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    İstanbul AirportICAO: LTFM, IATA: IST) is the new main international airport serving Istanbul. It has been operating since 2018 and it ranks 1st among airports in Turkey. The Istanbul Airport, built on an area of 76,5 million square meters aims to be a global hub between the continents of Asia, Africa and Europe. The airport is located to the northwest of Istanbul, by the Black Sea shore, about 40 km from the city center.

    The airport is still undergoing development phases and the target is to reach a capacity of 200 million passengers, once all the phases of the airport are operational. Currently the development Phase 1 is completed. As of Phase 1, Istanbul Airport with its terminal building of 1.4 million m2, multistorey carpark with 18,000 cars’ capacity, and 5 runways in active operation has currently a passenger capacity of 90 Million.

    The airport currently has 5 parallel runways, 3 of which are CAT II/III.  The configuration allows 3 parallel landings and take offs possible.

    The airport is a hub for Turkish Airlines and Anadolu Jet.

    İstanbul Airport scenery features:

    • Detailed virtual replica of the airport buildings and its surroundings
    • Custom animated jetways
    • Custom ground textures, detailed markings
    • Custom taxiway signs
    • Custom airport vehicles, static objects, animations and effects
    • Flattened airport area (*Navigraph users please see the note in the Manual)


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    Micorsoft Flight Simulator


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    I hope they create a V2 because this version feels really outdated and dead. Mainly the interior and terminal. LTFMs terminal from Inside is like a big shopping/airport mall with its iconic yellow “Y” shaped pillars. Anyways hope they remodel the terminal with a accurate rendition of the interior.

    Muhammed Osman

    The scenery is really astonishing. Wonderful work! My problem with this scenery is that there are double runways, so the markings are a bit glitched. Also there are hills infront of the runways, which are glitching the glide slope. Another bad point is that you can't spawn in all stands. So because of these reasons I have to remove 2 stars of 5 stars. Still great job!


    re: my earlier review, I'm pleased to say the issue where there is no FSLTL traffic for LTFM has been fixed. It really brings this airport to life!


    For the price, for such a large airport, I think this deserves 4 stars. Unlike other reviewers, I've not noticed performance issues, despite having a slightly older PC ( i7-8700k, GTX1080). There are some rough texture issues and its by no means flash, but again, for the price, that's OK, as it's such a big airport. My main disappointment is the lack of traffic, which is nothing to do with SceneryTR, but is currently an MSFS limitation, which I'm sure will get fixed in an upcoming release!
    they nailed it amazing job guys. I wish they would put more attention to runway( some tire marks on landing spots would nt hurt. As this is a really busy airport runways look so clean


    Excellent work! Guys, if possible, please make a custom differents in thresholds for more realism


    Very well made. And the update fixed the issues. On both my pc’s with Live Traffic and AIG ac I am seeing 33-39 fps in 4K. So more than enough for a smooth Flightsim experience.


    I have around 200 purchased airports now and this is the only one where my fps drops to about 5. That pretty much makes it impossible to rate anything else about the airport.


    Pro: - plenty of detail, just the right amount of clutter around the airport - the inside of the terminal has passengers. Not many, not everywhere - just enough to convince you this is not a ghost terminal - the scenery manages very well to convey the sheer size of this mega-terminal - the elevation issues reported earlier (for Navigraph users) are gone with the latest version - very friendly and reactive support by email Contra: - due to it‘s size, this scenery taxes even a fast machine. I experienced some stutter while taxiing close to the terminal. Once I got further away from it (200-300m) it became fluid again.Maybe this can be solved with some optimization. Conclusion: I recommend this scenery. The scenic approaches alone would be worth the investment! I‘m glad this mega airport is now part of my collection…


    For the first time since the installation, I landed on LTFM, which was in a different folder than after installation, using the link to Community method, unfortunately it did not appear. I moved it to the Community folder directly and it displayed but... due to the fact that I had a night flight, the main terminal can hardly be seen when landing, very poor lighting of the terminal itself and the apron. During the day, the textures are much better, but it seems to me that something is simply missing. In any case, the night textures spoil the image this scenery for 5 stars, sorry. I hope that in the future I will not be forced to buy additional lighting like at other airports in Europe, especially at Asobo airport EDDF, LFPG, HECA, etc... we'll see..


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