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    Post T Simulation Arnhem 1965 is a very advanced simulation of one of the many original signal panels that were produced by General Railway Signalling (GRS) in Rochester, NY and were widely used in the USA and the railways in the Netherlands.

    1965 has been chosen, because at that time in Arnhem a lot of shunting movements took place with the international trains. The Trans Europa Express (TEE) just was running well. This simulation offers you many hours of interesting puzzling around the real world dispatching. It’s easy to start with, but as soon as you gain more experience you can choose more an more expert options to be activated! The simulation is equipped with a very comprehensive Movement Order system, which allows you to reach deep into the shunting issues. But if you run the timetable normally and without delays, the train drivers know exactly what to do for their movement orders and so how to couple/uncouple and turnaround. The makers of the simulation gave themselves lots of effort to create that special ambiance and together with the clicking of the switch indicators and the buzzer of the train announcements including the stereo effects, this works out very well. You will be amazed how many trains did run already in 1965! Especially the night shift had lots to do with the freight trains! For the experts we of course advise to try the rush hour between 6.30 and 9.30 am. And if you just thought: oh that went well... Try it again but add some delays to it...

    If you want to read the full manual first, please click on the link:


    If you simply want to look how such a panel works, we can offer a free demoversion that you can download under this link:


    Summarized: only sitting at the real dispatcher panel is more realistic!

    What offers the Simulation Post T Arnhem 1965?

    • Extremely exact copy of the NX Panel:
      • Setting Routes
      • Revoking Routes
      • Routes into occupied track (Restricted speed)
      • Fleeting of signals
      • Super Routes
      • Alternative Routes
      • Switch Keys
      • Danger Labels
      • Announcement Buzzer
      • Original Sound of the panel!
      • Power Interruptions
      • Operating Signal Brightness
    • Advanced Communication System:
      • Communication with other Dispatchers
      • Signal and Trackside Telephones
      • Block Signal Telephones
    • Running on Wrong Line (Wrong Line Working)
    • 145 Tracks, 5 Platforms, 8 Platformtracks
    • 100 Switches & Switch Keys
    • 95 Signals
    • 7 Announcement Buttons
    • 528 Trains (!) with TEE “Rhein-Main” (VT 11.5) and the first TEE Rheingold!
    • 440 Movement Orders!
    • Realistic Train Physics
    • Driver’s Behaviour dependent on Visibility and Weather
    • Cooperation Buttons with Arnhem-Freight Station (Classic Signal Box)
    • Many Shunt Movemements (Changing Direction, Coupling, Decoupling, Change Number)
    • Complete Vehicle Database of the Railways in the Netherlands with their properties
    • Delays
    • FAC Trains (=facultative Trains)
    • Trains run depending on their Week Day or particular Period
    • Extra Trains
    • Engineering Trains
    • Helper Trains
    • Engineering Works (Track Works)
    • Full Operation of Overhead Wire (Catenary) Connectors
    • Earthing of Catenary
    • Scenario System
    • Saving and Loading of Simulation Sessions
    • Salary System
    • Many Extra Options for Experts!
    • Ability to load external Time Tables after Registration.

    So you’ve got everthing a Train Dispatcher needs.

    What’s in the package?

    • Simulation Post T Arnhem 1965
    • 67 Pages of Manual
    • Timetable
    • Movement Orders Plan
    • Stable Plan for Locomotives
    • Map of Railways in Arnhem and Area
    • Catenary Connector Plan
    • 9 movies, that show additional to the Manual how to operate things!

    What do you need?

    • Windows XP or Vista, Windows Vista, 7, 8 or Windows 10
    • Soundcard
    • 1 GB Memory
    • 100 MB available on harddisk
    • 1,2 Gigahertz Processor

    Post T Arnhem 1965 needs Microsoft .NET 2.0. If this is not installed, it will be done automatically by the installer.


    • Ruler and a pencil to write around in the timetable.


    If you register this product with the registration key at www.signalsimulation.com/registration , you will receive within 48 hours a license key that allows you to use extra features. (user access to the timetable database and free updates) Registration is not required for this product to work, but we do encourage you to register.


    Windows XP or Vista, Windows Vista, 7, 8 or Windows 10


    1 GB Memory

    100 MB available on harddisk

    1,2 Gigahertz Processor


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