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    Ljubljana. The vibrant capital of Slovenia, where the warm breezes of the Mediterranean sea meet the cool foothills of the Alps, this charming green city’s airport now comes to life in MSFS in fine detail and stunning precision never seen before. Ljubljana Jože Pučnik Airport is located on the outskirts of this young country's capital and is known as the hub and headquarters of the former Adria Airways and has a 3300m runway with passenger, cargo, maintenance and training facilities.

    A brand new, state of the art terminal has just opened as of July 2021. This state of the art terminal, as well as the entire airport contains over 150 handcrafted 3D models with advanced, industry leading PBR texturing. This scenery package brings one of Europe’s upcoming hubs to the comfort of your own computer at levels of staggering reality unseen before. Scenic Routes have always aimed to depict reality several classes higher. Exceptional scenery design and make this a must-have addon for your home sim. 

    The Highlights:

    • Over 150 3D models with advanced breathtaking PBR texturing.
    • Hyper realistic ground imagery from our own 3cm Drone Surveying Data/Imagery.
    • Updated airport data for stands and taxiways.
    • Animated flags based on wind speed and direction.
    • 10+ real-world cars and predominant static aircraft.
    • Interior modeling and texturing of all "visible" areas of both terminals.
    • Animated busses and Go Karts.
    • Precision placement of edge and taxiway lights based on real-world placement.
    • Re-done Navaids based on 2021 AIP lat/long data.
    • Animated Jetways.
    • Realistic tracks & oil stains.
    • Fully matched realistic dynamic lighting and window emissives.
    • Fall/winter seasons friendly.

    Airport security and grounds crew equipment.

    Enjoy flying the Slovenian Skies and leave a like on our Facebook page!


    MSFS 2020 SU6+

    Windows 10+

    Recommended GPU GeForce GTX 1080 or better

    *Our custom Drone Survey technology is best viewed in 4k settings & monitors*


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    One of the best sceneries i've bought in MSFS. Extremely detailed and accurate while still having good performance.


    I recently purchased Ljubljana Airport and I absolutely love everything about it. For me, a sim airport must feel alive with realism and detail all over inside and out. Scenic Routes have certainly hit the mark when it comes to meeting and exceeding my expectations as an MSFS 2020 simmer! The terminals are fully finished on the inside and are highly detailed featuring double sided green tinted glass and ceramic tiles that look as if they just received a fresh coat of wax and polished to a high gloss! All the buildings are delightfully textured in high resolution with attention to detail. The static helicopters and other aircraft have been beautifully modeled as well. Two of the features I specially liked is the animated Go-Kart track. This adds a special feel to the airport. My cat was glued to my monitor, her head moving and following the little go-karts as they raced around the track! What was especially nice about the track is that the go-karts go away when the track is closed for the evening and return when the track reopens at dawn! I also really like the animated flags that respond to the force of the wind in similar fashion as the windsock. The airport lighting looks glorious at night and is highly realistic from the runway and taxiway lights to the lighting of the inside of the terminals and aprons. The Visual Docking Guidance System (VDGS) is a special treat as very few airports have incorporated this feature. It is visually appealing and fully functional. The animated jetways also have beautiful tinted green double-sided glass inside and out. The control tower also has this type of glass and is beautifully modeled on the inside. A virtual airport must make you feel like you are there and this one is no exception. It truly hits the mark. There are many more beautiful details out there for you to explore. If you are a simmer who wants to enjoy the scenery after a long flight, this one will definitely do it for you. Ljubljana Airport is now in my top ten favorites airports for MSFS 2020. I most heartedly recommend it!


    Excellent detail airport just like in real life. Well done


    Probably THE best scenery made for MSFS by an add-on developer. Extremely advanced tech, and revolutionary use of MSFS resources. Highly recommended, and I can't wait to see what this developer releases next!


    A great start for a promising, up and coming developer. Fantastic level of detail and textures. I won't fly in and/or out of this much but felt it necessary to support this developer. Did speak with the developer who was not only fast in replying but also gracious. Can't wait to see what is next from them.


    Very happy with the great work on this airport; especially since it is the first I have seen with fully functional VDGS! I also appreciate the quick response and support I received when I had a question from Scenic Routes. The scenery, ILS, jetways, VDGS all work perfectly and look very nice! I look forward to more offerings from Scenic Routes!!


    Sehr Gute Landschaft, FPS freundlich, sehr beeindruckend! Definitief Kaufempfählung


    A master peace indeed. So beautifuly made, lots of details and an amazing quality of textures with no framerates sacrifice. Very enjoyable. As I purchased during winter I realized the gocarkts were missing. I thought it was a fault. I wrote to the developer and right the same day, despite of holidays, he replied explaining the gokarts are seasonable and depending on weather! so I found this very innovating and fantastic being MSFS.Excellent product and customer service, congratulations and I look forward to future products.


    Fantastic, a must-have airport, with many real-life details! Superb!!


    Awesome work from this new development house. A beautiful airport to have as a home base for the surrounding region. Highly optimised performance wise. Looking forward to their next offering.

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