the market (other than Flytampa's coverage of the old Kai Tak and urban area - great, but limited to downtown only), the Scenery on Demand developers presented users with a detailed HK world which ticked most of the simulation 'boxes'. A couple of minor issues which I raised were promptly rectified and I have since flown around in version 1 (using FSX) for the past year with considerable pleasure. However..... this latest version (#2) raises the bar even higher. Fantastic detail, widespread use of local buildings and structures, hilltop radar domes, tons of little touches in both day and night mode which bring Hong Kong to life. Coupled with Flytampa's Kai Tak and Taxi2Gate's Chek Lap Kok, SOD HK have produced a seamless masterpiece. I've lived here for 38 years and flown FS for 10+ years and now I can finally soar above Hong Kong with impunity! The developers have obviously put a great deal of thought into how best to present the dense urban environment faithfully on screen whilst maintaining excellent frame rates. Coupled with a competitive price, Dragoneye Hong Kong V.2 is a winner and I strongly recommended it to those flight sim enthusiasts who crave a realistic Asian megacity experience.


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